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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. Could you try clearing your caches and attempting this again please, the issue is not reproducing here.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I can't make this reproduce here, so it would good to have a look at your save if you wouldn't mind uploading it to the FTP?
  3. Attributes indeed have to be entered manually, I will raise your points about automatically redistributing the attribute points based on player position however.
  4. Thanks for trying that too, we have the issue under review here so shouldn't need anything further on your end.
  5. Thanks, this is already under internal review.
  6. It's likely that this has something to do with the city you've chosen for your club, the issue is under review but for a short term fix if you avoid a city with brackets in the name - such as Dallas (TX) - then you should be able to advance and pick your squad. The capital city of the nation in which you are playing will always work.
  7. Thanks for trying anyway. One last thing to attempt would be to verify your Steam game cache (right click option on 'Football Manager 2017' in the Steam library) and then going Offline after having started the game before trying your save.
  8. Could you please upload a screenshot of the issue that you are having, I don't fully understand from this description.
  9. Hi desmondwolff, Would you mind elaborating slightly please? Are these options not available for you to add as column headers when you right click the header row and go through to 'Insert Column > Stats'?
  10. Thanks ozmono, this is already under review.
  11. We've got this under review internally now guys, thanks for your help. In terms of a shorter term fix I'd try again after clearing your caches and also turning off the 'Show pictures of players (and staff) who have been generated by the game' option in the Interface preferences.
  12. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for reporting this issue. I'm not clear on what it means when you say the attributes don't update accordingly? You should be able to create players of all and every position in the Create Player dialog.
  13. under review

    Thanks, this issue is already under internal review.
  14. FTP details can be found here:
  15. Thanks for adding this information guys. Your saves would be useful as the issue did not reproduce in dicyman's original save. Just on the off chance, did any of you add/remove any leagues from your saves?