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  1. Are you both playing on Windows machines, or is there a Mac/Linux machine involved as well?
  2. Could you upload a save game to our FTP which exhibits this issue please?
  3. The issue doesn't recreate for me here, so I need a save game where it does from a user experiencing this issue.
  4. Thanks. Do you receive a call stack when this issue occurs?
  5. We're investigating this internally, thanks. Out of interest are you running the latest version of the game?
  6. What format of FMT are you experiencing this issue in? Does this happen when you start an FM game?
  7. We're currently looking into this issue internally, should hopefully be resolved in future game versions.
  8. Do you have this issue when launching an FM game?
  9. Which format of FMT are you experiencing this issue on?
  10. If there's anybody willing to upload a save game from just before the multiple offers come in then we can take a look at this issue.
  11. Same response as before, the issue should be resolved in future game versions, I don't have any more information than that currently I'm afraid.
  12. Hi callumwhu__, What happens on screen when you click Confirm? Does the game start processing or not respond at all? On the second issue, what is preventing him from adding a manager? Is the 'Add Manager' option in the FM menu not present on the Game Status screen?
  13. Just to clarify, did this change occur after an update? Have you been able to auto-assign roles in an earlier version of FM16?
  14. Hi TheProblemReporter, I've closed your other thread, please only open a thread after having searched to see if the issue has already been posted, and don't open two threads for the same issue. I'd try clearing your cache as a starting point. The nation in which you start should be related to your current location, where in the world are you located?
  15. Hi SlobaSFM, Have you had this issue in Create-A-Club when not using addons?