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  1. I've never managed in italy before but am starting a save with Milan. What's the story with the U20/U18 teams? Milan has a lot of players at both levels but most of the U20 players are out on loan. What squad sizes do you recommend for each level? Will U20 and U18 both have fixtures?
  2. Sit Narrower definitely helps. I think Rashidi said it encourages players to pass inside more. Personally, I rarely use anything other than FB(S), WB(D) or IWB(S) because I've run into the same frustrations.
  3. FB(S) works OK but I've found all the other FB roles are too aggressive and get forward much earlier in the buildup. I think the tactic you posted is a pretty accurate re-creation but unfortunately it doesn't seem to translate into FM19 that well.
  4. @Rashidi has some good videos on the 4-3-1-2 in his Stalybridge and Kop diaries. I think his Stalybridge version is similar to @Pompey_Dan's. In terms of keeping the team more compact, I think more support duties up front would help but you may lose some bite in attack. I've tinkered with this as well but not had much success as there is only space on the flanks which leads to fullbacks and blocked crosses.
  5. Do U21 players count towards the non-EU limit or just players who need to be registered? Also if a player has a second nationality to an EU nation other than Italy, I assume they don't count towards the limit.
  6. I'm thinking about starting a Milan save as well. I usually play 433 but I think I'm going to try to get Giampaolo's 4312 working with Milan. This is my first save playing in Italy. Any advice on which leagues to load for transfers/regens?
  7. This is my current setup: I drop Overlap Left when I use a WB(S) as DL. The WB(D) is something I'm experimenting with as I find WB(S) crosses too much and Taylor is not a good crosser or dribbler. I was also a little vulnerable on this flank with an IF(A) and MEZ(S). For PI's: IF(A) - Sit Narrower, Roam From Position, Close Down More W(S) - Close Down More MEZ(S) - Close Down More CM(A) - Roam From Position, Close Down More DLP(D) - Take More Risks, Close Down Less FB(S) - Sit Narrower, Take Fewer Risks
  8. Here's an example of the overload I mentioned a few posts above. By overloading the left we are able to create a goal with a few simple passes back to the right. Hourihane (DLP-D) plays a ball out to my left back, Taylor (WB-S). Norwich is playing a 4-2-3-1 and are narrow and compact with all but their striker behind the ball. Taylor cuts the ball back to Lansbury (MEZ-S). El Ghazi (IF-A) is just inside of Lansbury. Both of Norwich's DM's have shifted over. El Ghazi stops his run and Lansbury plays a simple ball to him. Because the DM's have shifted we
  9. This is very similar to the overload I created by accident. My setup is loosely based on van Gaal's 1998/99 Barcelona team with Rivaldo, Figo, Guardiola, Kluivert, Luis Enrique, Cocu, etc. I set this up thinking the IF(A) and CM(A) would be goal scorers but they have turned into the creators. I score a lot of goals because the IF, MEZ and WB overload the left side so when they pass back to the right the CM(A), W(S) and PF(S) are usually in a 3v2 situation. My CM(A) leads the team in assists and the PF(S) and W(S) lead the team in goals. PF(S) IF(A)
  10. Piggy backing on OP's question... I have a player who plays as a DLP in my tactic in the DM position. He is Natural at CM and Accomplished at DM. Is it better to train him as a DLP in the CM position or DM position? IE does the extra position training hurt his attribute development?
  11. I feel like this was recently answered but I can't find it... Is there any way to force an U23/U18 manager to play players in certain positions without managing the matches myself? My top U23 prospect is an MC who I am re-training as an AMC but he's only played a handful of matches as a sub. He's the highest rated in ability and potential stars so should be a regular for the U23 team.
  12. I really enjoyed how you started at the beginning and are showing the evolution of your tactic vs only showing the finished product. I sometimes struggle with spotting problems and knowing what changes to make to correct them so it's definitely helpful to see you walk through it step-by-step. I think my big takeaway is that I am too quick to make changes without fully analyzing whether or not something is actually a problem and considering how the change may impact my overall tactic.
