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  1. Never buy until long after winter transfer windows closed. I cannot enjoy a long term save knowing updates and fixes will only be installed in a new save, also squads are six months newer, managers will reflect the time then. As usual I'll wait for the sale and buy a cheaper priced completed version rather than one thats not finished yet.
  2. How is it calculated? I pay nothing per week to any players only staff receive a salary yet my wage bill is £564 in the board screen that gives me a £98 Pw allowance, £6,130 ( £0 pre Youth Intake) per annum in the league wage salary list, £0 in the average wage on facts list. Considering I only pay bonuses If players play, are subs, score or keep clean sheets so for 21 days I have paid nothing due to there not being any games played. How can it be calculated into your ''managing finances'' rating?
  3. I hope the developers will finally understand what indirect free kicks are, the league stats screen gives high numbers of Indirect free kicks often more than Direct free kicks. I hardly see an indirect free kick given IRL let alone scored. Does it really mean Direct from the free kick & with a pass or deflection from a free kick. Choices of teams you want to apply for while holidaying being country specific not just lower/higher leagues or low/high reputation, or National etc. The USA 's lowest league is its highest and covers the same tick box as The Welsh Premier League, I want to be able to apply for available jobs in the UK region at levels:- Conf N/S, WPL, Irish Prem-Champ, Scotts L1, L2. Sort out International jobs and give them contracts so its the same as club managers. Assistant Managers and reserve teams (outside of the leagues that allow them into the main league system) let you learn the ropes under the senior staffs rules, you may have play to his tactics not your own, the first teams the priority, your jobs to supply him with players and get them fit. Stop AI clubs emptying there reserves once first seasons over. They can start with massive RL squads built by numerous managers in a short space of time. More ruthless chairmen, a three game losing streak can see managers sacked in some countries no matter what they've won before, or for not picking a player he's told you to.
  4. I regularly spend loads on booze, birds and gambling the rest I just waste, Can't do any of that on FM.
  5. What business of yours is it? Managing the team is, building stadiums is not. Tell them you've got a degree in town planning, construction and are whizz when it comes to the legal process involved. Anyway Anfields been recently expanded and doesn't look to be getting bigger before 2022 IRL/ But I'm waiting for the announcement ''Klopp Sacked for disagreeing on stadium planning decisions with the board'' Specifically the amount of toilets and Hot dog stalls the clubs got.
  6. Anyone see mates, relatives or even yourself in the game? Do you buy them, sell them or leave them alone. I know a lad whose early 20's but 30 in the game has he bullshitted the researcher or look a lot older than he should? Either way it's a handy tool for taking the pi$$.
  7. Will International team management be better replicated with realistic appointments, immigration rules applying to staff and yourself? How about anthems when they line up. Salaried contracts for managers, training for squads, preparation tasks for long haul away matches, results impacting on the whole nations morale, proper rivalries
  8. Do players still buy on release? I find the game isn't complete until the winter transfer window and the final update so wait for the sale in the summer.
  9. Anyone got the number for the stadium decorators? I've seen many shared stadiums paint there seats within 24 hours and then paint them back again.
  10. I was wondering what Jose was up to now, you'd think with his money there would be better things to do than spending your days playing computer games.
  11. If you want realism get out in the fresh air and become a coach, run a kids team or volunteer at low league club, If you're as amazing as you think you'll be snapped up earning £10,000 a week you will have no time to play at pretending to be a manager and reading the internet.
  12. It's a balance isn't it? You cannot have it as realistic as RL as it would be unplayable, you'd hardly ever get a job or progress as easily from top to bottom. If you failed spectacularly in the first job that would be it game over. The game isn't easy enough to be able to succeed with one tactic no matter what players you pick like it was before, I've gone many editions without ever winning a cup or league. The career stories on here are pretty alien to me since early Playstation versions when I was a kid and used cheats or go back to a save point to win. Every edition since 2012 my career and results follow a far more authentic story if I just play to how I think a tactic should be and how I'd build a squad, not succeeding is part of the game for me.
  13. A test:- Currently manager of Nottingham Forest for two months after 22 months setting nothing alight at Bradford with this season starting poorly, its December 2022 England have just beaten Nigeria in the WC final in Qatar 2022 Semi Finals England V USA, Nigeria V Jamaica the heat looks to have done the big countries over. Now after the finals there are a few International jobs available, in order of reputation:- England, Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Belgium among a few others. Now one I match as first language, Spain has English as ''Good''. I've applied for England lets see what happens. I've not yet got my Pro Licence or am I English.
  14. I've been offered the Chinese manager job in previous FM's after taking Glentoran to sixth in the NIPL in my first role, they were skint so couldn't put me through Coaching Badges. They were hosting the WC instead of Qatar in two years and Marcelo Lippi, Sven Goran Eriksson were doing exceptionally well in CSL at the time. IRL this would be a massive job appealing to plenty of big names I got £60,000 a week contract.
