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  1. Thanks, I can't get this to reproduce on that date (or any other) here, so please keep an eye out for subsequent patches where there is a good chance this has already been fixed.
  2. Sorry, one more question, is there a date where the name normally changes?
  3. Thanks, I've got it now.
  4. Do you know which folder you put it into Adamski94? It's not in the game-save folder.
  5. Same to you JobiMcAnuff, if you've got a save from before then that would be useful for us to reproduce it internally. Cheers.
  6. You should be able to upload to the gave-save folder if you're signed in as ftp-public.
  7. Can't find it in the save game folder Geordieboy52, did you upload it to a different folder?
  8. Cheers, this may be unlikely but do you have one from before the job offer came in?
  9. Okay, in that case you may need to clear your caches and preferences, or switching your skin.
  10. Have you specified the pitch area (below the pitch)?
  11. Do either of you have a save from before the name changes that we can use to reproduce this internally?
  12. Hi Possums, Looks like a graphical issue, could you try clearing your caches and preferences please and see if the missing screen elements return?
  13. Cheers, FTP details can be found here:
  14. Cheers, FTP details can be found here: