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  1. Going with 442 with my rennes save , will report at the end of the season. p.s. SS are all small cannot see them
  2. A beer here pls ... so i'm trying ur tactic and winned fo the first time against PSG in Ligue 1 as Rennes, seems promising
  3. I've started another season with my long term save , seems that at home new tactict is better , instead for away it's struggling and using this https://www.dropbox.com/s/zmi27rx9rshted2/Chrissy Ross's Updated 442.fmf?dl=0 seems better and more consistent away
  4. Some advice for away games with new tactic ? vs top teams i suffer Away ... losted 6- 0 vs Lyon
  5. mmm i see that them are correct when load your original tactic, they are differents from screenshot with new tactic 1) Original tactic 2) New Tactic Are them correct?
  6. I think you should share new tactic here with improvements. Users can choose between old or new based on results p.s. i'm using the new and for now i've got good result.
  7. Ok, I'll try plug and play in my rennes save in 2023 , i've just changed WM to W because i've player that fit better in W role , will keep you informed
  8. hi @comedychrissy i will try this tactic , do you have some advices based on home or away matches and if you are favourite or not ?
  9. @knap waiting for answer if you can , thanks anyway for all your tactics , i'm trying that with stade rennais that have a squad suited for 442s with a prevision of 6th
  10. @knapThanks , for 442 instead? Following the google docs , reccomended tactic for away game seems BEOWULF 442 SP VOL 2 P105 . Do you confirm? And for 442s tactics how should use MM ?
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