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  1. Scott Williams 2021 Curico Unido End of Season Review Competitions Campeonato AFP Planvital Season Preview | League Table | Past Position | Results 1 2 Scott's going to be left wondering what could have been from this season. The media predicted a 9th place finish for Unido, and at the midpoint of the season that looked about right. After the break the form picked up and teams around them started dropping points meaning qualification for the Copa Libertadores didn't look out of reach. Unfortunately for Scott and fans of Unido, the end of season was one to forget picking up just one win from 5. An away defeat to Colo Colo after Escalante missed a penalty ensured that Unido would have to settle for Sudamericana football once again, finishing in 7th place for the second season running, 4pts behind 4th. Copa Chile & Copa Sudamericana Results A set of cup runs, if you can call it that, to forget for Unido as they were knocked out in the second round of Copa Chile and the first round of the Sudamericana. The side faced tough draws in both but nontheless, Scott would have been hoping for much better, especially in his first continental outing. Curico Unido Transfers | Squad | Youth Squad | Awards Elcasante may go down as one of Unido's worst ever signings. He didn't quite manage last seasons tally scoring just 5 times in all competitions and earning himself a spot on the transfer list. The team were definitely lacking fire power and struggled to see off games due to a number of missed opportunities. Youth prospect Ian Aliaga (ST) was the clubs top scorer with a good return of 8 from 18 and even managed to pick up the Young Player of the Year award. Oscsar Hernandez (CM) was the managers player of the season, brought in on laon with the opton to buy, fans of Unido will be keen to see him don the red and whte strip again next season. In other news Claudio Bravo signed for Unido as he looked to see out the end of his career back home, staying with them for 6 months before retiring in June. Next Season Manager Profile | Finances After one of the most drawn out takeover attempts, with Scott recieving an email every other day saying it's off and then it's back on again the president finaly sold the club. With new owners came the injection of cash and next seasons budgets (£1.95m, £31Kp/w) have Scott licking his lips. The club is in a strong place financialy, making profit every month outside of the transfer windows. The previous board agreed to improve the youth facilities and stepped up the youth recruitment network as well. Scott brought in some very talented young players, however despite the improvements to the recruitment process, this years intake was poor. Scott has started work (and all things going to plan nearly completed) his National B licence. The club isn't far away from competing for silverware and if Scott can bring in the right players, he may be able to put together a challenge for the title. The way the club is shaped up for next season, it wouldn't be all that suprising if Scott stayed around for another season. However, his reputation has taken a boost and if if the right job comes available now may be a good time to move away from Chile. The Colo Colo job has also become available and with them playing Copa Libertadores football next season Scott may be tempted to apply. Personnel Career Clubs Managed: 2 Manager of the Year: 2020 (Runner up) Career Earnings: £91K --------------------------------------------------- Club Career Season NAT Club Division Pos Cup 1 Cup 2 Cont CWC Things to Note 2019 Unemployed 2020 CHI Nublense Primera Div B 6th R2 - - - Playoff Winners, U19s Runners up in Div 1 2021 CHI Curico Unido Primera Div 7th R2 - R1 - ---------------------------------------------------- Challenge Progress 0/33
  2. The opposition frequently gets penalties for good, clean tackles in the box. It seems that any time a player is tackled in the box it is a penalty and as soon as one pnalty is conceded you can guarantee there are more to come. I have had games where I have condeded 3 Penalties in one match (match file 1.00) and 4 penalties in a match (match file 1.10). In match file 1.00 the last two penalties (minutes 50 and 82) my players clearly win the ball cleanly. Match Files: Penalty Kick Bug 1.00.pkm Penalty Kick Bug 1.10.pkm
  3. This is one of the most infurating goals I've ever conceded. 57'51 Diaz (My CM) Controls ball from clearance 57'52 Diaz goes down injured with a bruised ankle 57'54 Henriques (opposition ST) collected ball just outside box 57'56 Cortes (My GK) goes to pick up the ball at his feet and misses 57'58 Henriquez puts ball into empty net from 2 yards out Match File: Injury and GK bug 1.00.pkm
  4. Save File 1.00 (Create a B Team): looks to be running smoothly, the B team created normally, players were automatically sent to the B team, shows up in affiliated clubs. Save File 1.10 (Send players to B Team): seems to have acted as if I selected "no" when requesting to form a B team. the inbox item is no longer there and there is no option to send players to the B team. In summary yes I think this has resolved the issue
  5. As a united fan I really hope this happens in real life
  6. It does feel less clean, like I've played the transfer window and know who I need to sign. Doing my best to only sign players I singed before and resist the temptation to go for players other teams signed on free transfers. Like you say the obscure leagues are a bit of a minefield with bugs so just going to have to get on with it.
