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  1. I'm not sure it is because Raglan plays for Cheltenham in League Two in my game (sold in the first summer by Oxford). Also, Morris plays for Norwich as his loan to Rotherham (who are in L1) expired the previous week, and Chaplin plays for Barnsley (who are in Championship, although relegated so he's the only one who would be in League One next season).
  2. Hi, Not completely sure this is a bug but seemed weird so thought I'd report. I was promoted with Sunderland to the Championship. At the start of the next transfer window, I received news about the League One transfer window, including news about my team. I have uploaded the game save in case you wanted it as "Tiergarten - Transfer Window"
  3. So this is the schedule for Woking (the replay was vs Woking; 2nd round vs Tranmere) in November. The international game the replay was postponed for was on the 19th. I noticed the first round is a midweek game in this game, while in real life the FA Cup First Round is taking up a weekend game. Could that be causing the congestion?
  4. Good morning, My issue is an FA Cup 1st Round replay. This was complicated by the fact that three of my first team players were out for international duty, which gave me the option to postpone, which I did. However, it then rescheduled the replay (27/11) to just three days before the second round (30/11). I have no idea if that would be the protocol, to be honest, but it seemed a little unlikely so I thought I would flag in case it is something that needs to be fixed.
  5. If you're leaving a club you've been really successful at or after a very long time, perhaps the Board could ask you for a suggestion for a replacement? I'm think SAF-style. Also, I'm not even sure if this is already in, but even though I'm often sacked after a board takeover during my not-so-successful games (and sometimes more successful ones), I'm never approached from another club after a takeover. Perhaps that could be added?
  6. March/April/May 2018 First of all, apologies for the length of time between updates, my laptop got all bogged down and it ended up taking forever to move forward so I stopped playing.. but now I'm on a brand new laptop, which doesn't take 20 minutes to open a browser! The rest of the season went by pretty averagely, save for the outstanding and implausible FA Cup Final result. So Fulham are off to Europe next year! I hope I'll be going with them, I'm happy at Fulham, unless someone incredible comes along.. and maybe Sunderland because they're my team. Also, they're in the championship, and been Tycoon'd but just failed to get back in the premiership. I think they'd be a lot of fun if they end up sacking their manager.. but I think the likelihood is another season with Fulham. In terms of aims for next season, I think we should aim for a Europa League spot through the league. It's good to be back!
  7. Little way into March, whisper it quietly but I think we've turned a corner!
  8. Yes, although Carmarthen wouldn't let me do it. Fulham have just let me study for the last one mid-season. January/February 2018 It's been a difficult couple of months, and the reality of the difficulty of the Premiership is really sinking in. Still, performances are recovering and I think we're close to turning a corner. The Board are still backing me all the way, which is good. In the end, I just brought in a substitute striker, and Viktor Fischer from Ajax. The main positive is we're still in the FA Cup - glory is still possible! Also, thanks to the strong start, we're still in a pretty good position in the league.
  9. Little aside: We've had about 5 penalties this season as a result of fouls... none scored.
  10. Haha, I have my Continental A, studying for the Pro at the moment.
  11. December 2017 I think looking at that fixture list it was clear this would be a hard month. Still, we rebounded well from a tough trio of fixtures and even managed a well fought-for win over Tottenham. The Board have been delighted and are really pumping in the cash now - £26m to spend without an increase in expectations! I've bought Krul off Newcastle straight away, will plan out if I need investment elsewhere.. I don't want to upset the balance we have now because it's really working well.
  12. October/November And a little bit of December The good form has continued, and I can have no complaints. We're in a solid position, playing good football. The only issue is my contract negotiations didn't go so well..I always try and negotiate wage for a bit for realism's sake, but they were more short-tempered than I expected. Still, I'm sure I'll get another chance before the end. I had job offers from Cardiff and Hull, which I rejected immediately. I'm not really sure what we're doing to be playing this well, just the tactics and players are working well together. Long may it continue.
  13. September 2017 Two very good results, rounded off by a solid League Cup win. The Man Utd performance was outstanding, they hardly got a look in. October starts with a tough derby away to QPR, with their manager the wonderful Alan Pardew who has tried to mimic Keegan in a "I'd love it if we beat them" rant. Fingers crossed. Great start to the season, let's hope we can keep it up!
  14. Preseason/August And a little bit of September The Board gave us £9m to play with which wasn't great. I did my usual vulture routine on the relegated clubs, taking Olsson and Anita from Newcastle for a pretty good price. Although they didn't get relegated, I also took an out-of-favour defender Ryan Bertrand from Swansea. Added some depth to our defence and midfield, and that was it. In addition to the small budget, the Board want us to finish midtable. That's an ambition that didn't go down well with the players themselves. Still, the results have not been terrible so far, although the game against Nottingham Forest was not a great spectacle. The media expect us to finish 14th, and to be honest I'd take that right now.
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