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  1. Uploaded. Its luckily its from the day before the match - last save overwrite backup.fmv
  2. I have been playing a few games and not noticed any issues then in my most recent game my team was wearing two kits on the same pitch, made it rather confusing! I dont have any custom 3D kits installed.
  3. Its a specific set that I have used on previous patches with no issues, its just since the latest patch that I have had issues. Will just have to screenshot the various screens so that a I can see if starting clean and making the changes fresh has a different effect to copying an old preferences folder plus you can see what the situation is too.
  4. Well yeah, I did that whilst testing and it worked. When I place my Preferences folder back in that directory the error happens again. What could it be about the preferences that causes the issue? Id rather not have to screenshot each screen so that I can copy the settings over to a clean install.
  5. Keep getting an XML Parsing Error when loading the game and when changing preferences. I have uninstalled the game, deleted everything associated with FM17 (including files in appdata) and it works ok. Close it down without making any changes. Load it back up, still ok. Make changes to the preferences, reload skin (default one) and then close game. Load game and get the XML error. XML parsing error!: syntax error at line 1 of ><?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <panel> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top, horizontal" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <container class="plain_box" height="60"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="-1, 1, 30" gap="10" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="8" layout_children="true" /> <container class="plain_box" height="30"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="left" offset="5" gap="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <container height="30"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="20, -1, 20" alignment="left" offset="5" gap="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <!-- search button --> <widget class="icon_button" id="nefi" show_button_appearance="false" icon="icons/16px/search" width="20" height="20"> <record id="primary_icon_properties" red_replacement="inbox_icons" /> <event id="click_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="keyp" /> <flags id="event_target" value="nwsf" /> <flags id="code" value="13" /> </event> </widget> <widget class="edit_box" id="nwsf" return_event="chfl" auto_size="all" save_session_state="true" ignore_leading_space="true" colour="inbox_text" disabled_colour="inbox_text" appearance=""> <translation id="placeholder_string" translation_id="416348" type="use" value="All Items[COMMENT: FR 16822;human inbox panel; place holder text for search bar]" /> <!-- send the text changed event to the clear button: if the text is empty, the clear button is disabled or removed --> <event id="changed_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="chtx" /> <flags id="event_target" value="clfl" /> </event> </widget> <!-- Button to clear the contents of the searchbox --> <widget class="icon_button" id="clfl" show_button_appearance="false" icon="icons/16px/clear" width="20" height="20" hidden="true"> <record id="primary_icon_properties" red_replacement="inbox_icons" /> <!-- click event sends the deletion/clear event to the find edit box --> <event id="click_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="chfl" /> <flags id="event_target" value="nwsf" /> </event> <!-- check for the change text (chtx) event that edit box will send us when: we check the 'text is empty' property of the event and set the disabled property to the value of 'chtx' --> <attachment class="test_event_attachment" event_id="chtx" get_property="txie" set_property="hidn" mode="1" /> </widget> </container> </container> <widget class="picture" file="dividers/standard/vertical/line" red_replacement="inbox_text"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="8" /> </widget> <widget class="popup_button" id="ibpu" select_event="ibpu" fixed="true" show_button_appearance="false" icon="icons/16px/menu" width="30" height="30"> <record id="primary_icon_properties" red_replacement="inbox_icons" /> <record id="secondary_icon_properties" red_replacement="inbox_icons" /> <list id="items"> <record id="nexr"> <translation id="text" translation_id="310458" type="use" value="Next Item Needing Response[COMMENT: Go to next item needing response]" /> </record> <record id="mard"> <translation id="text" translation_id="383549" type="use" value="Mark All Items As Read[COMMENT: FR 10286; Inbox; Mark all news items as read]" /> </record> <record id="nisn"> <translation id="text" translation_id="257241" type="use" value="Save As Note[COMMENT: Button where user can save the news item as a note]" /> </record>
  6. CPU: Intel i3 4150 CPU Frequency: 3500 MHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 800 MHz OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: HDD Test A Time: 4 min 16 sec Test B Time: 7 min 35sec
  7. Has the FA Cup been fixed? Was using the database and the 3rd round happens in December
  8. Is there a run down of what everything stands for? I found one for an older version of the game but cant find Stp (yes if I hover over it gives a tooltip but the issue is it was noticed in a screenshot and the icon is no longer there in the game as I have progressed a while since the SS was taken)
  9. what about for climate? surely it has an effect on the type of weather you will see?
  10. Only custom things I have is in-game faces, logos and kits plus two created teams. I am currently playing the save fine with no crash dumps, the issue only arises after turning Twitch on. Have put it on JustPasteIt - http://justpaste.it/pek7
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