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  1. Scott Williams' 2044 Copa America Review Peru In the Scott Williams universe, Peru have been a surprise package, they have already won another Copa America title in 2036 to go along with their wins in 1939 and 1975. There's a lot of good players representing Peru. Man City have the two best in their ranks Jack Soriano a left winger (Scott signed him at Chelsea and he left for city for £32million the season after Scott left) and Bolivar the GK, whilst a few others play for top sides in Italy, France and Portugal. Since Scott took over, prior to the CA, he had not won a competitive match. Scott's two losses and two draws so far in World Cup Qualification has them in 9th after 6 matches (previous manager had 1 draw 1 loss). Therefore hopes were not high going into CA Group Stage With 5 games to play and Peru supposedly being the 3rd best team in their group, there shouldn't have been too much cause for concern. However, to qualify Scott would have needed to get his first competitive win. First up Colombia, a nice simple start. Goals after 4 and 11 minutes gave Peru a nice cushion. Colombia brought it back to 2-2 before a flurry of late goals in the 81st and 89th minute made it up to 3-3. Fortunately Peru weren't finished there and nicked a late winner in the 91st minute. Next up was Brazil, holders and Scott's last SA team. A far less entertaining match but a hard fought 1-0 win for Scott and Peru. With the two best teams beaten qualification looked certain however Peru then went on to lose 3-0 to Ecuador, 1-0 to Japan meaning they would need a point to qualify in the last match against Venezuela. 1-1 job done! Quarter Final Semi Final Final What Next? Career Progress
  2. Scott Williams 2043/44 (FM20) Mini End of Season Update As previous post said, managed just one season in two months. So slowly grinding through the trophies another ticked off for Scott in Germany. Unfortunately didn't get the double, lost in the second round to "the team with the very long name", but Scott's time in Germany is done, he has not enjoyed his time there at all. Ended up with just 1 point in the last two matches but thankfully bayern only managed 2 themselves so despite losing to Liepzig on the final day, Scott was still able to get his hands on the trophy. Not too sure how, felt like a really poor season, as you can see from the other competitions the team isn't very good, just happen to be slightly better than the rest thankfully. Challenge Progress
  3. I didn't, took over during summer. Been so busy with work I've managed to play just one season in two months
  4. Beginning of the season, had a full transfer window to make the changes I felt were needed to hopefully secure Dortmund's fifth straight title. Early sings are looking promising
  5. Scott Williams Manager Movement In a move that has shocked the world Mauricio Pochettino has retired from management at the age of just 71! After four consecutive league titles he makes way for his successor at.... The hardest thing about this challenge is saying goodbye to a club when a better offer comes along. Realistically winning the league with Sociedad would have taken at least two or three more seasons. So as hard as it was, Scott has made the switch to the new powerhouse of German fusball. As usual when a club like Sociedad finishes as high above expectation as they did, clubs are going to come knocking for players, and with release clauses in Spain it was looking likely that their top players would be leaving, why waste a year in Spain just to see out the contract when hopefully he can win the league and cup in just one season with Dortmund. This is actually the first time Scott has left an "unfinished" project and so it hurts so much more. Hopefully he can return to Spain in a couple of seasons and win what he so desperately desires, what a fairytale it would be if he made the return to Sociedad.
  6. Scott Williams 2042/43 End of Season Review Competitions Second full season in the bank for Scott in Spain. Last season the gap between Sociedad and Madrid was 21 points. This season Madrid improved their haul to reach 100pts. Scott's men had to settle for a respectable 2nd place, 14 points back. Only 4 losses this season for Scott and they even managed to be one of only two blemishes on Madrid's record. Positive signs for next season although it will prove challenging. His contract expires at the end of next season so it could be a good idea to move elsewhere if he is unable to close that gap any further. Real Sociedad made their first appearance in the UCL since 2013/14. In a group of Inter and Ajax, who won the competition a decade ago, they did well to qualify. From one Milan in the group they then had to face former team and reigning champions AC Milan in the second round. A 5-0 home win was more than enough to see them through to the Quarters. PSG awaited in the next round, who after 24 (TWENTY FOUR!) straight league titles have finally been dethroned. Anyway they beat Sociedad comfortably to progress. One final competition this season, the Copa del Rey. 2 7-0 wins started things off, from then on Scott had ties against all La Liga opposition, Malaga (4-1), Tenerife (2-1) and Sevilla (2-0) saw Socideda progress to the semis. Barcelona were the next side in the way. A 1-0 first leg away defeat gave Scott hope of progressing if he could manage his side to a strong display at home. I guess you could call a 5-1 victory a strong display. Barca took the lead after 2 minutes but January signing Aeling started off the rout in the 5th. Atletico were the only team standing in the way of another trophy for Scott in 2043. The game fell in between the two legs of the UCL which may have contributed to the exit from that competition. English centre half (and former Chelsea youth signing) Ian Fitzgerald opened the scoring before Vacari converted from 12 yards. Sociedad then looked to be the architects of their own downfall as they gave it away on the edge of the box, only for another of Scott's former Chelsea players to put it away. More bad defending brought good saves from the January signing in goal which proved to be enough to see them over line! Sociedad's first trophy since 1987! Next Season As mentioned it's going to be tough to take Sociedad much further, Scott will most likely give it one last go next season and see out the rest of his contract. As expected Scott left his post with Iran and is now with Peru ready for the 2044 Copa America. they won it as recently as 2036 and have a strong squad to challenge again. Most importantly it's a change of scenery from Iran. Challenge Progress
  7. Upon resigning from Iran the media wanted to ask Scott questions before the Sociedad match v Brarcelona. A press conference which Ramos attended. I hadn't realised he had also been with Scott at Iran.
  8. Scott Williams 2043 Asian Cup It's been four long years since Scott's Iran side lost on penalties to Australia in the 2039 Asian Nations Cup. Since then Iran's star player decided to retire from international duty at the age of 31 to focus on his Arsenal career. Fortunately Arsenal sold him that season and all of a sudden he was willing to be considered for selection again. Other top players at the 2039 tournament declined in ability so much but thankfully a few players progressed from the U23s. Pre tournament was poor for Iran, losing 3 matches vs Australia, Japan and South Korea. A glitch with squad selection meant that only 22 players would go to Australia for the tournament which after game 1 proved to be an issue. Group Stage Quatar, Thailand and Hong Kong proved no trouble. 3 wins out of 3 only conceding one goal. What was an issue was that in the 15th minute of the first game Iran's main man up front pulled his thigh putting him out for what looked like the rest of the tournament. This is where the squad selection glitch was an issue as for whatever reason the back up striker had been ejected from the squad meaning Iran had to rely on two U20 players up top. Knockout Stages Challenge Progress
  9. ---------------- Match Records ------------------------------ Biggest Win - Vikeologist - Valencia 20-0 Malpica - proof Biggest League Win - Vikeologist - Everton 12-0 West Brom - proof Highest Number of Different Goalscorers - treva - 9 different goalscorers (Croatia 13-0 Azerbaijan) - proof Fastest goal - Fastbasher - 11s - proof Most hattricks in a match - _JHTB_ - 4 - proof ------------------------------ Player Match Records ------------------------------ Oldest Player - Surd - Amir Karic - 46 years 74 days - proof Oldest Goalscorer - Surd Amir Karic - 46 years 74 days - proof Most U19 Goals - LetsNotScoreGoals - Jaroslav Knakal - 8 (against Besiktas U19s) [proof] Most Assists by a player in a Match - bjwphneb - Alberto Agudo - 5 - [Proof] Most Goal