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  1. It maybe the games way of telling you the coach cant improve anymore.
  2. Why did you bid for them, if you thought they wouldn't sign for you.
  3. you can access them through the development centre, if you don't control anything regarding matches or training. If you go into responsibilities and take control of individual training the youth teams will appear down the menu. at the start depending on your responsibility setting your backroom staff will be set up to be in control of contracts for both players and staff
  4. He wouldn't agree to sign for me without the work permit.
  5. Hi all, I have a question has the title states around Work Permits. I tried to sign a player who didn't have enough point to qualify for a permit. Part of the deal was for the player to be loaned back to his club for 2 years due to him being a current international but not yet having enough caps. I thought he wouldn't require a permit due to him not playing in England and the work permit would have been sorted at the end of the 2 years. Is what happened true or is this a bug????? Want to find out before I report it. Blackthorn
  6. Hi Declan, It's the Samsung Galaxy A 10.5. These are the pictures. The Overview shows alot of information in the window. Name/Nationality, Club/League, Position/Role so on until the REC column giving a numerical value but when I want to customise this view to include personality, when I get to the screen to include personality I lose some of the columns. Blackthorn
  7. Hi, When customizing the scout overview screen to include personality, the scouts recommend figure disappears and I can't seem to find it in the list of options of colours to add. Blackthorn
  8. It's either when you don't have either an AM or a HoYD. It a glitch when it happens because FMT doesn't support it.
  9. I play FM Touch and it is frustrating at times, can't select tutors, set reserve team formation, player values sky rocket after a few seasons due to small database. I prefer not having the press conferences. Planning on getting a pc but going back to older version not sure which.
  10. Hi all, I haven't read every post in this thread, but I have been thinking why can't they start this Women's football adventure like the old Champ Manager games, Just top three or four countries, with a small to medium database no 3d just commentary. Then has popularity and demand for more increases so can the leagues and database size. Just my thoughts on the subject. Blackthorn
  11. Hi, I Designed my Son didn’t put any traits, so I could train them if I decided to give him any in future, but I think through tutoring he has developed ‘Argues With Officials’ I immediately put him down to unlearn it with 100% concentration on it. He has been on it for 4 full season going into the 5th. When is he going to stop arguing with officials. Blackthorn
  12. @Smurf Thanks for getting back to me. How much do you think I need to up my budget by?
  13. Hi everyone, looking for some direction. Having been out of the pc gaming world for awhile playing the touch version last 3 instalments. The kids are starting to get older and school work will most definitely arrive, I am looking to get back into the full fat version of FM since a desktop will be needed in the house. I am looking for more of an entry level pc which I could upgrade has funds permit. I have around £350 available. When I look at graphics etc. I don't know if what I am looking for is above minimum specs or below. Thanks for any help in this quest. Blackthorn
  14. Hi All, my tablet has decided it doesn’t want to hold its charge anymore. So I am looking to get a laptop. The things is I want to go back to FM15 but don’t know where to start looking. I have around £300 max to spend. Unless I can get on that can run FM17 not interested in 3D so don’t need powerful graphics. Any help would be appreciated. Blackthorn
  15. Hi Cleon, llama passed my onto this thread to ask you a question that I have, to see if you know the answer. I am playing FM10 and I am Aston Villa, due to them not really having an abundance of tutors at the moment, I am looking to get my coaching team in place, I am looking at signing coaches that have not reached their potential yet. I am using Genie Scout to look at the CA and PA even though I know they are subject to scrutiny. The question I want answering is When do coaches start declining?? Is there a peak age, like there is for players??? Blackthorn
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