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  1. Hello all...thinking of making some kind of sign-up return. The initial plan is to use the OOTP idea again (originally championed by Bambi, with subsequent spin-offs from myself (Euro 2008) and WhoopyD (WC 2010)), but this time for a "Road to Euro 2012" kind of thing, most likely with it then going into the main tournament. So you would select squads and starting XI for each qualifying game with the aim of qualifying for the Euro's and then tackling the tournament itself. The good idea with this is that the scope would be a lot bigger, up to 53 players (though I'd only say 20-25 would be the
  2. I beg to differ, my club sign-up is still running, albeit slowly! And there will be another in FM09 I assure you! It seems a promising idea but how does FM relate to this? You manage/choose a side to win the East/West Divisions and the winners are voted up as the absolute winner?
  3. Birdy and I were joking earlier about C.F Leyendas (my FM07 sign-up), and we got onto the topic about how it ended, where in the sign-up we had a newspaper, and the writer (Jonny Kaufman) came up with a story about how the club was destroyed after winning another La Liga title by it's own players. However, we got to thinking that perhaps this didn't really happen, and the paper made up the story, which has led to an idea for an FM09 sign-up... The plan here would be to have members of the board to sign-up for the new C.F. Leyendas team, and fight their way up the league and eventually becom
  4. Where did that rumour come from then? Though he did go on holiday and never returned . The sign-up will most likely be up Monday, but if I get impatient then it'll end up being tommorow no doubt.
  5. Right, I'm all ready to start this now as soon as I get an e-mail back from Bambi .
  6. I won't be able to re-create the exact Euro 2008 groups unfortunately, as some teams who were in the same group irl (Sweden and Russia) are in the same pot, so cannot be drawn together. However, I've done my own Euro 2008 draw after 3 attempts to get an interesting conclusion, and I'm sure it'll be just as entertaining as the real one. And naturally, there's a Group of Death! Lets just say, you'll be unlucky if you end up with a team in Group C... I'll be planning to launch this (in tandem with my current sign-up, that'll still be going) as soon as I find the date for Euro 2008 squad select
  7. Getting the correct teams should be easy enough as there's only 2/3 group games left iirc. I reckon the draw wouldn't be too hard, the groups are seeded so I'd at least be able to get close enough to the proper draw. EDIT: I've got all the correct teams qualifying easily enough, I know the draw date is early December irl but on FM don't they have it in mid-December? I'll take a look around the month and see. Also, if anyone could tell me the FM date for Euro 2008 squad selection that would be great.
  8. I've also asked in the save game thread in GPTG and the FM thread in OTF, hopefully I'll get a positive result. I'm 99% sure there is one somewhere.
  9. While I'm waiting for a reply from Bambi, would anyone be able to help be find a FM save before Euro 2008 with the correct teams?
  10. And so he did! Didn't realise that until I just checked back a few pages. Well I'll have to see if he doesn't mind me using his idea then!
  11. I was thinking about doing a managers sign-up similar to Bambi's OOTP Sign-Up, except at Euro 2008. The idea would be for 16 members of the board to sign-up and be randomly given one the 16 participants of Euro 2008 each (though this would be dependant on whether I could get the right teams to appear...if not there could be a Euro 2008 save somewhere?), and similar to Bambi's sign-up, they will each manage their side via one save. So they would send me the tactics, the squad they want to call up and team-sheets for the tournament and battle it out between each other to be the winner of Euro 2
  12. I've decided to postpone my complicated player sign-up/draft idea until possibly FM09, in the meantime I'm looking to start a sign-up in possibly Northern Ireland. It might appear as early as tonight.
  13. Time permitting, I might go back to getting together a potential FM08 sign-up that I started to plan a while ago (with some input from Tilla), it's a long way from ready as it's quite complicated but with some time spent on it I might get it done in the next month or so. That's a big 'if' though, would most likely start a new sign-up if I had a bit of time to run it, like I'd had for the previous ones.
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