Contributions in a match - bjwphneb - Bernd Rutten - 7 - [Proof] -------------------------------- Player Season Records -------------------------------- Highest average rating - Britrock - Mandla Mkhwanazi - 8.18 - proof Most clean sheets (38 game season) - treva - Elian Dichara - 27 - proof Most Assists (38 game season) - _JHTB_ - Gabriel Ahumada - 42 - proof Most Goals (38 game season) - Vikeologist- Nathan - 45 - proof Most Club Goals - Vikeologist - Nathan - 56 - proof ------------------------------- Player Career Records Most Career Appearances - Fastbasher - Bryan Pham Ba YP39a - 963 - proof Most Career Goals - Fastbasher - Bryan Pham Ba YP39a - 472 - proof Most international caps - XaW - Ganbold Mönkh-Erdene (Mongolia) - 95 - proof Most international goal - XaW - Rouven Brinks (Austria) - 33 - proof ------------------------------- ------------------------------ Other Player Records ------------------------------ Fewest Goals to win top scorer (38 game season) - _JHTB_ - Jean-Yves Lapasset - 14 - proof ------------------------- Seasonal Records ------------------------ Highest point total (38 game season) - _JHTB_ - Atletico Madrid - 107 - proof Highest goals scored (38 game season) - Vikeologist - Valencia - 156 - proof Highest goal difference (38 game season) - Vikeologist - Valencia - 128 - proof ----------------------- Team Records Matches won in a row - Vikeologist - Kaizer Chiefs - 30 - Proof League matches won in a row - Vikeologist - Valencia - 34 - Proof Matches Without Losing - Vikeologist - Kaizer Chiefs - 50 - Proof ----------- ----------------------------------- Manager Career Records ----------------------------------- Most Languages (Learnt to be) Spoken Fluently - bjwphneb - Scott Williams - 6 - [Proof] ------------------------------- International Records ------------------------------- -------------------------- The Hall of Shame -------------------------- Most players picking up multi-card bans in one fixture - _JHTB_ - Liverpool - 4 - proof Shortest Time Spent at Club Before Being Sacked - bjwphneb - Scott Williams - 54 Days - [Proof] ------------------------------------ Miscellaneous Records ------------------------------------ Most goals scored in a cup competition - Vikeologist - Kaizer Chiefs - 84 - proof -------------------------------
  10. We posting in the new one whilst we finish our fm20 challenges? Or only ones starting on FM21
  11. Scott Williams 2042 World Cup Iran Another continental competition comes and goes for Scott, 4 years ago he was knocked out by Ukraine whilst in charge of Brazil, this time his Iran side fell to another former team of his, Mexico. In a group of Germany and Zambia, Iran remained unbeaten coming away with a 0-0 draw vs the Germans. Unfortunately Iran conceded a penalty in the 85th minute vs Mexico to lose 1-0. Obviously Iran were never going to win it but it would have been nice to play more than 3 matches. Hopefully Scott can win the Asian Nations Cup this time around and actually have a proper shot at the 46' worlds. Elsewhere in the summer window, Scott was approached by his favourite club Manchester United. Nuno Esperito Santo has retired from football leaving an unfamiliar face in charge for the time being. Think his name is Cristiano Ronaldo United won the UCL and Club world cup a few seasons ago but the next one isn't for a while and so regrettably Scott did not attend the interview. Much to the delight of the Sociedad faithful.
  12. Scott Williams 2041/42 End of Season Report With Scott's task complete in Asia it was time to make a return to European football. Out of a job for nine months Scott was eager to take the first club from France, Germany or Spain who were in the top half that came knocking. This ended him up at Real Sociedad. Had he waited until the end of the season then a whole host of positions would have become available including, Real, Barca, PSG, Lyon and Bayern. Nevertheless their was no use contemplating what could have been. Scott had a strong run in at the end of last season winning 7/10 league games and securing UEL football for this season. In this season Scott continued that form moving as high as 3rd in the league. A small dip in form around the new year saw other teams close the gap between Sociedad and the UCL chasing pack. The chase went down to the final day of the season where Scott's men were able to see of a struggling Eibar side whilst Sevilla fell to Atletico Madrid. This means Scott will be back managing UCL football. It is a bit of a shame as they would have a good shot at winning the UEL next season, maybe he'll have to tactically finish 3rd in the group. In the UEL Sociedad topped a group containing Zagreb. Stjarnan and Cagliari but then lost to Liverpool in the second round. 21 points is going to be a tough gap to close and as much as I'm sure Scott would like to avoid managing Barca or either or the Madrid clubs it may be the only option.
