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  1. Hi all, just for share that i'm doing very well with TEA FOR ONE 4411 P102 EC FA in Sky Bet League One with Barrow that is predicted for relegation. Maybe anoter tactic for your test ? @deviangel
  2. @knap waiting for answer if you can , thanks anyway for all your tactics , i'm trying that with stade rennais that have a squad suited for 442s with a prevision of 6th
  3. @knapThanks , for 442 instead? Following the google docs , reccomended tactic for away game seems BEOWULF 442 SP VOL 2 P105 . Do you confirm? And for 442s tactics how should use MM ?
  4. @knap what's the best 4321 for away games or underdog? , following the google docs it seems MISSISSIPPI OXFORD 4321 P103 ALL CUPS . Is it right ?
  5. @knap just a question , why in HOLY GHOST FIRE Flat 451 P109 ALL CUPS the right winger have MM for the opposite right wingback and the left winger doesn't have , is it an error ?
  6. hi @knapthank for all your tactics, in excel file there aren't tactics of holygostfire that are for subtop underdog or reccomended , which ones of them you think are reccomended for sub-top ? Will you set on excel file?
  7. @knap do you think that holy ghost fire tactics can be used for subtop-underdog teams ?
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