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  1. I have never really paid any attention to it in the game, but IRL, I guess, it works that way as well. Think Balckburn Rovers - who are the modern-day legends? Daglish over Shearer? It took Fergie more than a couple of FA Cups and a League Title to become 'Legend'.
  2. It's one of those attributes that can be hard to really pin down I think. I always imagine it's one that makes them do rash things - rushing off the line when not appropriate, trying to thread the needle with a pass rather than hoofing it from danger. So yeah, lower eccentricity is usually what I look for, but Keepers will be Keepers! Don't know your age, but I think of Grobelaar as eccentric, Ray Clemence as low eccentricity and Shilton was somewhere in between. Barthez was another 'eccentric' one I would have laughed at if I wasn't a United fan.
  3. Like @crusadertsar says, there is a lot of information already out there on pressing. But first, you need to be confident in knowing what kind of press you are hoping to achieve. High press? Gegenpress? Mid- Low-Block?
  4. I believe they are long-lasting - with the exception of a few specific sessions. The effects will buildup over time, so regular use of a certain type f schedule will improve your team but I couldn't estimate how big an effect it wuld be, or how they would 'stack' if used more than once or twice a week. A regular balanced schedule repeated each week would be the best approach unless you want to focus on specific areas. The exceptions I mentioned are the set-piece sessions, which will give a boost for the next match and don't 'stack' . At least, that is my understanding
  5. I am guessing you can request it from the board whenever you like, but whether they agree or not is another question.
  6. Team work, I think, can be boosted slightly by holding 'Match Review' sessions after a game. Add them in the training calendar. Not sure how big a difference it can make though. Also I think it helps speed up the building of player partnerships.
  7. Been playing since the dark ages and I still feel the same way! Well done!
  8. Yeah it sounds like your save is having to generate players to fill gaps in squads for some reason. Not enough players in the database for the number of clubs in-game?
  9. I believe the player has to block the GK's view or physically interfere to commit offside. Being in an offside position isn't the offence, standing next to the GK probably wouldn't be deemed interfering.
  10. The 'positive influence' must be in other areas, but in FM20 the mentoring isn't as easy to track as it used to be. At least that's what I have found.
  11. Unless it is under the Filters tab? Do any ever show up on the Jobs Available page?
  12. Yip - start with the attributes, look at any Traits they have and try to ignore the green/yellow/red dots.
  13. Target clubs that may need or might be interested in the player. On his Transfer Status page there will be a list of clubs interested (if any) and you can offer to them only. You used to be able to (I haven't tried recently) look in the Rumours/World News pages and see which clubs seem to be sniffing around players that match yours. Then offer to them directly. One problem is that, if in lower leagues, contract tend to be shorter and your buying clubs are skint. Your only real hope is that wealthier clubs from higher divisions will come sniffing around - whi
  14. Not too sure what you are asking. If this is a promise or part of the club vision you agreed to then your progress/success will be tracked in discussions and updates from the board. If this is something you would like to do, then yes you can develop young players yourself, but as with real life, each player develops differently. As a general rule, if he is younger than 18 then training in the u18s or even u23s will be more beneficial. So keep him at your club until he turns 18 Once older than 18, playing time becomes more beneficial - playing time being in a first team for
  15. Can't say it's been a thing in my saves yet, but I believe you are obligated to see out the contract he has with you. Which means staying at the club and you paying him. The fact that he is signing with six months left means he is going overseas I think. I would leave him festering in the reserves.
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