  13. Is this thing on? (Can't remember if I've already done this season update so if I have apologies, it's been a while) Scott Williams 2040 End of Season Review Start of a new decade brought new hopes for Scott, off the back of last season, losing out on goals for the main target was to invest heavily in the attack and outscore everything in front of us. This was made slightly easier when Brighton bought Seoul's South African winger for £20 million. A few other Europe also snapped up some of Seoul's defenders but Scott didn't care for them this season. The two main Ins were Hernan Delgado back on loan from arsenal (scored 18 goals) and Aritz Jimenez from AC Milan for £3 million (scored 17 goals). In total £17 million was used to bolster the squad and so the results in the competition aren't all that surprising. The first leg of the AFC was lost 1-0 and with 20 minutes left on the clock in the return leg that is how it remained. Fortunately one of the summer signings stepped up with two goals and an OG sealed the victory. Season Progress
  14. Scott Williams End of Decade Review 2030 - 2039 It was a decade filled with many highs and lows for Scott. He added 10 more trophies towards the challenge but missed out on a few of the big ones. Club Football To start off Scott headed to England to take charge at AFC Bournemouth. At this point they were a side pushing for Europe and doing well in the FA Cup, reaching 2 finals. Sadly for Scott he couldn't take them any further and in December of his second year, resigned before the board had a chance to fire him. Next up was a trip to Italy with AC Milan, Scott took over a side that had been successful in the Europa League but struggled in the Serie A. In his first season he got them up to 2nd place losing out to rivals Inter. The following year Milan rinsed the legaue, finishing unbeaten on 100 points, that year they also won the Copa Italia but were knocked out in the semi final of the Champions League to Benfica who went on to lift the trophy. After a successful spell in Italy the opportunity to head back to England arose when Nuno Esperito Santo got the sack at Chelsea. Chelsea had Arguably the best ST and CB in the world and the resources to build an unstoppable force. That is exactly what Scott did. In 4 seasons Scott won 3 League titles, 2 Champions Leagues, 1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup and 1 Super Cup. His big regret, however will be that Club World Cup final defeat to Barcelona, after beating them in the UCL final 6 months prior. With nothing else to win and 2 more years until the next CWC, Scott left Chelsea to head out of Europe and return to South Korea. A second place in the league and an FA Cup win puts him in a good position to add more trophies to the collection at the start of the next decade. International Football The thirtees saw Scott rack up some serious air miles as he managed a side in every continent. In Afirca he brought success to Guinea Bissau who lifted their first ever AFCON trophy. In Europe Scott's portugal lifted the European Championship having won it 4 years earlier as well. Portugal was also where Scott picked up the worlds worst losers medal as he lost the World Cup Final to Holland in a match dominated by the Portuguese. In North America, Mexico won the second of four straight Gold Cups and also picked up the Nations League for good measure. Mexico came third in the Copa America and so it seemed sensible to head to South America next to world number ones Brazil. With the world cup just around the corner this should have been an excellent chance for Scott to forget about the pain of '34. Unfortunately only more pain was added as Brazil crashed out to Ukraine in the second round. Sacked and he didn't event get a chance at the Copa America. Finally to asia, where more heartbreak was lying in wait. Scott's Iran lost on penalties to Australia in the Asian Nations Cup. With the best player retiring from International football, the chance of winning it in 2043 look bleak but with no other option, at the moment that is where Scott will stay. Team of the Decade It's hard to justify not having a full team made up of Chelsea players. They were simply unbelievably good. Big Bad Vlad (Vladimir Petrovic), stands out as the player of the save at the moment and he'll take some topping. He was signed while Scott was at Bournemouth and has stayed with him for most of the decade, sadly not making the journey with him to South Korea. It's worth noting that both at AC Milan and Chelsea, Scott played with wingers, the depth in midfield this decade was so strong that none of them made it into the team. It is hardly surpising how good Chelsea were, they had the funds to buy whoever Scott wanted and he spent £850m in 4 years. However, just like in real life they had a reserves packed out with players worth millions of pounds. In fact, Scott's net spend was -£393Million (£393million profit). The Fourtees Still lots for Scott to achieve. First up he will be looking to leave Asian club football behind him and return back to Europe to try and topple PSG off their Parisian Perch. Hopefully this will be the decade that sees Scott lift the World Cup, it won't be in '42 as he'll probably still be with Iran but maybe an Argentina, France or Spain will be looking for a new manager for the '46 WC. Career Progress
  15. @vikeologist Yeah the chairman over there are savage. Thankfully it looks like I've got another season otherwise it could be time to head to China
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