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  1. I barely squeaked by to avoid relegation, missed the board expectations. Yet they didn't fire me.. so.. moving onto the next season.
  2. I typically just do what the game suggests (or rather, what my assistant suggests). I'll give your recommendations a shot, thanks for your attention and assistance with saving my career! I really appreciate it.
  3. I actually dont really have anyone who is that good at BWM (at all), so went with the above and still managed to lose a few games.
  4. BWM in the CM position. I tied another game and the board has officially given me the "lose another game and you're fired" talk.
  5. At this point, I just want to win (or at a minimum meet board expectations). I actually dont have any players who are even remotely comfortable playing as FBs, my depth allows for wing backs so I just went with that for the season. So let me ask you this: If I leave my WBs on support, and then in my three midfielders I do Mezzala (S) , BWM, Mezzala (S), provides help for the wingers, yet isn't super aggressive like my previous two attacking CMs
  6. I am tempted to try a flat midfield but was unsure of what roles to use. 2, I don't understand what you're saying, my tactic has a AF (A) and a DLF (S). 3. What annoys me about the two wingbacks is how often they like to roam from their position to close down the ball when its in the middle of the pitch.. They seem to completely abandon their positions at times. 4. Why do I need variety though? If I leave both wingbacks on support, shouldn't they provide attacks when its opportunistic?
  7. Not going very well.. I was scoring way more goals last season too. Currently 10th, barely holding onto it. Board expectation is mid table!
  8. Sorry didn't mean to add frustration. I will try positive for a while and see how that goes. About to get into match congestion against some really good teams, hopefully I don't get sacked.
  9. Update; I have gone 3 matches now, without conceding any goals. Unfortunately, I haven't scored any goals either.
  10. Your feedback and critique is spot on, thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it. I went through and cleaned out of the tactic, set the mentality to defensive (but adjusting as necessary depending on the situation) I have no TI for "In possession" I pushed my defensive line "higher" with a lower line of engagement, and have set pressing urgency to standard with get stuck in. Going to proceed with a few games and see how I get on.
  11. Ok, that makes sense. "And so on"< what else? Thanks for the quick reply. FYI - this tactic was auto-generated based on the pre-defined set of tactics the game offers
  12. Team: Ross County FC 2020/2021 season finished 7th 2021/2022 season, 6 matches played, 2-0-4 record Board & fans becoming increasingly frustrated with bad performance, my players are slightly improved from last season, I feel that my bad run is due to tactic issue and very leaky defense. Not sure how to fix, please advise! Observations of my leaky defense, opponents score mostly off of a breakaway / rapid counter attack from a set piece, or, long-ranged shots from outside the box. Baffling the accuracy on some of the goals are, but still, conceding.
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