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  1. In Brazil there are a lot of sleeping giants. Botafogo is a really nice club to start
  2. The transfer window is kind of crazy You can sign brazilian players almost the whole year. I think its from january to september. I am not sure Foreing players are more restricted. I think its from january to april. Than july-august Again, not sure
  3. Brazil has a very very long season Its a year long season (january-december) From february to may, you do not play the oficial league. You play your teams State Championship. Brazil is huge, so we have state championships before the National League In may, the National League starts, until december. Meanwhile, we have the Brazilian Cup. The Brazilian clubs playing in Copa Libertadores only start playing the Brazilian Cup from the round of sixteen Copa Libertadores is our Champions League Copa Sudamericana is our UEFA League The Brazilian League has 20 teams. Four relegated, with no playoffs Top six qualify for Copa Libertadores. It may extend to nine clubs qualifying, depending on the winners of other competitions The Brazilian Cup winner goes to Libertadores
  4. I know It sounds simplistc, but... FM19 rewards high pressing, attacking football, even with smaller teams Just go with a 4231 or 433 with two or three players in attack duty. Ultra press is essencial. I beat ManCity in the Club World Cup final using a south american team, much weaker to any top european side, enjoying 60% possession. I would say it was easy. And like you, I do not use any downloadable formation or content. Attack!
  5. I've never ever played a game as much as FM, but this year its difficult do enjoy the ME. I am brazilian and I play in the brazilian league Just played a game in which, two times, my central mid received a clean, short, excelent pass, without pressure, and he had the option to pass to a completely free winger very close to goal. And the winger clearly was not offside And both times the central mid just shot from distance. And both times it hit the woodwork. A really good central mid, with good vision and everything (and no shoots from distance trait) Its just so weird. Its like through balls are forbidden. Unless, of course, its a play coming from a throw in And of course I won the game above 2x0 with two gols scored from long range I only played 10 games after the new ME. I still have hope that after a while through balls will happen
  6. If you or anyone start a save in south america wait for the final release because there is a bug in the brazilian transfer window that will be fixed only in the full release (the january foreign transfer window is completely missing) Otherwise, I would start now
  7. I am Brazilian and I cannot start a save anywhere knowing that in my country there is a huge mistake regarding such a crucial part of the game. My brain doesnt allow me to have fun knowing that Last year it was the same thing So I will not start a save anymore in beta state from now on. I may buy future beta for the discount, but wont play until the final release As simple as that.
  8. Yeah I know. I wont buy anymore because when I start a save its for real and this is not the purpouse of a beta version Its just a really weird mistake like you said. And a game breaking one. And the only one like this in the beta. Which adds to the frustration
  9. Well Last year we had the libertadores Winner not playing the club world Cup and now this I wont buy beta again. I will just wait for the final release
  10. Yeah. The missing brazilian transfer window requires a new save. And it will be fixed only in the final release For us who play in brazil, we will have to wait for the final release to play the game. Last year we had a game breaking bug as well. (Libertadores Winner did not play the club world Cup) Lesson learned. Do not buy the beta ever again. Just wait for the final release
  11. I am not talking about injuries I am talking about the missing brazilian transfer window
  12. They said the bug has already been fixed for the final release. But they do not know if I will have to restart when the game is fully out Is there a way to know if I will have to restart? Please
  13. Reading what you said above: "this bug has already been fixed for the official release" It means that there were no fix for the beta right? I tested earlier and the Brasilierao 2020 still had the same problem, but if there were no fixes for the beta, then this test is useless Is there a way to know if I will have to restart the game when the final release comes out?
  14. It's a Beta so it's expected to have bugs But it's still frustrating to find a game breaking mistake (not even a bug, a human mistake) like the missing brazilian transfer window Last year in the final release (not the beta), the Libertadores champion wasnt playing the Club World Cup. The brazilian league is not simulated well by the game. There are so many aspects that the game is not able to replicate (transfers barely match reality, a lot of managers do not have the right traits, managers are not sacked enough, state championships have insane results...) Sales here must be low, so I undestand. Its just a shame
  15. The brazilian league foreign transfer window is in june-july only I cant sign foreign playes in january like in real life Please for the love of god tell me I do not have to start a new save for a patch to fix this huge huge huge huge mistake I am playing the 2019 Brasileirao. Can a patch fix my Brasileirao 2020 without I having to restart? (already posted in the bug section)
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