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  1. You have plans to make south america DB?
  2. This 19.2 patch will include the new Brazilian TV rights Deal?
  3. Great news about the leagues around the world after south america, claassen!
  4. Can't wait this incredible work in south america leagues, classen
  5. Can't wait to see south america files. You can replicate Argentina full structure?
  6. gmilitao_scr

    English Lower Leagues Level 11

    County Cups also??
  7. So, let's wait till Wednesday to see this level 11
  8. Hope that Dan can finishes soon as possible... let's wait. Good work!
  9. Nice news about level 10. But I'll waiting the FA Vase version to start...
  10. For me, level 10 are enough for my long term save... can't wait to start this!
  11. Hopefully SI has a answer to this issues. Classen files are so important in FM.
  12. Very sad news... Classen has made a very good job. SI Games, look at this issue, please...
  13. Great!! Waiting the release... nice work!
  14. SI, will be possible also change the formations with the ball and off the ball? If yes, will be a fantastic addition!