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  1. But if it was FM they would have lost 1-0.......
  2. There might be other factors at play in terms of how the opposition defend against you (forcing you wide) or your player PPMs and tactics, BUT I would: Make sure AMR/L are both Inside Forwards. Make your CAM the playmaker Focud play through the middle Work Ball Into Box
  3. It all depends on the speed of your processor and the RAM capabilities.
  4. My understanding is that the Match Plans are there to be used when you are not 'physically' at the game. Either through a touchline ban or by holidaying through a period. Have never used them myself.
  5. I think it would be heavily influenced by their Decisions attribute. Also the instructions allocated to that position, or the PIs would govern behaviour. So playing Longshot Luke in CM/S - how often would he find himself in a position to actually use the attribute? If he does find himself there, are his PIs telling him to 'Shoot More Often' or less? The higher his Decisions, the more 'freedom' he will use to decide between shooting and passing in that role/duty. Regardless of skills attributes, a decisions attribute of 20 means he will make the 'best' decision for any given situation- if that means the best choice is to shoot, he has a higher than average chance of being successful.
  6. Wouldn;t the HoYD get a reasonable evaluation anyway? Given they are training with you for a good number of weeks.
  7. Oh, and a 'side judge' is known as the Assistant Referee (AR) - formerly known as 'The Linesman'. Colloquially known as 'The B@@#@rd'
  8. lol....I remember in the early release of '18 there were a couple of glitches like that. I had MY defender score an own goal, but instead of going 0-1 down, it 'announced' as an own goal, MY keeper picking the ball out of our net - but we got the goal and the defender recorded as the goalscorer. Won the game 1-0! So without knowing which version and update/build you are on, it sounds like it was one of 'those' incidents - thankfully extremely rare.
  9. Yeah, the relegated teams are relegated and the promoted teams are promoted, then the two leagues are evened out geographically. A North East team relegated into VNN, could result in a mid-table VNN team from the Midlands playing in a different league the following season - having to switch from VNN to VNS to keep numbers even. I believe the same principal applies down through ALL the 'regional' or County leagues in the pyramid.
  10. AFAIK if you add these clauses before the new season rollover then they will get those clauses activated at the rollover date. I usually try and avoid those clauses full stop, but if I have to, then try and hold off agreement until the roller has happened, or at least too close to rollover for them to sign in time. DISCLAIMER: I don;t know for certain so I could be completely wrong though.
  11. Had it once a couple of versions ago - could have been FM16, around the Christmas fixtures a swell. Three games in four days then two days before the next one.
  12. I don;t think that's what he meant. Being in an offside position isn't an offence, there is more to it than that. Being in an onside position here isn't an issue, but being in an offside position only becomes an offence if other 'criteria' are met. Playing or attemmtping to play the ball Gaining an advantage from being in an ofsdie postions Interfering with an opposition player (blocking view, blocking a run etc) all turn it into an offence. Of course you should never be given offside if there are two defending players between you and the goal line.
  13. Rarely use PIs other than pressing intensity or similar. I prefer to just let the players be themselves :-) Opposition Instructions - it depends on the opposition - if there is a key player/scorer I may set specific instructions. Generally though it's Closed Down and Weaker Foot. 'Standard' instructions are the wide players, FB/WB and wide midfielders or wingers always have close down and weaker foot applied.
  14. I never have more then 4 Key players, First Team contracts then make up the rest of the 11. Everyone else on Backup, Rotation or Hot Prospect. (I like to keep an 11 on Backup/Rotation but depends on age and experience)
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