  15. Has anyone found Career progression far to easy in almost every FM? Eg FM19:- I started unemployed with Semi-Pro experience, National Licence C. I started at Wrexham with just outside relegation I saved them and improved a little next, I wasn't much higher than expected, did not succeed much in cups and within 9 months got offered a championship job with Fulham. I save Fulham and by now are on National A licence I get them promoted and to safety in the EPL, I then get the Man City(This is the only application I make in all examples) job ahead of all the usual candidates that would be linked with them IRL. FM20:- My first Save. Start Semi-Pro Nat C licence. Aberystwyth ''1/2* Club'' offer me the job at start of pre-season 2018, they pay for my coaching badges so are on my A licence course by January, an unspectacular season upto then meeting expectations but stuck in the relegation half so accept (Without an application ), Chester National League North offer my a job they are a ''1* Club'' with potential and ''secure'' financially , a poor second half season but avoid relegation meeting expectations, next season start poorly. play boring football to avoid defeats by January with another coaching badge I sit below mid table just off the relegation zone I get offered an interview with Championship Nottingham Forest Iose out to Stale Solbakken. A Week later a recently relegated Bradford City 2 1/2* star league one club offer me their managers job with attacking football required in philosophies (I have not played this way yet in my career). I save them from relegation (just) then in my first full season I finish 5th after a excellent start putting me in the top three until a dramatic loss of form leaves me scraping into the play-offs and ultimately losing heavily in the semis. During the season I'm offered an improved salary and 18 month extension to my contract. Second full season my attacking formations been found out, I struggle in early 2022 but am studying for my Pro Licence, my rep is 2*, I've won nothing, have zero awards, have one top half finish and am now being interviewed and offered Championship jobs, with 3* clubs. Each time I'm being favoured instead of far more successful managers with pro-licences and international playing experience. These two examples are of my most memorable very long term saves they are also the first on each edition. But I do find the career progression far to fast in FM, it's common on FM for a Manager to jump from Non-League to a big championship job but once I can think this happened IRL which was the one who left National League FGR for Leeds United and lasted all of a few games. The reason for remembering this is simple, it was so rare!!, there are a few RL managers who've made the jump from L1/2 into the championship mainly due to their style football and successes. But in FM the AI moves up rarely but is behind the player for bigger jobs frequently. I understand the game cannot match RL as the fun element of moving through the leagues would be lost, but Isn't it a little to easy to do?
  16. The DOF previously can be right pain in the arse. Set him up to sign staff he will sign any old rubbish and is willing to pay compo for them. He will fill every staff slot regardless of cost. I'd like the DOF to be the link between the playing side and the board, an advisor and someone who speeds up the transfer after negotiations have finished.
  17. The child in you is reaching out. Failing to use the quote icon so you can argue without me seeing. If it's not past your Bed Time yet I'll explain I'll put it in simple terms:- This thread is about a Commercial Director who would have nothing to do with building a stadium, buying a stadium. This thread and what you want to do is a part of a Football Club's business that has nothing to do with a Football Manager. You are going on about Facility management and the financial aspects of your stadium, again nothing to do with a Football Manager but as part of FM being game you are given an option to inquire on issues. You asked the board to Buy. The board have costed and agreed. The end. You dont like the finances of it. Tough!!! You are the Manager it's none of your business anymore. Now read slowly THIS IS FOOTBALL MANAGER a FOOTBALL MANAGING GAME. IT IS NOT DIRECTOR OF COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY If you want your bit added create a thread and put your point out in the open.
  18. You are talking BS!! It's better that a Football Manager game doesn't veer to far away from its role. The Chairmans Job not yours is to deal with the financial details on the Club You ask Chairman to build new stadium he does the costings then agrees(thats your bit done). It is not a part of a Football Managers job to decide if the Financial deal is ok. What planet do you live on? Managers are in charge on average 18 Months, stadiums will take longer to build, that's before locating a site, planning designing it if it's all done within Five years you'll be lucky. Where in all that should FM play a part in? PS: Read the title of the thread and the original post. Start your own thread on the topic you want to discuss.
  19. The commercial director thread title dumbo. Thats the financial side. You butted in talking about Stadium Building also nothing to do with the thread. And when does the Chairman say '' We have the costs of the Stadium'' its £100,000,000. ''Is that OK with you Manager''? Even though he'll likely be part of it for very little of it's existence or even the cutting of the tape. And ''next question Manager'' ''Do you think our deal with Coca Cola and Pukka Pies is suitable for this club'' ''shall we charge £3.50 or £5.00 ina mega deal offer''? This game is Football MANAGER. Nobody wants to be Football Stadium Architect, Football Pie seller, Football Business Manager.
  20. The noise from the crowd is accurate. I have mine on mute.
  21. Arsene Wenger may have had input possibly the dressing room and pitch. He would not have dealt with Emirates to sponsor it, the loans required to finance it, the Builders who built it, or negotiating with the authorities on planning permission. Arsenals board dealt with that and Arsene Wenger couldn't say no as it was going to affect his playing budget for the next 10 years(He also got a flat at Highbury) The game should allow good and bad decisions why shouldn't it? Do you want a perfect world in the game? The board are not you, you are the Manager. Anyway why did you request it then ? Surely you could of looked at your finances and judged from them whether you could buy a new stadium. The price of Pies, Shirts and Sponsorships have nothing to do with a Football Manager. Stadium Building doesn't. You cannot adjust the facilities budget. It will not be added so if you want a Building & Finance Sim then FM isn't the place to look.
  22. How do I delete them off my game? If I do it through the game it gets stuck on processing, If I do them via Steam they are still in my 'Installed Add-ons'' If I start a new save the leagues I wanted to delete are still there. I want to remove them as the game will still play the lower leagues and their Cup games even though I don't select them.
  23. What are you on about? You get a financial statement during the season you can see what sponsors pay and your income your progress or failure influences income. Are you interested in increasing the price of the Pies in the editor?
  24. As Manager is it any of your business? You requested something(Part of the game that allows you to do far more than a real life Manager would) They costed it and found it viable. It's then on their shoulders not yours. In reality a Manager wouldn't even be in charge in the time it takes to build the stadium. All your job is to manage the team. Football Commercial Director isn't the game, it's Football Manager.
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