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  1. I also had this problem and tried clearing the cache last night, it still wasn't working at that stage and still kept freezing at the league logos loading screen but everything seems fine this morning where it does go to the main menu. I'm on Samsung S9 Android
  2. Will the removal of the age bug apply to current saves in the next update so we don't have to start a new game?
  3. Yes every week as soon as it comes out! Also enjoy Football Manager Therapy podcast
  4. Still in charge at Karsiyaka in Turkey somehow for the moment. For this particular save I started in Greece but have Spain and Portugal loaded too. Have a couple other new save files I just started with other leagues I might focus on though. Another thing I find a bit difficult in FMM is the badges for staff (bronze, silver, gold) where I can't really differentiate when hiring staff who is better at their job (eg: one bronze badge vs another), whereas on the full game with the ratings out of 20 its quite easy to select who should be your coaches and scouts.
  5. Same here! Although I've never been great at FM Mobile but pretty good at the full fat game. Been sacked on FMM21 once already and about to happen again in the same save. On FMM19 I got promoted in Belgium with Eendracht Aalst but got destroyed in the level above going straight back down while on FMM20 I did ok around the promotion playoffs with Seoul E-Land. Once things start going badly I find it very difficult to reverse that form and I don't have a great understanding of the tactics in FMM vs FM.
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