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  1. Never buy until long after winter transfer windows closed. I cannot enjoy a long term save knowing updates and fixes will only be installed in a new save, also squads are six months newer, managers will reflect the time then. As usual I'll wait for the sale and buy a cheaper priced completed version rather than one thats not finished yet.
  2. How is it calculated? I pay nothing per week to any players only staff receive a salary yet my wage bill is £564 in the board screen that gives me a £98 Pw allowance, £6,130 ( £0 pre Youth Intake) per annum in the league wage salary list, £0 in the average wage on facts list. Considering I only pay bonuses If players play, are subs, score or keep clean sheets so for 21 days I have paid nothing due to there not being any games played. How can it be calculated into your ''managing finances'' rating?
  3. I hope the developers will finally understand what indirect free kicks are, the league stats screen gives high numbers of Indirect free kicks often more than Direct free kicks. I hardly see an indirect free kick given IRL let alone scored. Does it really mean Direct from the free kick & with a pass or deflection from a free kick. Choices of teams you want to apply for while holidaying being country specific not just lower/higher leagues or low/high reputation, or National etc. The USA 's lowest league is its highest and covers the same tick box as The Welsh Premier League, I want to b
  4. I regularly spend loads on booze, birds and gambling the rest I just waste, Can't do any of that on FM.
  5. What business of yours is it? Managing the team is, building stadiums is not. Tell them you've got a degree in town planning, construction and are whizz when it comes to the legal process involved. Anyway Anfields been recently expanded and doesn't look to be getting bigger before 2022 IRL/ But I'm waiting for the announcement ''Klopp Sacked for disagreeing on stadium planning decisions with the board'' Specifically the amount of toilets and Hot dog stalls the clubs got.
  6. Anyone see mates, relatives or even yourself in the game? Do you buy them, sell them or leave them alone. I know a lad whose early 20's but 30 in the game has he bullshitted the researcher or look a lot older than he should? Either way it's a handy tool for taking the pi$$.
  7. Will International team management be better replicated with realistic appointments, immigration rules applying to staff and yourself? How about anthems when they line up. Salaried contracts for managers, training for squads, preparation tasks for long haul away matches, results impacting on the whole nations morale, proper rivalries
  8. Do players still buy on release? I find the game isn't complete until the winter transfer window and the final update so wait for the sale in the summer.
  9. Anyone got the number for the stadium decorators? I've seen many shared stadiums paint there seats within 24 hours and then paint them back again.
  10. I was wondering what Jose was up to now, you'd think with his money there would be better things to do than spending your days playing computer games.
  11. If you want realism get out in the fresh air and become a coach, run a kids team or volunteer at low league club, If you're as amazing as you think you'll be snapped up earning £10,000 a week you will have no time to play at pretending to be a manager and reading the internet.
  12. It's a balance isn't it? You cannot have it as realistic as RL as it would be unplayable, you'd hardly ever get a job or progress as easily from top to bottom. If you failed spectacularly in the first job that would be it game over. The game isn't easy enough to be able to succeed with one tactic no matter what players you pick like it was before, I've gone many editions without ever winning a cup or league. The career stories on here are pretty alien to me since early Playstation versions when I was a kid and used cheats or go back to a save point to win. Every edition since 2012 m
  13. A test:- Currently manager of Nottingham Forest for two months after 22 months setting nothing alight at Bradford with this season starting poorly, its December 2022 England have just beaten Nigeria in the WC final in Qatar 2022 Semi Finals England V USA, Nigeria V Jamaica the heat looks to have done the big countries over. Now after the finals there are a few International jobs available, in order of reputation:- England, Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Belgium among a few others. Now one I match as first language, Spain has English as ''Good''. I've applied for England lets see wh
  14. I've been offered the Chinese manager job in previous FM's after taking Glentoran to sixth in the NIPL in my first role, they were skint so couldn't put me through Coaching Badges. They were hosting the WC instead of Qatar in two years and Marcelo Lippi, Sven Goran Eriksson were doing exceptionally well in CSL at the time. IRL this would be a massive job appealing to plenty of big names I got £60,000 a week contract.
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