  7. This was partly why I was going to wait for full release to start but no guarantee it would't have happened then too. Going to do my best to get the same players in as before
  8. Out of Character Update: Im sure this is frowned upon but i'm going to have to reload the save to a previous point. I selected to create a B team but now that B team doesn't exist. I get asked if i want to send players to it and the game crashed. I'd also get lots of other random crashes happening, so i think that file is corrupt. Going to have to go back to where I get asked and select no. Fortunately this was only a month in game. Unfortunately that month was the transfer window and about 10 hours of gameplay. At least no competetive matches were played. Time to go again. I've reported the bug so hopefully this gets fixed before release
  9. Description : In one of the backroom advice messages, I get asked if I want to send players to the B team as they are more suited to that level. When I click the tick the game freezes and I must force close the application using task manager. Details: I am managing over in Chile, at the start of the season I was asked if I wanted to form a B team, since the squad was massive and players were not good enough for first team football and too old for the U19s I agreed. Apart from the message saying it has been formed I have not been able to acess the B team. I have had a few crashes and I believe what has happened is the game thinks it has formed a B team without actually forming one. I cant find anything to do with the B team on any of the menus and as you can see in SS1, I have no affiliated clubs which is where I think it shoudl appear, I also have no option to "move player to B team" when right clicking there name see (SS2). Steps to reproduce: I have searched for the point where I get asked to create a B team and uploadeed the save file at that point ( Chile B Team Bug 1.00) I have also uploaded a save file from after the B team (should) have been formed. Type in the inbox "Player Dvelopment" and there is and email from 12th January asking to move players to the B team (this save file is from 22nd January so hopefully the two combind is enough) Save Files: Chile B Team Bug 1.00.fm Chile B Team Bug 1.10.fm Screenshots: SS1 SS2
  10. Scott's on the Move: Nublense ---> Curico Unido Manager Movement After gaining promotion, Scott piqued the interest of a few First Division clubs in search of a new manager. Curico Unido looked the best opportunity for him. They finished 6th in the league, have some very talented players and will be looking to continue their rise with Scott at the helm. This will be Scott's first run at continental football as they qualified for the Preliminary round of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana. They are competetive rivals with Nublense so i'm sure the fans will have something to say when they meet in the league. Also making the switch is star striker Escalante for £110K. The board have given him £510K to play with and a wage budget of £31Kp/w.
  11. Scott Williams 2020 Club Deportivo Nublense End of Season Review Competitions Primera B Season Preview | League Table | Past Positions | Results 1 2 What a season Scott has had full of highs and lows. Scott's managerial style could be described as artistic; he just loves to draw. A stretch of SIX 1-1 draws in seven games combined with a 4-6 defeat (which contained 4 opposition penalties) put his job on the line. Never one to back down Scott turned it around and managed to secure a play off place with a draw against the team in seventh on the final day of the season. Next came the play-offs, by finishing 6th Nublense had to play three matches to secure promotion. The end of season form was forgotten and the players banded together to gain promotion up to the First Division. Copa Chile Results The cup doesn't favour teams in the lower leagues as the winners of the first round are drawn against a Frsit Division side in the second round, so Nublense crashed out failing to reach the board's third round expectation. Nublense Transfers | Squad | Youth Squad | Awards Scott inherited the foundations of a solid side, with good attackers and a few good defender to boast. With a limited wage budget and only being able to offer players £350p/w the players he could sign were limited in ability. He did secure the loan signing or Araujo (LB) who proved vital in the promotion campaign. The signing of Gonzales (CD) in June was cruical in suring up their defence. Escalante (ST) was the league's top scorer, netting 24 in 36. Away from the first team it turns out Nublense has one of the best youth recruitment networks in the country. This was documented by the fact that the U19s managed to finish runners up in the league after gaining promotion last season. Next Season Manager Profile | Finances Scott's been able to grow as a manager a lot this year, not only has he grown a fancy new tash in support of Movember, he's also about to start work towards his National C coaching licence. He has also been rewarded with a new one year contract but that won't stop him from applying for a new job. A few clubs who missed out on continental football have sacked their managers so we'll have to see if his phone starts to ring. The board have granted an astonishing £315K transfer budget and a £21Kp/w wage budget so there is definitely room to improve this squad should he find himself staying put for another year. Personnel Career Manager of the Year: 2020 (Runner up) Career Earnings: £37K --------------------------------------------------- Club Career Season NAT Club Division Pos Cup 1 Cup 2 Cont CWC Things to Note 2019 Unemployed 2020 CHI Nublense Primera B 6th R2 - - - Playoff Winners, U19s Runners up in Div 1 ---------------------------------------------------- Challenge Progress 0/33
  12. Description: Youth fixtures appear to be displaying the away team as the opposition which leads to the schedule displaying my U19s as the opposition when they play away from home. EDIT: Checked my other save and the same happens here, It also displays the venue as H for every match. Save Files: Youth Fixture Bug 1.00.fm Screenshot:
  13. You need to go into staff responsibilities and take control of individual training for the different teams. Once you press confirm you will then get the two shortcut buttons underneath development centre.
  14. Scott Williams 2019 (again) Club Deportivo Nublense S.A.D.P Squad | League Table Turns out 20 year old Scott is pretty similar to his 22 year old counterpart. He too has taken to life in Chile and now finds himself managing one of the oldest clubs in Chile. Nublense (Los Diablos Rojos) founded in 1916 the club has had previous spells in the top flight. They finished the season in 13th place and for a side which is tipped for play-offs the fans will be hoping Scott can return the club to the top tier of Chilean football. Once again the plan is to move across the border once Scott is a more established manager.
  15. A rather fresh baby faced Scott has returned. Travelling really does take years off of you. He's lost the stubble, regained his youth and flown back out to South America.
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