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  1. Just like James says, may have been overrated by your staff initially. Also remember Black Stars in the PA mean "We haven't really got a clue, but might be this good" whereas Gold Stars are " Well, in my opinion as a scout he IS this good" but that only depends on the quality of the scout. Also, if you have improved your squad by around 2 stars, and his potential ability in comparison has dropped by one star, then yes, he is a better player than he was, because it is all relevant to the rest of your squad in the opinion of your AssMan, scout or coach so the staff abilities still have some bearing. Also remember, there is still chance that he could improve slightly - at his age you can still coach him up in attributes so I wouldn't give up on him yet. Even if he is close to his potential, at 3.5 stars he should still be able to do a decent job for you, probably cost less in wages than a bought-in player and there is no transfer fee to keep him, 3.5 stars to me is the threshold as a first team player, so I would keep hold of him for a while, maybe look for a bargain to replace him but even then he will be useful backup
  2. Snorks

    Cup draw question

    Can't be certain it is actually a coin toss, but am sure it is some kind of process with a 50/50 chance.
  3. Yup, Hunt3r is right - going from group to knockout stages third place finishers are dropped into the Europa League. It was a system brought in IRL to: A) Get some 'bigger' teams in the Europa League, to raise the visibility of the competition - and also TV revenue, sponsorship etc\ B) Allow some teams who qualified for UCL to continue revenue raising after being knocked out before the highly lucrative UCL final stages. Essentially, if you think of it like promotion/relegation - at the half way point of both competitions, the crap teams are removed. The teams that were OK but not good enough get moved into the lower competition (EL) to replace the even-crappier teams that have been moved out to make room for them. In reality, it was all about the money at the end of the day.
  4. How about leaving all the roles and duties as they are, but making the'hard-coded' PIs changeable. For those who like to keep the game simple theey can select the role and duty and leave the default settings. Those tactical players can go in and adjust the defaults to suit their tastes. Am seeing so many posts about what players should or would do in a role it seems to me that a 'soft default' rather than 'hard coded' player instructions would work. That way you can have a DLF that doesn't hold up the ball, or a BPD that plays short or long depending on your setting.
  5. Snorks

    Help needed with my 4-1-2-3

    With only two in the central midfield, if you have one set as a playmaker, you need to give him a workhorse as a partner. Someone who will win the ball back. As has been said, the BWM can roam too much in this formation so find a player that hassles and tackles and gives the ball to your playmaker. Otherwise, you can end up relying on the defence to win the ball back, which is a bit too close to my penalty area for comfort.
  6. I usually start with almost everything, team and individual set to average. I check the schedule every couple of weeks for upcoming matches, and as long as all are match fit, then t stays on average if there is one game a week, drops to low if a mid-week game as well, up to high if there is no game for 14 days (international break/cup dates), then back to average for the second week. I watch the happiness of the players on this regime, and, with a view to dynamics will adjust individual intensity as required. I have Rest Days after every game, with Match Prep the day before. If there is a mid-week fixture, I check fitness as soon as I left the match, anyone in the 60-70% range gets and extra rest day manually, even if there is only two days between, one is a standard rest day and one only match training the manually set rest boosts recovery as well. On match day, any player who is at or below 90% +/- I plan for substitutions. Any player who gets close to 60% during the game I will look at subbing off (unless they are playing a blinder, in which case I will leave them on and rest them during the week or next game) It's pretty much what I have always done over the last ten years as an FMer but in this edition, across all the clubs I have managed so far, the Sport Scientists report that injuries are below average and lower than predicted.
  7. I had a couple of seasons with Aveley, training for me was more about cohesion and dynamics than attribute improvements as the players were three such a short time. I also boosted the time spent on match prep, we became set-piece demons!
  8. In general, I use the Opposition Instructions and select the striker to be tight-marked, closed down, weaker foot etc depending on his attributes. Good scouting reports will give an indication of his role which makes a difference as well. A DLF will need to be handled different to an AF for example. Essentially, using the OIs for marking instructions means you employ a Zonal marking on the player, so the nearest defender to him at the time takes up marking duties. The only time I assign a specific player to mark someone is if I play with a DM in the formation - he would be assigned as a marker so I don't upset the back line or risk someone being pulled out of the midfield two. (recent game, I used PIs on my FB-R to mark opposition left winger. Within two minutes of the game the AML had switched to AMR and taken my full back with him leaving flank wide open. Had I used the OIs instead, then the left full back would have picked up marking duties) Also, it's worth checking the attributes of the attacker against the player you are thinking of using as marker, A fast attacker is harder to mark tight, especially with a slower defender. The marker needs good pace and acceleration, as well as anticipation and decisions. The players around the marker also need to be able to cover for him, so you need to consider neighboring players instructions as well. If you use a DC as marker, then you are, in my mind' reducing your back four to a three and adjustments need to be made to allow for that. It's why I like the DM as a marker, it doesn't disrupt the back four as much. As a rule, unless it is a world-class striker or one on a run of hot form, if I have more defenders in that area then they have attackers then I usually stick to the OIs for instructions.
  9. Snorks

    Dynamics Screen

    Dynamics took me a while to get my head around it, but yeah, I think it does help with cohesion and a happy dressing room boosts performance a bit. It's certainly made me think more about what and how I say things during team talks, conferences and interactions with players. I think it was introduced as a response to IRL situations where managers 'lose the dressing room', think Chelsea, Mourinho at Real Madrid etc. Makes the element of 'man management' a bit stronger in the game.
  10. Isn't there a financial forecast you can view in the game somewhere? I've never used it but I am sure I have seen people on forums talk about it. Have a look at that, if the forecasts look healthy there is better chance of you getting your board requests agreed I guess. Personally, I always ask, 'cos I don;t I won;t get, but if board says no then I accept it and move on.
  11. Snorks

    World cup teams

    Don't forget Winston Reid! Have taken an interest in NZ footie since moving here from UK. There are a few decent players dotted around Europe as well, Germany has a couple of Kiwis playing there. Milwall & Phoenix Legend Paul Ifill is still plying his trade in Auckland as well. FYI: Australia are Asian Confederation - they switched to get better opponents. TBH I think it would help NZ to do the same but don't think Oceania will let them go as well. Interestingly though, the Wellington Phoenix play A-League (Australian) but can not qualify for the Asian Champions Cup as they are an Oceanic club. Makes the 'home-grown' rules a bit complicated for the FFA.
  12. So is there an 'ideal balance' or 'most realistic' setting. I have noticed some of my saves had lots of Freebies in the market but never associated with the active/playable leagues setting.
  13. Snorks

    When a player leaves his agent

    If the player is agent-less (I don;t think they ever are in FM18) you can often sign a better deal with them. Lower wages and bonuses than if they had an agent, plus, no agent fees to pay out. I have never really taken any notice of agents in the game, see them as necessary evil but have never tried interacting much - your question got me thinking about building a relationship with one and signing his best players? How do you see an agents details and player lists?
  14. Snorks

    Cup draw question

    Can't say I've ever taken much notice myself to be honest. In European competitions though, I think there is a 'seeding' system whereby the better seed gets the home tie first in a two-legged stage (I could be wrong though). I think the seeding is the group stage position. Like I say, I could be wrong, it's a system used in the A-League playoffs as well, highest finishing team of the two gets the home tie. As for the FA Cup, again I could be wrong, but I think that as it is a neutral venue, it's done on a coin toss as to who gets the 'home' status for the purpose of kit clash. So the tie is drawn, then 'coin-tossed' for home/sway status. They do the same for the final.