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  1. What is this ? I hope you gonna take a close look into this. Zenit St. Petersburg – Hamburger SV.pkm
  2. I don't understand the Rating System for Players in FM 19 Seriously , sometimes it doesn't make any sense. For example ... I have a young Player called "Pelayo Morilla" as a left Inside Forward... He is amazing . Dribbles like a King and is a Team Player. Sometimes i watch the whole Game, and can't understand why his Ratings are 6.5 or lower. Then there is a Free kick which goes in the Net and out of the Blue, Rating goes up to 7 even tho he had nothing to do with the Free kick. Same for my Striker Belfodil .. He's angry cuz i don't let him play often. Rating in the last 2 matches 6.4 - 6.3. Now i had a cup match vs Bochum , and he had the usual 6.4 Rating at Halftime . We won the Match 4-0 and right before the 4th Goal his rating was 6.2 . After the 4-0 his rating has gone up to 7.1. And again he had NOTHING to do with the Result. No assist or Goal. He played the same poo as in the 1st Half Can anyone explain me how that makes sense ?
  3. AI vs AI . I wasnt involved . I personally never get 2 red cards in 1 Match . But AI teams seem to get them a lot .
  4. Double Red Cards for 1 Team are still a big issue imo ... See this almost every week in different leagues. Example
  5. Whats wrong with that ? Looks like a normal british dude to me
  6. 3rd goal .. pkm uploaded SG Dynamo Dresden – Hamburger SV.pkm
  7. goalkeeper ? I kinda losing hope that u guys can ever fix gk ... stuff like this makes me rage quit the game even tho it was a goal FOR me...
  8. I'm playing the 19.3 for a few Hours now. The ME is improved ,i like it. But what really gets me in the mood to hammer my head on the desk over and over again are the WIDE SHOTS and Free Kick goals . Seriously ? U can watch lower league matches and they hammer 30 meter shots in the net like they got skills like c ronaldo or messi . Then u check their atributes and u realize .. oh no .. finishing 6 , wide shots max 10 . This is FOR ME the only thing , besides the thousands of blocked crosses that needs to be fixed. If this wont be fixed .. i dont see myself playing this game for any longer. We all know the "u got fmed" thing ... But it seriously makes no sense (not even talking about realism) that low league players scoring like world class players. I would really like to get an answer from someone .. maybe @Neil Brock ? Someone please . Another thing is that i played 10 league matches with HSV now .. and ive got in every match at least 1 woodwork . often both team one or more. But i can live with it if the big issues (wide shots , free kick accuracy) will be fixed . Thanks
  9. What is my defender doing ? How can the striker be on the ball first ? And again ... wide shots are so op . My opponent is a team from 6th German league !!!
  10. The last 10 matches in my Sunderland save .. each game at least 1 woodwork . but sometimes even 2 or 3 . Seems a bit too much
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