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  1. So my next question: EDIT: Never mind...found it!
  2. If you have devised the routines in the Tactics > Set Pieces window the game will automatically use them for the tactic slot you have them. If you save them, you can easily load them into each of the three tactic slots. You can set three routines for each set piece, and the game will automatically choose one to use each time you have set piece.
  3. Would help if we see whether a corner or GK is given. Looking at the player reactions I would guess a corner - therefore what @dap1987 says is correct.
  4. You wouldn't be able to appeal if it was a second yellow card I believe. Only a straight red can be appealed. Remember a two-yellow is just that, two bookable offence. It is not a red card even thought the expulsion is the same consequence and the red card is used only for visual confirmation (so everyone in the ground can see) that this is a second yellow.
  5. Awesome, simply copy-pasted the line and changed the references to match the image file - it worked! Thanks ever so much for your help.
  6. Cool, thanks a lot. I'll upload it tonight when I get home
  7. Yep, cleared cache, reloaded skins as per usual. Where would I find the config.xml file? Is it in the graphics>kits folder?
  8. Hi guys and thanks in advance for your help. I'm no expert with skins and mods, other than downloading kits and facepacks. I have been updating my 2d and 3d kits with the new season 19/20 images but have a 'rogue' third kit. I am managing Sheff Utd, and have, up to now, had the three kits, the red/white, lime green and a purple 3rd. Having downloaded and installed their new (19/20) home and away, I thought move the lime green to become the 3rd kit, so renamed the image files. However I still see the purple third 2d kit on the club profile - the 3D match shows the lime green 3d kit. I can't find an image file for the purple kit anywhere! I've attached the images as they appear in the folders. Can anyone direct me to possible locations for that horrible purple thing so I can overwrite it with the not-much better lime green?
  9. Did I just read this right? Someone has ditched FM19, FM18, FM17, 16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9 and FM08 just so that he can exploit a bug in the transfer market? Wow
  10. As long as I can remember it was competitive games that count, not just league games. With the weighting applied, so early cup games, or Europa qualifying games less so than an FA Cup final or last game of the season against local rivals where a win bags the league.
  11. I know you asked Seb, but anything other than a friendly should be counted afaik.
  12. I have never seen it - but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There is one for training intensity - to adjust the intensity automatically for certain levels of fitness. I find that players aren't getting the option to be 'available for u23s until match fit' sometimes so there is a threshold somewhere - I just don;t know if there is a way for us to set it.
  13. Left footer takes from the right to produce in-swinging corners, vice versa for the other side. I have found in-swingers to the near post and out-swingers to the far post or penalty spot can be effective - if you have the right players in the box.
  14. I have a slightly different issue and have treid this solution - thanks for the info, Unfortunately it didn't work. My problem is with imported 2D kits. I have 'updated' to the current 2019/202 kits created by Bolid (sp?). I have copied them into the usual graphics folder, Cleared Cache and reloaded skin. Now, because my game originally had three imported kits in 2d for Sheffield Utd - the red/white home, lime green away and purple 3rd all of which worked (the 3d purple was from Edit Kit in-game editor in 3d match. So, I have renamed the image file for the lime green kit to become the 3rd kit - both the 2d image and 3d (see image below) yet on my Club screen, I still see the purple shirt and have no idea where the image is coming from. The 3D engine plays the lime kit, it is just this rogue purple shirt on the Profile screen that I can;t find anywhere. Can anyone help? IMAGES:
  15. true here's an example 'the player was technically offside' but wasn't interfering' means he wasn't committing the offside offence, technically or otherwise, Law 17 - 'Being in an offside position is not an offence" so he wasn't technically 'offside' in terms of committing the offence. The offence only occurs if certain criteria are met 'standing in front of the goalkeeper' is not one of them. Blocking a defender's view is though, so might not have been construed as an offence depending on the angle of shot/cross. Also, if it is played by a defender, rebounds, etc have an impact on whether the player in an offside position is committing Offside - to be honest it can be so frikkin confusing, as written, I'm not surprised people get so confused when seeing it in context. It is easy to understand when reading the Law, but with so many differing situations in a game.
  16. I tend to leave it in the hands of the Assistant and then leave well alone. You end up with a couple of players saying 'too much quickness' so you reduce it, then a couple of other players saying 'not enough quickness'. You can't please all of them all of the time and can end up tying yourself in knots.
  17. Am no tactic guru, but the Higher D-Line and Much Lower LoE feel like they work against you - you compress the formation vertically so there is very little room between the lines for your SS to find the space to receive balls from Midfield. This would also bring the pass to the Treq to a 'medium length' for you DLP rather than a 'Long Pass' which means it is less risky and more likely to happen. The Counter as well encourages the ball to get forward quickly once it is won, and if the Treq is in space to receive while the SS is in tight space....... I don't want to delve too deep into the individual roles and duties as I am not experienced with a 442 and it's requirements but that's my initial impression overall. I might look to find a combination of front-two roles that works more like you want, but try the instructions first.
  18. Yeah, I guess what's happening is that your midfielders are seeing the Treq in space and simply passing to him. Do you have a Playmaker in MC?
  19. I think you can switch them off in the preferences as well.\ I have one by my name but can;t think what note I would have made on myself - unless it just reminds me I have reminders set in the notebook.
  20. It's your tactics mate........ Seriously though, am so annoyed on your behalf! If you reload and holiday, how annoying would it be if your Assistant wins 5-0? Had similar happen tome before.
  21. Absolutely I do. You can set the staff to ask you before each u23 match, and u18s, which players you wan to make available. So I have a few guys, permanently set to be available and then select a few extra when the email comes in. You are given a list in the email of which players are already set and for how much of the match, then you select/de-select the ones you think might be needing the match time.
  22. ... and here Iwas thinking I'd finally got my head around the game and had become quite good at it.
  23. And there just as many people who are successful doing it differently. If you are getting 'battered' you need to change something in your tactic, but without seeing your set up in detail it's impossible to offer any other suggestion sorry, I tried.
  24. Here you have it...... probably. You have a tactic that is successful at home and away against lower or equal teams, is successful (at least that's the implication) against bigger teams at home. Maybe you need to alter your approach for the away games? I know the old 'it's your tactic' wears a bit thin, but this is prime example. The bigger teams when at their own ground are going to be more attacking, overpowering smaller teams - you need to adjust to allow for that.
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