  13. I'm still getting fantastic results with this tactic. I easily won the Championship in my first season as Villa. Scored 91 and conceded 40 which were both best in the league. I'm currently 5th in the Premier League after 8 matches which is a great start for a team predicted to finish 16th. In terms of the tactic I've only made minor changes from my previous post: - I couldn't get the 2DM version to work so I gave up on that and now drop the mentality to Counter in tougher games. I've used this version in away draws to Tottenham and Man City and a 3-0 home win over Liverpool so am happy wi
  14. I installed this and it appears to be working but the top of the players heads are cut off. I am using CFM skin but it appears to happen on the default skin as well, although the pictures are much smaller so it's harder to tell. Is this normal?
  15. I find players with the Likes to Beat Offside Trap PPM get caught offside way too often.
  16. I'm having great success in FM 17 using this tactic as inspiration. Playing as Aston Villa, I'm 1st in the Championship after 28 matches. We've scored 52 (3rd in championship) and conceded 22 (1st). We just beat Southampton to advance in the FA cup and lost in the EFL cup semifinals vs Man Utd. Highlights of the season so far are a 3-2 win vs Southampton in the FA cup, a 1-0 win vs Tottenham in the EFL cup and a 0-0 away draw to Man Utd. The changes I've made are: - Control instead of Attacking. I started with Attacking but found we gave the ball away too easily. I think to play thi
  17. Thanks @D_LO_ Is it possible to add the attribute boxes to the staff screen?
  18. Is there an easy way to change the background color of the selected message in the Inbox?
  19. I'm using a counter attacking offset 4-4-1-1 with Aston Villa and getting pretty good results. Currently 8th in the league and managed a 1-0 win vs Man City and away draws vs Man U and Chelsea. I'm loving the AM(A) role. Grealish has 5 goals, 2 assists and 3 PoM in 13 games and is 6th in the league in average rating. He drops deep into midfield during buildup but makes great forward runs into the box while attacking.
  20. I'm curious about your GK distribution. I often see people use very conservative PI's for GK's... Roll It Out, Distribute to CB's, Slow Pace Down, Fewer Risky Passes, etc. I've often defaulted to these as well when trying to create a possession system but I wonder if there's a time and place for more aggressive distribution. Do you find your GK giving the ball away a lot? I've used distribute to play-maker with a DLP in the DM slot but curious as to how it works with your DLP in the CM slot?
  21. You may have seen it already but there was a great thread from last year that looked at this formation: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/424563-O-Christmas-Tree!-Playing-like-Ancelotti-s-Milan
  22. The issue with the False 9/IF behavior isn't necessarily that the False 9 and AP are doing the same playmaker duties. It's that neither the False 9 or CM's are doing anything to occupy the defenders which leaves the IF's easily marked. What Cleon and others are saying is you need a central player (either striker or CM) higher up to disrupt the defenders and open up space for the IF's. That's why simply changing the AP to a CM(S) with PI's to make him act like a playmaker doesn't solve the issue.
  23. This could go in the stupid questions thread but it's relevant to this discussion so thought I would ask it here. Will a right footed inside forward at AMR stay wider than if you had a left footed player there, or does it not matter?
  24. I'd probably focus on Tactical and Fitness. You also can't go wrong with Balanced. Cleon has a useful post here in which he lists the ideal attributes needed to play different types of systems: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/403153-Building-A-Tactic-From-The-Beginning-And-Maintaining-It-Long-Term?p=9935814&viewfull=1#post9935814 You need at least 3 months for the general training focus to have any benefit so don't change the focus after pre-season (unless you added a lot of new players and are using Team Cohesion in pre-season).
  25. Great post and I particularly enjoyed these two points. On the first, many people's first instinct is to think about how to defend a more attacking opposition player. I love that your first thought was about the potential space it opens up for your attacking player on that flank. On the second, I think it illustrates the potential harm selecting too many TI's can cause. If you tell your team to exploit a specific area it may prevent them from exploiting the space your opponent may be giving up naturally.
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