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  1. can anyone tell me how to make the qualification rules visible like in the photos? at no point does the group table have a 'Q' and it isnt listed in the rules either My domestic cup takes the top team to the next stage correctly but its just the visuals im struggling to sort
  2. add the new league to 1st season usual chold comps else you get a season mised by prem down while the new league catches up
  3. Hi all, can anyone offer advise for the above scenario please? im trying to put english league system together and am struggling to get a 9th team promoted from the reg prems. I have already done each league has champs & 1 playoff winner promoted and then qualified all 4 losing finalists for a joint 2nd playoff set in the parent comp, despite setting that winner to promoted, the test didnt acknowledge them as a 9th promotion. ideally in the rules for 22 team leagues i rather have the best runner up chosen as automatic promotion which means 3-6 contest its child playo
  4. in the team rankings you set levels but it only counted so many. this was yours... and mine...
  5. Hi folks, Im not sure if this is still an issue for people but i believe i have fixed it... in the following navigate to "teams" shows... add in a section "get teams registered for this comp and year" as below...
  6. HI Folks, Ihave had a quick browse of the various posts so glad to know most of my issues are known. Having got past the error requiring extra or less teams, i am then faced with an issue for the eng pro dev league (u23) stating that one team in a group plays 31 compared to the rest who play 30. in trying to solve this my editor is now telling me it running low on RAM (click ok) and immediately tells me it is out of RAM, I couldnt see anything related to these issues and this is since yesterdays hotfix has anyone else has either issue?
  7. Hey, i have plced them in the same folder as all other graphics. my stadium pics show up on the left kits, badges etc its just the city pic. when i first got them the city pic was the entire screen background if that makes any difference?
  8. Hi Sh@rk, please can you offer assistance... I have obtained the city pics linked in an earlier reply, I have followed your spoiler yet for some reason I have no city pic on my club overview.
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