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  1. It has been SI policy since forever that they leave the game how it is no matter how bad the ME is . Like "it was the last patch . If you want an updated Match Engine then wait for FM 21 and pay for a new ME".
  2. https://i.gyazo.com/acf70a3d86e27abb79b5929b14cd9cc7.mp4 This is so funny ... well ... actually it isnt lol . ME is full of brainless players
  3. This Version of FM is very frustrating. And when i see SI People bragging on Twitter about the Amount of Players on Steam, i just feel like There is o much wrong with the Match Engine... but i do wanna leave a Novel. There are moments where you think "Wow , well played , nice goal" ... but then u wait a minute , u see a striker just taking the ball of a Defenders feet, 1v1 and Goal . Things like this DON'T happen in Football. I have never seen a defender just standing there waiting for someone who takes the ball away from him. And then world class strikers having 1v1s and chipping
  4. Surprised ? I'm not. The only thing i can not believe is how less this Company cares about paying Customers. But guess what. Not gonna be one of em anymore . so long
  5. To be honest... I don't want another hurried FM !!! It's every Year the same thing. Worth starting a real Save after March Patch . Before it's just a waste of time. Yes , i have enjoyed FM 20 for quite a time. But i got really really sick of those billion 1v1s . If someone enjoys it, please go on with it. I don't and i will not start the Game until the next Patch, and PRAY that the ME is better than the actual one.
  6. Such a bad defensive behavior ... running into each other etc .
  7. Is there no "Public Beta" thing for FM 20 ? Last Year there were a few Public Betas before they got Live .
  8. I'm sure if Upvote wasn't a thing ... 50% of the Posts in this thread wouldn't exist kind of fishing for compliments
  9. So now i'm on my Sunderland Save in the Season 2022/2023 After 13 Games i was wondering why i don't have a Game in the next two weeks. And checked my Schedule ... I have no custom dbs added or anything. But now my Save is kinda ruined . 3 Years for nothing
  10. It was about the 1v1s . Not the Defenders And again. There are issues with the ME . I never said there wasnt
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