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  1. Training system being stripped off options in FM16 is an issue - The option to change from light, average and heavy should be re-added for individual training. Otherwise there will always be players moaning and attributes/development/condition affected, even if they are not being made to do anything extra. Having to adjust the 'whole 'team' instructions to address this messes things up, players need individual levels. The option for 'Learning new position' and the progress level has also been removed, so i guess it's done just by changing training position now. Also has the 'cancel PPM' option been removed? Bring it back!
  2. [FM16][SKIN]Andromeda 1.9

    Nice skin, props! Edit - Board screen recommended staff/advised showing up blank.
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Cameron Scorer strikes again!
  4. Player or players on two goals automatically overriding your penalty taker instructions. Especially when they miss
  5. Bit more detail regarding players goals stats - Goals scored from long-shots. Goals scored from free-kicks. Goals scored with headers. Goals from corners. Goals from direct long-throws. Own goals.
  6. I was fining players for 6.3s and 6.4s Prefer to just warn them for a poor performance, depends on the player but usually get a more positive response (but could save two weeks worth of wages!) Would like the game to have additional fine options and for more varied reasons. Wengers fines code: ''OFFENCE Non attendance of unused players at Home matches without permission of manager FINE £1000 Late for training FINE < 15 mins £250, > 15 mins £500 Late for treatment/massage < 15 mins £250, > 15 mins £500 Late for travel FINE £500 Late for match day meetings / meals FINE £250 Wrong kit on match days FINE £100 Inappropriate clothing outside of the dressing room FINE £100 Outdoor shoes in the dressing room FINE £100 Newspapers, laptops and phones in the medical room FINE £100 Newspapers in dressing room FINE £100 Non production of urine sample for two consecutive weeks FINE £200 Phone calls in the building (texting allowed) FINE £500 No participating in commercial activities (including Club Day) FINE £500''
  7. Adding "Media description" to the player info panel?

    ^Check out post #4 on the mods thread, not working/to your liking then try post #17 over there: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/414358-FM15-Skinning-mods Alternatively, you can find a variety of player panels here: http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/13216/player-overview-panel-mods?page=3
  8. Adding "Media description" to the player info panel?

    That's the wonderful Steklo skin, with added mods/panels etc.. Grab what panels/mods you want here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/414358-FM15-Skinning-mods Background (Save in the Steklo backgrounds folder, resize it to the same as the others in that folder) http://www.pptbackgrounds.net/uploads/light-blue-abstract-lines-backgrounds-wallpapers.jpg Steklo skin: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/408272-Released!-FM15-Steklo-X5
  9. Have a look at what players are giving away the penalties - warn them of their conduct if you can and for repeat offenders try ticking 'ease off tackles' in individual tactical instructions. If you have central defenders with 'Dives into tackles' you might want them to unlearn that PPM (if they the culprits). Finishing and composure also factor for scoring penalties. Put your penalty takers on individual training role for finishing/composure. Hire a high star 'shooting' coach. Or alternatively a good keeper to save penalties. Not sure what determines a keepers abilities against penalties - reflexes, one on ones, composure? or just luck.
  10. Best used for playmaker/regista roles - can develop superb passing, decent mentals and sharp technique.
  11. Can try to instruct him to 'shoot less often' in tactics, PPM may override that though. 'Cross more often' in tactics maybe another option. Or if he's willing to learn 'look for pass than shoot' Depays blitzed the right wing (Inside Forward, attack) in 2nd season, his power shooting has been awesome especially on rebounds. PPMs (natural and trained so far) - ''Shoots from Distance (17 for long shots currently) Shoots With Power Tries Long Range Free-Kicks Cuts Inside Hits Free-Kick With Power Runs With Ball Often'' Season one - 24 apps/5 goals Season two - 26 apps/18 goals
  12. [FM15] Skinning mods

    Some of these mods are nice touches
  13. Adding "Media description" to the player info panel?

    Got it to work too! Copied the red text in post 6 and pasted it into 'player personal details' panel. Cheers fellas.
  14. Signing Messi Straightaway is it feasible?

    Managed to buy him in the third season. Tapping him up by 'Declaring interest' (whenever it's available) will be shrugged off and eventually makes him dislike you (harder to negotiate contract). But that also causes speculation, that will link him to your club in the news/media. Has the preference of 'wanting to play abroad' but also 'don't want to play in England' etc.. If transfer is accepted, avoid the talk/persuade option (he cant be persuaded) and offer a contract instead. When negotiating with his agent - it maybe worthwhile to gamble and offer the maximum agent fee, then lock it. Because in the second round, he may demand a locked fee you cannot afford. That will cancel the deal.
  15. [Released!][FM15] Steklo X5

    Is there a way to add/edit 'media description' onto the players profile panel?