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  1. Salcedo is labeled as a wonderkid and only 19. I agree that his technical stats need improvement but overall he currently looks better than Capone on my save. I will check out the others. Might take a look at Andrea Pinamonti as well. @EstebanNero You mean Gabriele Gori? Doesn't look anything special on my save.
  2. Any here who has Eddy Salcedo in the team? Pellegri seems out of reach and I've looked into signing Salcedo who is labeled as a wonderkid. I am currently with AS Roma after they finished only 10th in the last season after spending three succesful seasons with Brescia. I started with Brescia in the Serie B, won it the first seasons and made two back to back finishes in the CL spots in the Serie A. As you may guess Tonali was the backbone of my team (together with Dimitri Bisoli who played really well and contributed quite some goals). Now at Roma I restructured the squad and sold off the high earners (Dzeko, N'Zonzi, and some signed by the previous manager like Rolan, Cuadrado) and brought in some homegrown players. I always have a strong bias or that. I signed Vicari and Berella, Stuararo on a free and finally broke the bank for Tonali. Tonali, Cristante and Pellegrini will perform a terrific central midfield. Still looking for a striker so back to the question: How is Eddy Salcedo?
  3. Accursio Bentivegna Alex Meret Edoardo Goldaniga Patrick Cutrone
  4. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Robert Lewandowski Your Team: Bayern Munich Buyer/Seller: Man City Player's Value: €55M Offer: €104M (all upfront, no additional fees) Transfer/Wage Budget: €37M / €4,3M Patch: 17.1.2 Season: 2017/2018 pre-season Lewandowski is without doubt currently my star player. Scores for fun (30 in 30 in the first season) but €100 is a lot of money and he isn't getting younger. I wonder who could be a possible replacement if I would sell him. My only other strikers are Thomas Müller and Kasper Dolberg (who is out on loan at Mainz).
  5. I didn't find a thread for this year's FM so here you go. I used the template from last year, so Kudos to Ty for that. Buying/Selling: Player Name: Your Team: Buyer/Seller: Player's Value: Offer: Transfer/Wage Budget: Patch: Season: Notes:
  6. Just checked the editor for RLB and noticed that they don't have the option "sugar daddy" ticked. Aren't they supposed to have one?
  7. Just checked the chinese leagues and noticed that Huaxia Xingfu are still in the 2nd division. I guess with Gervinho, Mbia and Lavezzi around you will tear the league apart.
  8. Aaron Kuhl was one of my favorite players in FM15 and one of the key figures in my Nottingham team. Good Thread!
  9. Man City or PSG? I just want to be spend big in the transfer windows. Which would be a better save in the long run? (or did I miss some other super rich teams?)
  10. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Joshua Kimmich Your Team: Nottingham Forest Buyer/Seller: Man City Player's Value: £25.5M Offer: £72.2M - 17 Upfront, 23 over 12 months, 16 after 10 international matches, 16 after 50 league games Transfer/Wage Budget: £39M Patch: Latest. Season: Start of 3rd season Comment: Wo took the league by surprise by winning the title in the 2nd season just after achieving promotion. Kimmich was one of the best and most consistent players and while 72M is a lot of money I don't know if I can bring in a adaquate replacement. I fear that most of my targets would not be interested or would demand way to much money for wages we can't offer them like other big clubs could do.
  11. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Gino Peruzzi Your Team: Nottingham Forest Buyer/Seller: Liverpool Player's Value: £6M Offer: £17M + £1.1M over 12 months Transfer/Wage Budget: ~£5M Patch: Newest Season: Start of 2nd (15/16) Peruzzi is my starting RB and attracted a lot of interest from bigger clubs. I don't want to sell him but he already complained that he wants to move to a bigger club.
  12. I needed to restart after I deleted my savegame by accident I made almost the same signings with some differences which turned out be great. Grealish came in on loan from Aston Villa and the played a superb season. Assambalonga won the goalscorer award with 29 goals. Barrels, I signed Dele Alli as well and he played a very good season getting goals and assists alike. He was voted fan player of the year. I can't say anything about his longterm development though. But he attracted interest from several big clubs at the beginning of the 2nd season. I suppose you can get him for around 3.5M? A bargain if you ask me. With the first Premiership season approaching I've already made some signings to add quality (Balanta, Roberts) but also to add depth to the squad (Blackett, Ajer, Lundstram). Out went Lansbury for 6M to Burnley and Assambalonga for 16M (which could rise to 26M) to Monaco. I didn't want to sell Assambalonga but he wanted to move and I didn't want to risk the harmony in the squad. Any suggestions for a striker who could play upfront alone as a AF/F9? Initially I wanted to sign Jordan Rhodes but he was already snapped up by Leicester. Then I tried to get Gabriel Barbosa for 14M but his contract demands regarding signing on fees and clauses (highest earner clause) put me off. Still looking to get a bid accepted for Carlos Fierro. Any other tipps?
  13. I've loaded up my first proper FM15 save with Nottingham after experimenting with different clubs and getting used to the new UI. I hope to bring back the good days to City Ground and the first season was a major step forward as we've achieved direct promotion, even breaking the Championship record for most points (107). Fryatt and Assambalonga were the biggtest contributors to this success; Fryatt finished the league with 30 goals as the top scorer of the league while Assambalonga had 18 assists and 16 goals. These were my transfers for the 1st season: IN: Joshua Kimmich - RB Leipzig - 2M Dele Alli - MK Dons - 3.3M Gino Peruzzi - Catania - 4M Vieux Sané - Bodo/Glimt - 110k Martin Odegaard - SIF - 95k Chris Eagles - FREE Aloys Nong - FREE Ruben Neves - Loan from Porto Patrick Bamford - Loan from Chelsea Unfortunately Sané couldn't get a work permit. I signed him nevertheless and loaned him out to austrian side Wolfsberger AC. OUT: Dexter Blackstock - Wolves - 1.8M Greg Halford - Fulham - 750k Danny Collins - Blackpool - 59k Dorus de Vries - Heracles - 235k Dan Harding - Norwich - 425k I was pretty pleased with the signings. Eagles was a big revelation at the start of the season getting goals and assists alike as an inside forward. However towards the end of the season his form dropped and he found himself more often on the bench. But overall he got himself 13 goals and 16 assists - not bad for a freebie. Team Report (Top 3) Goals: 1. Matty Fryatt 33 2. Britt Assambalonga 16 3. Chris Eagles 13 Assists: 1. Britt Assambalonga 18 2. Chris Eagles 16 3. Michail Antonio 15 Assambalonga claimed the Player of the year title, while Alli was awarded young player of the year. Overall five players were included in the team of the year: Wilson, Peruzzi, Eagles, Assambalonga and Fryatt. Looking forward to our first Premiership campaign. I hope some good transfers will materialise. I need two new goalkeepers (after takining the risk of playing the whole Championship season with only one Keeper in the 1st team squad. So far I've only signed Michael Keane from Man Utd and Jordan Veretout from Nantes.
  14. Maybe club reputation does play a role. The biggest club I signed him with was N Forest. All other clubs had less reputation.
  15. You must have been lucky - I tried signingSané with various english clubs and I always failed to get a WP.
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