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  1. It can be so frustrating when your guys don;t have the ball but you can approach this in a number of ways but firstly, you need to understand the opposition approach to help guide you. Are they actually playing Tiki-Taka or are they simply not very aggressive in attack? If they ARE playing tiki-taka then I might consider just letting them. Accept that they dominate possession, but try and control where they have that possession. Re-group, close all the space and cut off forward passes for them. Let them have the ball as long as it is around the half-way line. Or, you can try and stop them having the ball - which means an aggressive defence from the front, potentially a lack of shape and potentially space opening up for them to exploit. This CAN be effective against some teams. - Identify the key players in the opposition, (pass combinations) and target them specifically - Close Down, Tackle Hard or Man Mark or a combination of OIs - Disrupt their strategy, chase, close down, hassle the ball carrier, close down passing lanes, defend the space - Concede possession. Let them play with it, but defend your final third. Structure, bodies behind the ball. Then hit them on the break. So many variables in your question it is impossible to give more than an overall strategy I'm afraid.
  2. My DoF is not much more than a glorified, highly paid scout to be fair. When the Agent asks for your opening offer, then yeah, the negotiations are usually pretty short. However, I always offer the low-end of the scout report suggestion for wage. A three year deal and leave everything else blank. They come back with a higher wage, and a list of clauses. I then decide which ones to accept., to reduce or remove (I always remove the yearly wage raise - never a problem) and try again. I always base it on what I am prepared to pay for this particular player though. I don't know whether the promises and pathways offered make a difference to the contract, I am guessing they do, but I generally remove any promises without a problem - which could potentially up the acceptable level of contract.
  3. Surely it's not about whether or not it is monetised, or whether or not someone is earning revenue from click, it's about who owns the Intellectual Property isn't it. If I was to use someone else's property for whatever then yes, I would have to make some kind of decision on whether it was an acceptable or appropriate thing to do. Whether it be the car, the wife, or a shirt of another person. Same with logos and kits, the image and design of which is someone else's property, In many cases, the owners have been quite clear about the use of said designs and, as these designs do hold value for the owners, they have every right to limit their use because they are losing a potential revenue stream and it may de-value their property and impact the brand - that is how these things are moneterised. Simply 'availing of a service someone else is providing' is no defence if you are aware that the service is illegal or in breach of Copyright. A guy I went to school with, many moons ago, was adept at acquiring motor vehicles. If you wanted a BMW, you could pay him a fee and within a week or so, he would deliver a late-model BMW. Usually in the colour, with the specs you wanted. But you can't defend yourself by saying he was providing a service and 'I never stole a car your honour'. 'Everyone does it'/ 'We've always done it' is no defence either. Same with music, you pay for a CD, or a download, and you are buying the right to store it and play it and the licence to make ONE digital copy of it. I have no issue paying a small fee for a logo pack, or kit pack, or face pack, but 'morally', I need to know I am buying it from the person who actually OWNS what I am paying for.
  4. I'm not sure what the issue is. If you have an Asking Price set, you will get offers from other clubs. They will always low-ball it to unsettle the player. Set an asking price to a level where it would deter other clubs, or to a point that you would accept then, select 'Reject any offers below asking price' and carry on with the game. You won;t get hassled, offers are binned immediately and if the player speaks to you about it, tell him the finances weren't right. I suspect you have the Asking Process set at a point low enough to trigger a high number of offers. I have never had to deal with the number of offers you mention.
  5. Are you sure it is downloading to that folder? I felt so dumb when it happened to me, then I found a pile of tactics in my Downloads folder I had forgotten about.
  6. I thought it was 5 from the first team/registered squad before the option kicked in.
  7. Not sure what the promise is from that screen sorry. Overall though, it looks OK. You only have one unhappy player. What's his personality like? Might be worth considering selling him to be honest if he is going to be problem. Most others are 'Content' so as long as you are getting results you should be fine. You have a squad of very different personalities, varying degrees of professionalism and your reputation is lower than most of the players - that last screenie actually looks pretty positive if I am honest. It wil ltake time for you win them all around to get behind you, but keep doing what you are doing would be my advice.
  8. I'm not sure,, but I think if you work with young players a lot, it will increase over time but a slow process. Be involved in the u23 and u18 training, sign younger players etc etc. As I mention, it will be a long process but I think it's doable.
