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  1. I have two pretty decent regen fullbacks. The left back is American, the right back German (not that i think that matters). The RB normally hovers around the 6.9 - 7.5 mark but the left back never seems to go above 7, even when i give other team a doin'. This has resulted in multiple messages about the supporters / board being disappointed in his recent performances.
  2. Good afternoon, I'm currently in the pre-season of season 6 of my Celtic save and i am still unable to remove the three rather naff affiliate clubs i start with. In previous FM games, they would normally become removable after 2 or 3 seasons but sadly the buggers are still there. It's giving me the option to change the affiliate type but not actually to remove them. The two affiliates i have added can be removed however. Is there a hidden expiry on these original three or am i stuck with getting absolute duffers coming through my Youth Candidates for ever? Any help would be muc
  3. Good afternoon, i'm currently in the pre-season of Season 6 of my Celtic save and for the last few years i have received £0 for participating in the Scottish FA Cup. Whenever i play a cup game i'll get a message in the inbox that reads "Celtic have received £0 for their (insert round) match of the Scottish FA Cup". This happens even when i win the thing. It's not the be all & end all as my Celtic team is quite rich 6 seasons in but it might help people managing other teams with the same issue.
  4. I also had this issue with my Celtic save but it ha only happened the once so far (currently about to start season 6). It happened between the end of of Season 1 and the start of Season 2. It wasn't until the last day of the Transfer window that other clubs could register players, by that point i was about 12 points clear of 2nd place so it wasn't all bad news. I'm in pre-season of Season 6 at the moment and it has yet to happen again. I suspect it is because the UK leave the EU midway through Season 1 and the Transfer protocols all go to pot...
  5. Good evening, I was actually about to post the same thing regarding slow interaction, however having first taken the advice of changing back to the default skin it appears now to be fine. There definitely appears to be an issue while using custom skins.
  6. Thanks for responding Neil, I meant to update this earlier. I tried changing skins and the same thing applied. However, I have managed to resolve it. In my C:\Users folder there are two other folders. One called Home and one called Public. FM2020 seems to default to the Public folder but out of curiosity I followed the 'Home' folder tree and hey presto, I found the tactics folder. It would appear it was indeed my own ineptitude that was the cause of the problem. Thank you for the assistance though
  7. Hello, I'm not entirely sure if this a technical issue or if its just my own ineptitude but i cannot see the 'tactics' folder in game. I like to use downloaded tactics (because i'm legit useless and making my own) and have downloaded a few to try, however when i go to load them in game the tactics folder does not show up. I'm in the C>Users>Docs>Sports Int>FM20 folder but the only three folders that show up are Editor Data, Games & Skins (yes i have created a folder called tactics in the FM20 folder). I have attached a screenshot of the in game folder. Any
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