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  1. Some good video tutorials out there on UToob - Look up Fox in the Box I think, did a good series on ProZone in FM
  2. Snorks

    High scoring games?

    FM17 always seemed to start off a save with heaps of high-scoring games then settle down after a few in-game months - I found FM18 far less so.
  3. Snorks

    Loan Deal - Question

    I think that only referred the the squad status/playing time but I may be wrong. My reading of the loan is that 'Used' means if he appears on the pitch - like the 'Unused Sub' in a contract bonus.
  4. Snorks

    Direct Free Kick and Finishing

    Finishing is from within the box isn't it? Long Shots from outside. My thinking is: Penalties = Penalties, Finishing, Composure Free Kicks = Free Kicks, Long Shots, Composure For both, I think Decisions and Technique play a part as well to different effect Add in PPMs too - Bends Ball is useful for Free Kick takers
  5. It will be in the player history won;t it? If your u18s win everything - there would be a fair few of them coming through over the next few years anyway I would think.
  6. I had a Milan save on FM18 as well - didn't realise how much they owed on the squad already until i got in and dug around. Bonucci was almost being paid for until he was 50.
  7. I think player rep, value etc get a small boost. As well as Kudos for your manager, a little bit of cash for the club perhaps?
  8. Yup - me too. Just moved to Liverpool, doing well, scoring 3 goals a game so far. Just been told it's going to cost me 5Mil if the AMC scores another because of a clause in his contract from before I joined. Also got another player 5 games away form costing a further 3mil on appearances. Two of my key players!
  9. Nope, Jose does it with 85 mins of the game left.
  10. It's almost standard when buying any youngster - the sell-on clause is always there.
  11. I had a similar issue a while ago - would seem to take forever. Fixed it with a combination of 'Verifying Files' through Steam, and reloading skins etc. Did it a couple of times - also make sure you have latest version/updates loaded.
  12. Snorks

    I gave up

    To be honest. a full overview would be a massive tome that would take years to write ad longer to read. Who was it said that all young players should be familiar wit the basic tactical formations? Then went on to describe all 29 of them! Work out the best tactic for you players, start with your best players, the top 3 or 4 at your club, put them in positions and roles that they are comfortable in, this should get the best out of them. Work the rest of the team around them, keeping familiarity as high as possible. Send them off to play. Watch them play. If you see something happening on the pitch, think about how to exploit it or prevent it. If your opponent are attacking predominantly down the left wing, look to solidify your right side - no pint having an attacking wing-back leaving space where their strongest player plays. Likewise, if their left back is having a poor game, exploit the right flank. If yo are up against a strong team, you need to be solid in defence, look to counter - perhaps a 4141? Narrow, or balanced when not in possession, quick and direct when you have the ball - Counter, Balanced, Structured - pace up front and on the wings? If you are losing out in midfield work out why. Is it a possession thing, would an extra player (DM) help? If you are constantly xoming up against a brick wall when attacking, would an AMC create some space, or exploit a gap? Basic football knowledge helps, experimenting with the roles, duties and instructions will find a solution.
  13. I use similar, again with Liverpool having taken over season 3. Works against low-blocks as well - winning the ball back early, and high up the pitch.
  14. Snorks

    Vanarama squad sizes.

    I would be driven by budget when it comes to squad size at any level. Ideally, two player per position - so a squad of 22-24 - and about the same in the u23s so there is a third-choice in each position. In reality, some of the first-team squad have to cover more than one role/position. I only spend money on first-team starting players, backup, rotation and lower all come in on free transfers or through the youth system.
  15. "Pairs and Combinations" is a good read tbh. My fall-back, once or twice a season usually, is simply strip away the TIs and PIs, play my best players in their comfortable roles and go from there again, only adding instructions if I feel the need for it.