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  1. Yeah, I don;t think the player can 'renegotiate' a work permit with you. If the application for the permit was unsuccessful you can only improve the deal to meet the criteria (I can;t remember what that is, but related to wages and fees) or walk away.
  2. Essentially it means that one of the instructions coded into the role goes against the 'Shoot Less Often' trait. I am guessing he has a long shots trait while the role has 'Shoot less often' as a PI. The Trait will take priority in his decision making so the game is letting you know that the ole may not perform exactly as you may intend. If it is an issue for you in your tactic, start to de-train the trait, if it's not an issue, let him have a few shots.
  3. If you set the OIs first, THEN ask AM to do it, I think it cancels your selection out. I always ask AM to do it, then modify as I see fit. To be fair though, I have been doing it that way for so long I'm not sure if it still applies.
  4. I'm not yet a Grandad but I do know that, while not necessarily 'career ending', an ACL is one of those injuries that further issues are inevitable after recovery, however good or modern the surgeon is. As a GK, his knees would be used - he doesn't run as much as others, but does a lot more jumping/landing on the knee, is a lot more agile than other players on the pitch, so yeah, and ACL is pretty serious and almost definitely going to cause issues later on. From experience, if he is out for three months, then the ligament probably isn't being replaced - the knee works just as well without it in normal use but is less stable. A transplanted ligament would take much longer to heal, IRL for most people (my wife) about a year, or at least a full season out. Buying a player with an ACL is, well, pretty poor financial management. AS for the 'Taking a Medical' issue in the game. I believe IRL that the buying club has the option of insisting on a medical, it is their choice to make the deal dependent on a passed medical. Not all IRL transfers carry this clause, although there is obviously and insurance effect if it's not there. I would think it is in the game as applying to ALL transfers hence your situation.
  5. Yep, I understand that as well, but with my own preference aside (and I know there is Perception bias at play) but I ALWAYS concede at least ONE if I play on Cautious/Defensive for more than about 20 mins. I have never understood that at all. Yes, I can see that balanced is a 'base' if used with simple TIs/PIs but surely it's just as easy to change things in game if you are starting on Positive or Cautious? I always start on what I think will work (no hard rule but say - Balanced/Positive if away, Positive/Attacking if at home) and change it if it isn't working how I had hoped. I have never quite got my head around it being easier to see things or change things if you are playing a Balanced mentality. Like I said earlier though, much of my approach is probably down to my own preferences than the game.
  6. I tend to bounce around from Balanced to Attacking. Never really felt comfortable going below a balanced set up but I think more to do with my own football aesthetic preference than anything else.
  7. Would probably impact his bravery at the very least I would think
  8. There is a lot more at play, I think. than just missing the penalty. The miss shouldn't just drop him to 6.1 but should reduce his rating at the time by a certain amount. I don;t know what it is, but let's, for the sake of argument, say it is a 0.5 reduction. If the player was at 6.7 before the pen, and misses, he should drop to 6.2. Now, a 6.7 was distinctly average anyway, so would he climb back up to that level quickly on a bang average performance? Probably not. If he was at a 7.5 for example, he would drop to 7.0 and has been playing well anyway, so could well get his rating back up fairly quickly if he doesn't let the miss affect him. He was playing a blinder and will probably continue to do so. In cases like this, (you see it sometimes with other players making expensive mistakes) I keep an eye on him for a short while - if the rating starts to climb, he's fine and can carry on. If it doesn't, then I sub him off if it makes sense to. So, his frame of mind before the miss, his personality and ability to recover from it play a big part in it as well as his performance level on that particular day. Sometimes a kind shout, or a roasting from me, or sometimes just a shrug and a 'head up son you're doing alright'. Depending on the player and the situation.
  9. I think that once you edit the game it affects your leaderboard status. So adding packs/leagues/ databases etc can affect it. Have never bothered with it myself so could be wrong.
  10. I always explained the GK ratings (to myself anyway) that a solid defense was as much a part of it as the GK himself. I think, in FM20 though, the GK ratings have got a bit better/more appropriate, but if he doesn;t have to make any saves during a game, I don;t think his rating will move whether it's a clean sheet or not. Your DMs getting a high rating might well be part of the reason your GKs are low - if the DM does his job then the opposition has fewer chances, therefore less for you GK to do to raise his rating.
  11. You can go into the Training tab, and click on the session you want to change. Select whichever one you you want to change to - I think Recovery is under either Match Prep or the Physicals (not at game PC so trying to remember) If, like me, you have the Ass in control of training, you will be asked if you want to take over control or 'just this once'. Select just for this time and the session will change. But, I wouldn't mess around too much changing Rest to Recovery too often. REcovery is good when there are a lot of fixtures or when training is particularly intense, but often, with a busy fixture list, I prefer to give the tired players a day off than bring themin for more work. Remember 'Recovery' is an activity for them to do, 'Rest' isn't.
  12. If you haven;t hired them, that could be a rol-over from when there was a successful women's team there. I have seen one or two in-game around the world, but not come up against one yet.
  13. Not sure of the first part of your question, but you can order the columns by clicking the header on the primary one (I assume you already do that) then shift-click the secondary one. SO any with a scout rating of say, 85 will appear together, but sorted in order of the 2nd priority you select.
  14. Yeah, the valuation the game gives you is calculated using the player's time left on contract and ability. The actual price they are sold for comes down to what the selling club is prepared to accept for them. Youngsters, especially home-grown ones, are inflated because of the foreigner rules - they actually carry more value now over and above the game estimate - so clubs are less likely to sell as they need home-growns in their squad which can be just to keep numbers rather than actually planning to play them. HIgh potential youngster have an extra premium added as well. Any player I am adamant I want to keep, I set the Assistant instructions to reject all offers. You can also set the asking price ridiculously high to put others off bidding, but that can unsettle the player and doesn't necessarily mean the bids won;t come in. Ultimately though, you have a player at Celtic who could do very well in higher leagues and competitions so be realistic about keeping him. Just get as much as you can for him when it happens.
  15. I wouldn't recommend a big club to improve your tactics, you will have a better standard f players that tend to do well-ish whatever and will mask some of the tactical issues. A mid-table team in a bigger league might be helpful, as you have decent players who can do a job in a variety of roles for you to experiement with, but I would still probably look a bit lower down the ladder - still go for a mid-table sort of team so you get the experience playing as favourites and as underdogs.
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