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  1. good to see this is still going on :*) credit to op for doing this, it's pure effort. had wisla pretty much run mine behind the scenes
  2. http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k75/birdy123_01/fmfacesresfriendly.jpg?t=1265577822 haha, shaky start.
  3. http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k75/birdy123_01/fmstartfaces.jpg?t=1265576850 so up for this. taken control of faces (i know, right!) in the essex olympian premier. wish me luck!
  4. alright, chaps?

    mainly chat about music. i like it because everyone knows what they're talking about and there's freedom to say what you want on there.
  5. alright, chaps?

    yeah very well thanks. nah otf2 is awful. just this place on a smaller scale. spend my time on us-tv now. has the best userbase across the board for me.
  6. alright, chaps?

    hello dafuge
  7. alright, chaps?

    oh yeah, soc. he was great too. bamb's ootp sign-up was another of the best.
  8. alright, chaps?

    there were a few people who just dissapeared. jonnykaufman just went away one day and never returned. he was hilarious. anyone remember saxonator? wise beyond his years then blew up and left in some crazy fit of rage. i've seen sean_oc around recently too, he was one of the big guys back in the day.
  9. alright, chaps?

    neo not seen you in years pal! and iacovone and pluckaduck, ahh it's been a long time. i'd totally forgotten about the fantasy draft things too! they were murder to run, but the draft process was ace. oh, and the italian club was leggende :*). i was never as good as wissles though.
  10. alright, chaps?

    yeah, also immunity from all infractions iirc.
  11. alright, chaps?

    alex! you're still great canvey
  12. alright, chaps?

    i'm not actually serious about all this! it's just enjoyable nostalgic satire
  13. alright, chaps?

    haha what i say? pretty sure i've just been singing other peoples praises
  14. alright, chaps?

    bran aka barnsley ran the sign-up (fmf) which inspired wissles to start 'legends' - which has gone down in history as basically the best sign-up ever. barnsley was fantastic at running his. some truely hilarious moments in both legends and fmf alike. back in those days we were knocking out 10, 15, 20 pages a day. granted a lot of it wasn't relevant to the signup, and many a thread got closed, but that was part of it. it's cool that this forum's livening up, but the social side of things was a big part. we had a tight knit community of great users; this was back in the days before we had a seperate forum mind, it was all GQ then! cool man. i'm glad that you're the user who (intentionally or not) is kinda taking over from me and wisla as the ambassador of this forum! you were always one of the best.
  15. it's been a while! what's going on round these parts then? anyone left from the old guys? i see that 'fuge's challenge is still as popular as ever, and canvey seems to be up there with the likes of wissles and bran for sign-up running. sorry if off topic threads aren't allowed btw, but i seem to make this thread every so often so didn't want to break tradition. hope you understand, daf!