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  1. What i noticed is that when you play with a Possession based tactic which should make the other team tired during a match (just like in real life) . the opposite happens. Your team which has the Ball 65%+ is more tired at the end than the other team . Never seen that happening irl .
  2. Just another small example for how bad it is with the red cards . still seeing too often 2 red cards for 1 team . AI vs AI
  3. Of course nothing has changed. It hasn't downloaded a single byte since the full 19.2 release . How could they change smth without us having to download it ? Makes no sense at all
  4. i'm playing the me 1922 since it came to the Public Beta . And all i am seeing is blocked crosses, blocked shots , STILL too many red cards (often double red cards for the same team) .. I mean what is this ? A Worldclass Player like Salah is shooting the ball into defenders like he's receiving a bonus for it ... Sorry but this is no fun to watch. I am actually FORCED to watch extended highlights or i'd go nuts . Feels like players vision is 0,0 . They smashing the ball at the defender like they dont see there is a defender there . And the Pass completion for "bad teams" is so overpowered ... Been playing against a team from 6th league in germany , i had 76% possession and they had a pass completion of 76% ?!?!? how is this even possible .
  5. You have to deselect public beta in properties . Won't change or download anything tho . It's the exact Patch that has been tested on public beta. I will keep it on Public beta and hope there will be a miracle sooner or later . I kind of doubt that a better ME will be out soon . Why else would SI release the 19.2 patch this early .
  6. I got no Update showing on my Steam . Worked perfectly fine since ive joined the Public Beta . Is this right ? It has not downloaded anything after saving and closing the game.
  7. You can have the Patch right now by downloading the public beta. What's the difference ?
  8. Why would a GK do that ? Uploaded the PKM . Happening in the 51st Minute . Hamburger SV – Hamburger SV U19.pkm
  9. Totally agree. I've been thinking about writing something like that. But due to my bad english (i'm german) i would probably have to think a week about how to write it Keep up the good work ! I am 100% sure that the ME goes better by every small update .. Just like the last few days .
  10. The 19,2 Patch wont be out til Christmas or short time before . So why not giving them timer to optimize the ME even more ? The Public Beta is nice for NOT rushing things imo
  11. Red Cards are still an issue , even tho it got better, it still happens quite often , but ive never seen 3 for one team til now
  12. haffaz77

    Red Cards Issue

    It is obviously still an issue . Referees giving cards for fair tackles and stuff like that @Ben Allingham@Isaac Simmons or anyone else . 3 Red cards , really ? Hannover 96 – 1. FC Nürnberg.pkm
  13. i don't think it should be released in the current state . I'm not saying that you said or want that, but due to the current ME , i think it needs some work . Passing accuracy is too high for "bad teams" . They became 75+% passing teams since me v1918 . Also the blocked crosses issue which results in way too many corners , is a thing they have to fix imho . Maybe it's just my individual opinion, but watching games with comprehensive Highlights is like watching a corner festival . In General , the ME has improved a lot , and im enjoying a lot playing the game. In fact , i cant stop playing