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  1. That would be nice, but, if the IRL agreement happens after data lock, and we have been playing the game since November, having bought Player A, who then moves to Arsenal because he had a 'future transfer' added to a patch, then it becomes complicated. Once you click 'Continue' the first time you enter a whole new parallel universe.
  2. Attributes are measured to two decimal places I believe - so a '15' on the the profile screen, could actually be 14.72
  3. Open Steam, switch it to Offline Mode. (It will restart itself in offline mode) Close Steam Launch FM When prompted select - 'Continue in offline Mode'
  4. I never really had any superstitions when playing. I read this thread............. ...... now i have LOADS!!!
  5. Yes they are useful. You have control of the player development, position they play, role and duty as well as the individual training. With a high standard of facilities and coaches, then you wil generate a 'stock' of useful players for yourself. The matches themselves help kkep fitness levels up for the youth team players. I always have the 'Arrange friendly if no match during the week' option selected, and the u18s has a 22-player squad (2 per position) the u23s the same (plus a couple of first-teamers who need fitness). Keeping them at your facility will help them develop into players that fit your tactic, YOU can train them in the positions you use, focused on the attributes you value. Loaning them out DOES save you a bit on the wage bill, but you are essentially handing over the development of the player to someone else, who wants a slightly different player to fir their tactic. You can stipulate a position, role and duty in the loan agreement, but that's no guarantee he will be used that way and you are stuck with it until the next transfer window. He may also be training in lower facilities, with less effective coaches. However, the benefits are that he is getting exposure to an appropriate level of football played in a highly competitive environment. (90mins in a FA Youth Cup match is nowhere near the as good as 90mins in an ACTUAL FA Cup match) There is a big financial commitment to having a youth structure at your club as well though. You have to decide whether it is worth the investment in the first place. My own approach, if I am at a level where the u23s or u18s are expected to play fixtures then I will develop the two squads, if I don;t have to have them, I may not. So, are the youth teams useful? Yes they are. For developing young players, keeping everyone fit and building the club DNA. Loans are very good for the right player, but a 20 yr old spending a season playing as a Poacher at Morecambe isn't going to easily slot into your tactic that needs a DLF at Leeds - even if you have saved a couple of hundred pounds a week.
  6. I think you can set a short-term focus for the team to scout for a particular position or role. They will still scout a broader selection, but focus on the particular request for a set period of time.
  7. Many coin-flips a second I believe the match engine calculates.
  8. It is possible, and yes you can dominate possession in lower leagues like that as it is relative to the opposition. However, you may not see your guys keeping the ball for as long as you might in higher levels. For eg: If Barca can keep the ball for 15-20 passes playing Tiki-Taka, Stevenage may manage to keep the ball for 5-7 passes playing a similar tactic. So more turnover of possession but if you can win it back quickly then you will get higher possession stats.
  9. The compensation often shows up in the scout report if you are looking at a youngster - there will be '0' transfer fee but '50k' compensation for example. That's if you are te buying cub. I haven't taken any notice of it with my own players t be honest - if they are that good I t them up in a contract as quickly as possible. Any compensation I always assumed went into other budgets rather than the transfer budget as it technically isn't a transfer fee. I'm not sure on the game mechanics around this to be fair.
  10. My understanding is the compensation 'rule' was brought in to compensate the developing club. If he is 20 yrs old, presumably your club has invested time, money and resource into his development, and the 'buying' club should reimburse you. At least, that was the simple version, I think, of the Ings case. The Bosman rule, is about employment rights, within Europe specifically, and also impacted the Player Registration rules in the game - Bosman was out of contract but his club wouldn't release his playing registration for free to play for another club (which was in another EU country) and the freedom to work kicked in in that case.
  11. I wouldn't say it is cheating at all. The players were available in the game, you negotiated and they accepted- that's kind of a big part of what this game is about. It would only have been cheating if you used the editor to 'Move to my Club', but, to my mind,m if the OOB version of the game allows it, then it's within 'the rules'.
  12. I believe the priority is Player Traits first, then PIs then the TIs. So there is more likelihood the player will follow his natural trait. However, this is not a binary thing, all it does is make more likely to happen - no guarantees it will happen. The Traits are one of the first things I look for when developing a tactic.
  13. I have never had this turn into an issue. Turn down the first one, enter the conversation with the player, tell him the finances weren't right and you get a negotiation to set the price. Agree the asking price, set in in his transfer status and set to reject anything less than that. You will get a lot of emails telling you bids were rejected but the player won't complain because that is what he agreed. I'm not even sure the player is aware of the bid.
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