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  1. I've not been able to recreate this internally, would you be able to upload your save to the FTP please? Details found here.
  2. Could you give us the name of the save please?
  3. Thanks for uploading your save, we are looking into the issue.
  4. Thanks for uploading your save, we are looking into this issue.
  5. FTP details can be found here, if you can upload your save then that would be useful for us to address this issue. Cheers.
  6. Do you own the training facilities?
  7. Do you have a save showing this issue?
  8. If those procedures aren't working then I'd recommend a full reinstall.
  9. need more info

    On any screen, or certain screens in particular? Do you mean 'Continue' or another 'Next' button on a different screen? Please try to give as much information as you can.
  10. DOFs don't always act immediately. Please update us if he doesn't make the bid at all/takes a very long time about it.
  11. Looks from this thread to just be a cosmetic issue, but let us know if it is different in FMT.
  12. Does this happen immediately after setting the game up?
  13. under review

    Could you give us some more details about the point where you cannot continue please so we can try to work out what the problem is?
  14. Do you have a save from close to the point where the players left too early so we can try and reproduce this internally?
  15. Do you have a save from a point close to where the players leave? Which league are you playing in?