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  1. 1. Back throws: Noticed twice, A.I. teams taking throw-ins from near their own corner flags are aiming backwards at their own penalty box towards their defenders, my striker has cut out the throws and nicked a couple of goals from this. 2. Blasting ball: From just after the half-way line an A.I. player boots the ball straight into the stands towards the middle of the left corner-flag and goal post, reported falsely in the commentary as a shot on goal! Not even close to the goal, it was also not late in the game and the A.I. team was losing, so it was definitely not a time wasting move. 3. GK one on one: A.I. attacker running clear towards penalty area, keeper does not bother to move until the last moment and then kinda jumps/hop frozen still on the penalty spot and is motionless as the ball rolls right around him into back of the net.
  2. Should Phil Jones have the following 'PPMs' - ''Runs With Ball Through Center'' - Not noticed him doing that. ''Get's Further Forward'' - Would associate this more with attacking players, not a CB like Jones. ---------- Valdes should be transfer listed/not needed (excluding rivals) and possibly dislikes Van Gaal.
  3. Training system being stripped off options in FM16 is an issue - The option to change from light, average and heavy should be re-added for individual training. Otherwise there will always be players moaning and attributes/development/condition affected, even if they are not being made to do anything extra. Having to adjust the 'whole 'team' instructions to address this messes things up, players need individual levels. The option for 'Learning new position' and the progress level has also been removed, so i guess it's done just by changing training position now. Also has the 'cancel PPM' option been removed? Bring it back!
  4. Nice skin, props! Edit - Board screen recommended staff/advised showing up blank.