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  1. It's possible, if so that's extremely cheeky. I usually see this with players who know a higher club wants to buy the player, and if i decline the bid the player gets all pissy and throws a temper-tantrum. Such is life.
  2. Good to know, I'm still experiencing this in FM19. Should I report it as a bug still?
  3. Hope i can chime in on this one, but i have been noticing (noticed this in FM18 too), if I don't have a transfer player listed the AI will still low ball me. Usually right around value or the player, sometimes less. Whereas If i approach to buy another player who's not transfer listed, the AI will want a stupid amount of cash for them.
  4. Good point Kubi. I would imagine that at the level these clubs play at there is a ridiculous amount of pressure from the top down where the manager and players feel it. Perhaps a future feature that could be added would be some kind of a player / staff trait called "stress" that impacts their attributes temporarily to simulate the fact that there is pressure on them to perform and reach certain results. Sure every club has to deal with its own forms of stress, but theres a difference within the multi-million dollar operations and the local side at Bath City.
  5. After reading through some of these comments about it being too easy, i have a point to make. Sure it's easy if you are managing clubs like PSG & Manu who have massive bank rolls so you could buy virtually any player you want, several times over. Try playing blackpool or sunderland. Oof.
  6. Ah nice one. I sold him off for $20M to some chinese club. Currently 3rd almost to the winter transfer window.
  7. How much is he usually going for in the 17/18 season?
  8. Thanks for the reply BIGPAPA. He misses a lot, he has a very low shots on target rate with team tactic selected to work ball into box. Sorry I shouldn't have used the term magic, i should have used the term "useful" instead. As he hasn't scored in over 9 matches now. Kind of just a waste of space at this point. Most of our goal scoring comes from our inside forwards that sit inside.
  9. Has anyone had any success with this Southampton striker? He can play left/right attacking midfield as well, on paper his stats look OK (and somehow hes valued around $30M). Just trying to see if anyone has tips on how to use him properly in a starting 11. I'm currently using a 4-2-3-1 with good success, but his overall match rating is at 6.45. Usually playing him as a lone advanced forward. I've tried to put him on one of the wings as a winger or inside forward, but he still doesn't seem to work any magic. I attached a screenshot below of his stats and whatnot. It doesn't show his tactics; but they are, shoots from distance, shoots with power, tries long ranged free kicks, cuts inside from right wing. Any insight/tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. You could try posting your formation into the tactics sub forum for help. Cool! Just keep in mind eventually the AI managers will begin to counter your tactic if you continue to use it every match. I'm having a go with Forest Green Rovers again now that I understand how the injury system works in the game. It's amazing how many over paid players they have aboard their roster. It'll be a multi-season struggle to get everything ironed out correctly.
  11. That's a horrible idea. Playing at high levels of the game requires a significant awareness and knowledge to how tactical mechanisms work in the game. I highly recommend playing LLM or league 2/1. Mess around with the tactics, set staff roles to take care of a lot of the responsibilities (like matches if you wanted). Get a skin that allows for instant results and just have fun finding new players and getting them signed. You have to sink before you swim.
  12. Im having a fun time with my Southampton save. Currently battling at 7th place, Stoke right behind me by 2 points with only 4 games left to go in the season. Im finding it difficult to hold onto my good players as they all tend to want to move away for clubs that are bigger / better. I am upgrading all my facilities and expanding the stadium to 38k capacity so hopefully that'll help keep players to stick around.
  13. @ El Jogo Bonito , will you be building another EFL thread for FM18 per usual? Congrats on the Wimbledon run
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