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  1. Do you guys think its a good idea to start a long term save in the beta? In the last couple of years I do not recall any major bug that would kill a beta save going in to the full release
  2. I am very meticulous when it comes down to FM. I like doing every single thing possible, which includes organizing set pieces. Being a small club led me to being more defensive. And I can say that my team defends really well from normal play. So well that from the last 20 goals that I conceded, 20 came from set pieces Corners are nerve wracking. And even tought I tried to stop them, the set pieces goals kept coming. It's like the game can't make my opponents score from normal (central) play and, being a small club, the game needs me to conced a few times. And the way is trough set pi
  3. It's been two months since I last played FM20. I decided to wait for the final update. I strongly disliked FM 19 and FM20. FM17 and FM18 I had some issues as well. My steam hours are significantly decreasing. Four years ago, not buying FM in november seemed ridiculous for me. But in the last four years, the november-march cycle only gave me frustration, depliting part of my enjoyment So the solution is easy for me. Not buying is hard, but changing the cycle from november-november to march-march will minimize my frustrations; minimize being the keyword here, because not even the
  4. Are ME changes planned for the last update? Or the plan is that the last update is just for the remaining transfer windows (china, russia...)?
  5. Is it confirmed that the determination thing was not fixed?
  6. Yes. I am brazilian, so it was easy to identify some brazilian youngsters that definitely should not have determination 1 I am not mentally strong enough to ignore them
  7. The determination problem will make me start a new save for sure
  8. Well, I was planning on keeping my beta save for a long time, but this determination thing killed it for me Let's wait for the full release then
  9. Is this problem for real? Does anyone know if this problem happens to newgens as well?
  10. 2D 3D is still no good enough The way the players slide is just wrong. Any PS2 Winning Eleven have bettter animations in my opinion
  11. League rules are the problem Last year, for example, there was a missing transfer window in the brazilian league. So, if you were brazilian, the beta was not suitable for any kind of serious save. It all depends if you care about the country with the problem
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