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  1. He says he would still go upfront given the opportunity: (also note handsome interviewer)
  2. Sorry for the delayed response guys. Do either of you have a save that we can take a look at?
  3. The upcoming update should address the transfer fee changing, but it would still be good to take a look at your save if you have one from before the transfer is completed. Do you remember if there was anything different about the transfer, such as the club inquiring about the player/asking to loan the player first etc. On the second issue, did you sell the player twice or is this a display issue?
  4. Which option do you have the 'Player Attribute Highlighting' setting on in Settings?
  5. Thanks for your feedback jbm1961. We'd appreciate any saves that you have showing these occurrences, as many of the issues could possibly be explained by in-game factors or indeed be bugs, but without seeing them firsthand it's hard to tell which.
  6. Thanks Dean, have you got a save? Even if it's after this I can holiday a bit to get to a point where I can do another request.
  7. Have you been able to start the app at any point since its release, or have you only recently purchased and attempted to boot it? I'd recommend searching your directories for any remnant files (such as a game.cfg) after you uninstall (on storage as well as on device) before you attempt the reinstall.
  8. Good to hear, let us know if there are any further issues Were you using the default player pictures or a custom pack?
  9. Are you retaining any game files after your uninstall, in particular the game.cfg file? If you still have anything at Android/data/com.sigames.fmm2019/files, then please try deleting these before your reinstall. Our dev team believes that it may be connected to your store/region or the OS setup of the phone, which country are you based in/which store do you use?
  10. We've managed to workaround the issue here by exiting negotiations and rebidding, but it would still be good to look at your save to see what causes the initial offer to fail.
  11. His Current Ability and Potential ability aren't close to the best players in your squad in the same position so the scout report is perhaps a little harsh, but reasonable.
  12. Hi @ShaKaTra, Thanks for reporting this issue. It looks like your club has already made a bid in this save, so I'm not able to reproduce the issue. I will try to reproduce the issue with another player, but do you happen to have a save from before the transfer auction was started?
  13. Your save was actually very useful, we have the issue under review but with older saves, so I've used your game to reproduce the issue here (the player in your example already arranged their move so needed to do a different player) which should make resolving the issue easier
  14. It looks like the Mutch transfer occurred after our data cutoff point, and as a result he is still a free agent as he was at that date.
  15. We'd like to take a look at the save but you will indeed have to connect your phone to a desktop/laptop:
  16. Sorry, I meant loading a cloud game on your device and then electing to save it to the device.
  17. This page will show you how to get your games (if you're on iOS) and then you can zip them and upload them to a forum post here.
  18. Are you able to save a cloud based game to the device?
  19. No problem, I imagine it's some sort of rounding issue because of the DKK so I'll try and recreate it myself.
  20. Think this is a continuation of the save in the other thread, you're at Tamworth after being at AS Furiani/Agliani (and Whelan isn't loaded again )
  21. Cheers, looking at that save now for the other issue.
  22. Sorry, I meant the year in the save was 2019, the managed team is AS Furani/Agliani?
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