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  1. Uploaded. Its luckily its from the day before the match - last save overwrite backup.fmv
  2. I have been playing a few games and not noticed any issues then in my most recent game my team was wearing two kits on the same pitch, made it rather confusing! I dont have any custom 3D kits installed.
  3. CPU: Intel i3 4150 CPU Frequency: 3500 MHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 800 MHz OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: HDD Test A Time: 4 min 16 sec Test B Time: 7 min 35sec
  4. Has the FA Cup been fixed? Was using the database and the 3rd round happens in December
  5. Is there a run down of what everything stands for? I found one for an older version of the game but cant find Stp (yes if I hover over it gives a tooltip but the issue is it was noticed in a screenshot and the icon is no longer there in the game as I have progressed a while since the SS was taken)
  6. what about for climate? surely it has an effect on the type of weather you will see?
  7. Thats not realistic though is it. Just because FMC is a streamlined experience shouldnt make it any less realistic
  8. My wishes are the same as some already mentioned here. . Disable First Transfer Window Budgets . Allow editor files (I want up to date data and real team and competition names) . Remove AI control over tutoring and PPM training. . Assign squad numbers . PS Vita version!
  9. Have started a my first FMC game on FM15 after the latest patch released. Had a great game on FM14 that I was playing between my PC and PS Vita, thats a big loss for me this year. Anyway, I have played a season and a half as Derby in FMC, getting promoted to the Premiership and sitting in the European places in January. I have used the Instant Result button for every game along with my own match plan that includes substitutions. The problem I am having is there seems to be a lot of injuries, 1 or 2 a game that is keeping players out for 3-4 weeks at a time, is anyone else experiencing simil
  10. I posted about this already. Thought it was a bug but don't think it is, more like poor implementation.
  11. Ok, so it seems its because of staff responsibility. If staff responsibility is set for a staff member and not myself assigns individual training. Pretty sure that wasnt the case previously. Either way, regardless of if I want to micro manage players or not, I should be able to tell them I want them to play a different role and not have the option removed.
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