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  1. Found it but don;t think I can post the link here - it's on another forum lol.
  2. There are a few aaround - have you checked youtube? I read one a very recently but can't remember where it was posted - "Preparing for Battle" I think it was called.
  3. Had similar conversation in another thread. Not sure what the threshold would be for this particular player, He likes you so will be swayed by that relationship, make sure you are on his 'Favoured Personnel' list and keep him happy. it may take a while to talk him away from Bari, but if he really does favour you it will only help. Be aware though (I haven;t checked in FM19) but Milan's finances are such that it may not be feasible straight away.
  4. Is he good enough/suitable as Captain? Can;t say I like giving loanees the armband, but it could help.
  5. Stroke his ego - praise him regularly. You need to infratiate yourself (and your club) into his 'Favoured personnel' list. That will help.
  6. Could be any of a number of reasons fro them not to want to sign or discuss playing with you. You can pander to them - declare interest, praise them, say how wonderful they are and how much you want them to play for you. If they are in an International squad with one of your players you can sometimes ask your player to talk to them as well. Sometimes all you can do is keep plugging away at them until they talk to you, although, if they are set against signing for you is it worth it? Are there other players that could do the same job for you? Ultimately though, if they don;t wanna sign for you - they won;t
  7. In the Staff Search there is an option to show 'Suitable for Youth'. I use this to filter down the people in the game. Otherwise it's a job advert - although rarely do you get good quality applicants.
  8. I would go for the experience in the Champs league. Solid defender around 30yrs old (give or take) but with enough left in him for two-three seasons. I would also look at him being a useful mentor for any youth you got coming through - hence the three year contract.
  9. If he's not at the club, he can;t become 'Home grown at the club'. If loaned to a club in the same country I think he should be Home grown in Nation
  10. Not sure of the set-up in Holland, but the B-Team may be treated as a different club - if they are playing in a lower league.
  11. I don;t think there is a 'realistic transfer' option in the Staff Searches though. There is however, an option to 'Include suitable' for youth/reserve/first team. Not sure it solves the problem and yes, I find it annoying as well.
  12. As i understand it, he won;t get 'matches' as it's not an active playale league. The legue itself will automatically spit out teams into the Continental and International competitions but no, there is little point loaning players to non-playable/active leagues. That has been my understanding for a few years now.
  13. Me too....I did look into the training schedules but couldn't find any that worked on Strength or something similar to dial down. Still getting training performances at average 9+ so not planning on changing too much.
  14. The only time I ever use fines is for sendings off (well, once a few years ago hen a player didn't turn up for training). Straight Red is a one week fine for a first offence. Second straight red in the same season is a two-week fine. 2nd Yellow send offs get a one week fine if it was for stupid challenges or causes us to lose the game (or lose a lead) Anything above that level I find causes too much negative in the Dynamics, and I always counter the 'feels fine was unfair' argument with the "It's a club policy and I'm just keeping it the same"
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