  9. There should be. If you have a suitable sized image. I think (and I am going from memory here) you navigate to the Documents> Sports Interactive > Football Manager 20 folder and open the 'Graphics' folder. There you should find the folder that holds the mini-stadium pack. Open it to check the image size/file format etc. THEN: From within FM, Preferences, make sure you have hte 'Show screen ID' (or something similar) checked. When you navigate to the profile screen where you expect to see the image, have a look at the club's unique ID (in the top bar). Copy-paste the image to the folder wit hall the rest and name the file, using the same format as the rest, with the unique ID number. Do the usual clear cache/reload skin (or you may need to restart the game I don't remember) and it should load in.
  10. I never knew it could do that either. Apart from minor layout changes, I haven;t noticed anything different about it this year.
  11. Yeah the six-month thing only applies to foreign transfers. Also, I think youth players have built-in compensation as well.
  12. Mine has scored a couple in half a season or so. Is he hitting the target and keeper saving? Or blazing high and wide? Hitting the wall? The FK attribute, I believe, will allow him to the hit the target more than others, but doesn't guarantee a goal.
  13. Is he a youngster? There is often a compensation written it to the youth system.
  14. Once he has been booked there is an option isn't there to 'ease off' - at least my assistant seems to think so.
  15. Personally: Maybe drop a bit deeper, defend a bit narrower attack a little narrower - bring my players a bit closer to each other. Reduce mentality by one. (and again by one later on depending on the time left) Change one or two Attack duties to Support and/or Support to Defend. Then, slow the tempo right down, shorter passing. GK to slow the play down. Time wasting at Maximum (for the last ten minutes no more) Play for Set-Pieces Shoot on Sight Anything that slows it all down, frustrates the opposition and boots the ball out of play! Essentially, I want to try and play 'keep-ball'. Shoot on Sight puts the ball out of play more often than not and eats up minutes, play for set pieces does the same I believe. I would dearly love to see my wide players take the ball to the corner flag and hold it there!
  16. Right-Click and 'Copy' Navigate to folder you need it in, then 'Paste'
  17. Put a Sir Alex mask on for this, but if Coach recommends Prem League (check with other coaches as well) then Premier League or a league with similar rep (at this level I would look at the League reps around and go one or two up/down so there is the chance of them playing in La Liga or Bundes;liga for example) My preference for youngsters who are over the age of 18: - firstly, what is the path into First Team like for them? ie: How many better players are there in front of them for that position? Will there be opportunity for them to start 10-15 games this season for me? OK, if there isn't a pathway or space for them to make those appearances for me, then I would seriously look at loans. Given the facilities you have at Man Utd training will be good so my criteria would be: Minimum: Regular Starter Training Facilities: Has to be well above 'average' League Standard: Within a couple of reputation points of Premier League I generally categorise my youngsters into three grou ps - those I would make a pathway for and nurture in my own U23 and First Team / those who I send on loan for a couple of seasons / those that will probably never make it better than squad player. A 2.5* CA and I will probably look at getting them into my own first team - below that is a loan candidate. NB: I don;t know if anyone else does this, but I always make sure the player has 'Trained at Club' status before loaning out. I never loan out anyone who isn't 18.
  18. Buy from Steam and the game files are downloaded. DVD installs from Disc then log in to Steam to register the Key Play in either on-line or offline mode (take Steam offline) and play as much as you like. My game is installed on Laptop, I play it whenever and wherever, with or without internet - not sure how Steam can tell if I am logged in if I am not online. Launch the game, if you are offline it will ask if you want to go online or to continue in Offline. I usually leave Steam offline and play offline. Would only switch Steam 'back on' if there was an update or I needed the files verified.
  19. AFAIK it hasn't changed in FM20 - at least, I certainly haven;t heard of anything changing it.
  20. Can see what you're saying ,but we do have some control over it - it's just 'managed' differently. Adjusting roles/duties will also alter the shape. BTW: How on earth did you get Pep as your Assistant?
  21. Some do some don't. But, unless you memorised them all and recall every player's stats when playing, then I don't think you are cheating. Everyone plays the game differently and in their own way.
  22. https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/50560226 Can't ever remember seeing it myself so just wondering - has ANYONE had this happen in a game?
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