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  1. Luke Warrington

    Wasted signings

    Thanks for uploading your save again, but we're not able to open this one on our end either. What process are you using to zip the files?
  2. Luke Warrington

    Achievements not unlocking

    Thanks for reporting this KevMcM, it's a known issue that we have already flagged.
  3. Luke Warrington

    Ungrateful Board

    Thanks for reporting this Dean, I can't get it to reproduce here though, the board are pleased with your performance when I get the same confidence news item on April 1st (even though a couple of the parameters like Squad Harmony and Matches are in fact lower than in the screenshot you posted above). Might be that the devs have made some tweaks that you might see after an update when you're playing on the version I'm using, or you may have done something different in the couple of weeks between the date in the save you sent and the date the news item comes through. it would definitely be worth keeping an eye on though, if it reoccurs then a save on the day even after the news item is generated would be great.
  4. Luke Warrington

    Declaring an interest in other clubs

    Tried to use the game that you uploaded earlier to reproduce this but looks like Zenit's manager Lopetegui was the man that got the job instead of you. Have you got any from before he was appointed by any chance?
  5. Luke Warrington

    Subs glitch AND Only 2 Subs?!

    Thanks for reporting these issues. Regarding the first issue, which device are you playing on? Also, are you making the substitutions by dragging and dropping or by tapping? For the second issue (which could potentially be related to the first issue) we would like take a look at your save to see if we can reproduce the issue here. You can gain access to your saves this the method set out in this link: Once you have your save, you can upload it to a forum post here (if it is too large to upload then you may need to zip/compress it first).
  6. Luke Warrington

    Transfer cancelled due to failed medical

    Cheers, found that medicals do fail when the player isn't fit to train but haven't managed to have one fail from an slight injury. If you manage to get this again then let us know please
  7. Luke Warrington

    Interested players not interested

    Thanks for reporting this, it is indeed a known issue.
  8. Luke Warrington

    Not impressed...

    Are the tactical roles or training roles resetting? Please try to keep different issues separated into relevant threads as well so we can track their progress.
  9. This is now under review.
  10. Luke Warrington

    Scouting Options

    We are looking at including this in future versions of FM Mobile, but it isn't possible in the current version.
  11. That would be great, thanks
  12. Luke Warrington

    Transfer cancelled due to failed medical

    Was he a partial injury or full red injury when he failed? Going to try to recreate this today.
  13. Luke Warrington

    FM19 Mobile

    If you're having difficulty uploading here then you can use our public upload server as well, found here: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/gFKFPT9DKgkgj78 Please make sure that you rename the file to something that will help us recognise that it's you that uploaded it, i.e. your username.
  14. Luke Warrington

    Transfer Fee Bug

    This should be fixed after your next update.
  15. Luke Warrington

    Players Sharing same squad number

    It may be the case that the change will only be noticeable in a new save if you started your current one before updating.
  16. Luke Warrington


    The text indicates that you offered him a contract previously and weren't able to agree a deal so now he has 0% interest in signing with you, so won't negotiate at all. Did you already negotiate with him previously?
  17. Luke Warrington

    Advanced Forward description

    This should be fixed if you are running the 10.1.1 version of the game (i.e. the latest update).
  18. Are you seeing this issue with other players or just Vinicius Junior? We haven't been able to recreate this issue so far.
  19. Some changes have been made in this area that should be noticeable after subsequent updates, especially when managing larger/higher reputation teams.
  20. Does the same thing occur when you offer the players out after moving them to the first team?
  21. Managed to recreate this myself so it's now under review.
  22. Luke Warrington

    Players Sharing same squad number

    Thanks for reporting this issue. It should have been resolved after an update a month or so ago, are you running the latest version of the game?
  23. Luke Warrington

    [Bug] In-Game Editor - Third Kit Bug

    Thanks for reporting this issue, it's now under review.
  24. Luke Warrington

    Can't offer contact!!!

    Thanks for your save. It looks from the differences in wage budget that it is a little further on from the screenshot and I haven't been able to reproduce the issue here., if I have an offer accepted for Ele he states that he doesn't feel like it would be a good move for him rather than trying to negotiate a wage. If you come across another instance of this occurring then we'd still like to take a look at the save.