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  1. Part 10: The closing stage of the 2021/2022 campaing is over! We finished second in the league. Decent enough. Then came the knockout draw. Which team would I play against? Cancun, of course First game, away, they scored quickly. Of course. The team was, as usual, playing well against them, but no goals. 80 minutes and I was ready to give up and move on. Six games without a win against them, 5 loses. But then, my striker woke up! We scored on the 85th ad then in the last highlight of the game we scored again. It was a miracle. 2x1. **** Cancun The curse was over! F
  2. Part 9: Well, as I am a B team, I can play faster and as I don't have to worry about transfer and stuff Up unti now I have: - Finished first in the closing stage of the 2020/2021 season. In the knockout, I lost the final of this closing stage - Finished first in the opening stage of the 2021/2022 season. Won the knock-out stage (my first trophy) - Starting now the closing stage of the 2021/2022 season We did not lose in the first 7 games! And then I was going to face Cancun at home I was in good form. I had all my players available. I was playing at home
  3. Part 8: Well, I still hate my board and I still hate Cancun, but things finally improved. We won the opening stage Our form during the opening stage was really good. We finished first. Only one defeat (as I mentioned before, to Cancun). When we got to the knock-out stages, we were in form and ready (and did not face Cancun ). We got two players from the A team that helped a lot. But of course the board made everything difficult. My young striker, my leading scorer, the most important player of the team refused to sign a new contract (I am not the one handling contracts) and the
  4. Part 6 of my journeyman: Well, after starting my carrer in december 2020 and taking charge of Tapatio in the mexican second division, I finished second in the closing stage (january - june). Time for the new season The new season began and things did not look good. Players left, I could not sign anyone. The board kept saying no to my qualifications. And, AGAIN, I lost to that team that I complained before (the one wich I always have higher XG and never win). The team is called Cancun. I hate them. I truly hate them. With the board refusing to pay for my licenses and with the te
  5. Part 5: Hello The Mexican second division has two stages, Opening and Closing stages. Each stage has a league phase and a knock-out phase. Finishing first in the league is hard, but it usually means nothing. The winner of each opening and closing knock-outs play two more matches, the "real" final. Tough league. Right now I am playing in the closing stage of the first season (I took the job in december) I have one of the worst teams in the league, the youngest by a mile. After the four straight wins that I mentioned before, we won another four straight! Amazing for our level
  6. It's a journeyman. The plan is to manage this club for another season only. Then I'll probably leave Mexico. I'll try to win the title this season and/or next season. Then I'll leave to a club that actually gives me freedom (B clubs are very restrictive) Winning will be difficult. This is not a traditional league. There are a lot of stages and my team is very young. Important matches will destroy them Anyway I think a B club is the perfect place to start. I was very lucky to have a half star B club with a job available. The objective is to end my time at the club with one and a
  7. Always the lowest reputation possible
  8. Part 4 of my journeyman: Two defeats in my first two league games But I was playing well. I had faith. I decided do make zero changes and stick to the pre season plan. It worked! Away game. We destroyed the home team, but in the end the score was very close. Does not matter, we won! The best part? In the mexican second division, an away win is worth 4 points . This league is crazy After the win, I was determined to stick to the plan for a long time. Attacking football ftw 3 straight wins followed. We are are improving. Morale is high My team is the youn
  9. Part 3 of my journeyman: I lost the second game The board did not want to pay for my first coaching qualification Players keep coming and going as I am managing a B team. Impossible to build chemestry And I have to play attacking football, even if I have the worst team in the league. Two games in, already the worst defence This is going to be a brutal season
  10. Part 2 of my journeyman: I am playing the closing stage in the Mexican Second Division (2020/2021). 15 games. From january to june I decided not to drastically change the squad. Only made 3 signings. I am the worst team in the league, but I think I can handle it And then I lost the first game after winning it til the 88 minute Yes
  11. Having decided on rules and setup... Part 1 of my journeyman: I started in november 2020. No half stars job at first, but soon a welsh job became available (Llantwit Major). Took a look at the club and decided to apply. Soon after other welsh jobs became available. And then, out of nowhere, a mexican half a star reputation job becomes available (??????????). It's the Chivas B team club called Tapatío. All other clubs in the mexican second division are at least two stars, but Tapatío is a new club with terrible reputation. The last manager became Pachuca under 20 manager and now
  12. Well, now that the new update is on, I'll start a new save, a new journeyman save. Starting unemloyed on the vanilla game. I play very slowly, so this will be my final FM21 save Unfortunatelly, there really seems to be a problem (bug) with job offers. It's ridiculously easy to start in a decent club. And even after your first job, FM seems to make life easier for us by handing really good job interviews (even when we do not deserve them) So, to couter this, I decided to set a new restricion for myself. A set of ranges... I'll create myself: 28 years old, brazilian, sunday league
  13. Amazing. That's what journeyman is all about The best journeyman stories are those in which we fail
  14. Not only the unrealistic first job was not fixed, but things got worse? Did you download additional leagues or something?
  15. Should it be considered a bug? For me it seems to be a choice by SI. I would not be surprised if the reason is Covid. Libertadores 2020 finished on january 30, 2021, when it should have ended november 2020, so maybe they decided not to update the competition this year
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