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  1. Did you add the competition under nation (Mongolia in your case). If you select Mongoloa you have reserves in the left side menu and there you add u19 and select custom xml or you add them under nation -> competition. Both ways work. If you don't add them there the game does know that it has to create an u19 competition.
  2. I'm glad to see people that people took this over. Normally I'd help out but I didn't buy last 2 games because all the errors the editor gave and a lot was still hardcoded. That was really timeconsuming and made it impossible to create a realistic copy of the dutch leagues. Especially the prize money bothered me because clubs got really rich a few seasons in if I didn't edit it but that was hardcoded. I might pick up next version though. But it depends on the new features. Although I see that the info of lower leagues is created aswell which is nice. If you ever want to create promotion relegation with Jong teams then I can always help out. I used to move stage 0 to stage 1 and make a hidden stage 0 that drew 1st teams in Group 1 and Jong teams in Group 2 which I could use to relegate Jong teams seperately from the main competition. That might be useful with the upcoming u21 competition.
  3. Yeah I can only agree. Rising through the ranks of youth coach to first team would be a great addition. And it would add depth to building a FM carreer.
  4. It's a shame I don't have the beta to check stuff myself but its great to see that the most errors are made with Ajax. All the other clubs must be mint!
  5. Yeah I had thought about it, but I was guessing that making them a seperate club and add them back as a B-club would be annoying when you chose to play that club in-game while you promote to the Jupiler League (and Eredivisie hopefully). Although maybe I should just go further like you said. Maybe just make it a permanent affiliated club. Because if in real life, in our example, AFC from the Tweede Divisie (AFC sunday) would go pro then in Holland they'd make a limited liability company (either a stichting or BV) and AFC saturday would be their amateur club. Like Ajax and Ajax Amateurs, Feyenoord and SC Feyenoord, PSV and PSV/av, sc Heerenveen and vv Heerenveen, N.E.C. and N.E.C. Amateurs, FC Volendam and RKAV Volendam, SBV Excelsior and SC Excelsior etc. I should choose just one main club and the other can't get promoted from the Tweede Divisie to the JL.
  6. @franss No it is nowhere to be played as of yet. I recently distributed all existing clubs into each division and I'm now collecting all the remaining dutch clubs from 2e klasse to the 5e klasse. In the meantime I figured out evertything except for 2 things for the file, both linked to b-teams/2nd teams. Because there are a lot of 2nd teams in the entire Dutch structure (like AFC 1 sunday in the Tweede Divisie and AFC 1 saturday in the Hoofdklasse, named AFC 2 in the game). The main problem is that it is giving problems with the regional divisions. Because most of the time the first team is a saturday club and the 2nd team is a sunday club. That means regional divisions are impossible to set for both clubs. I can't really make them seperate clubs because AFC 1 sunday and AFC 1 saturday share the same youth setup and everything. But making it a reserveteam is also weird with regional divisions. I'm thinking of changing them into B-clubs like in Spain but I don't really know yet. The second problem I'm having is that in order for every club to get their b-team promoted to the other B-teams would require me to add extra reserve teams manually to the Beloftencompetitie otherwise when you promote a 5e klasse club to Eredivisie your reserve team will be useless.
  7. What exactly is the problem? The third division is a mixed league so if they relegate then the game will redistribute the teams themselves and you can determine how if you set regional divisions.
  8. Is it a custom competition or did you let the game generate one? If it is a custom, make sure you don't use "nation -> reserve leagues" with custom xml but add them normally like you would a cup because custom xml is not playing nice this year. I looked into the Austrian clubs. RB Salzburg does not have a reserve team, the rest uses the amateur team type as second teams instead of the reserve team type. Drawing reserves is really precise in the editor, not drawing the right ones results in first teams getting drawn into that league. And that is what you are experiencing. So either draw "amateur teams" or change the team type for each club to "reserve team" type in the editor, you can pick either one.
  9. @Freddie Sands Thank you very much, really. It was a bit confusing at first but this is exactly what I meant. And together with Top playoff places in combination with "fate exceptions"- "continental cup qualifiers" it worked perfect excluding the cup winner for the playoff. I'll write up a tutorial if you don't mind for others and post it on this forum. So it worked now like this (for Holland): First placed team got first ticket. Second placed team got second ticket. Cup winner (finished 7th) got the third ticket. Third placed team got fourth ticked. Teams placed 4,5,6 and 8 (cup winner finished 7th) went into the european playoff and the winner (team finished 8th) got the last remaining fifth ticket. So that's exactly what I wanted.
  10. Nice, continental cups are still in baby shoes in the editor so our options are limited. But at least this solves your problem and it is pretty ingenious. Holland has a playoff where the winner takes the last European ticket, right now that is EL third qualifying round stage. So I can try your option but I have to figure out a way how to select the last spot for the European tickets. I did find out if you select as a "fate action" for the final round of the European places playoff stage that if you use "qualify team for competition", select Europa League, seeding is 0, and tick both boxes to qualify for this year then that team does get drawn in next year's Europa League group stage. The downside is that it does not get substracted from the available tickets for the country so it just hands out an exra European spot and that's not what I wanted. Using "set continental cup" does not do anything at all.
  11. Do you do that in the stage? I can't find that in a stage but only under "competition". I did find out I can exclude teams that already have a continental cup fate for a playoff. You do it by setting top playoff to 4 teams and then down below the page you can set fate exceptions. Choose top playoff and then select continental cup qualifiers. This way it negates every other club who qualified for continental cup. Only downside is I can't seem to set a working league fate (continental cup qualification) for the winner of the stage so if you could explain your option more we can look if we can fix it combined.
  12. Have you tried using "Preferred Lower Division Teams For Promotion" under competitions? Set one for each regional division, give minimum teams 1, maximum teams 1.
  13. I think I also got this recently. Must be a bug. If you use test competitions and then go to in the competition, scroll down you can look into the drawn stages. It seems like the game draws lower division champion in the promotion playoffs too and then hands out double promotion to one team. So that was not only my file that did this. Probably if you create the division below and then run it your file could draw a second season.
  14. Normally I always set the rest of promotion and relegation rules too. Specifically "minimum overall relegated for all child competitions". And I also do that for promotion. That always fixed my errors.
  15. So your xml file has the exact same system? Does it draw a second season?
  16. Oh, what a weird translation but it is solved now, I sometimes add teams through editor, @krlenjushka is going to teach me to add through excel/notepad so I can speed things up a little. I was asking about how to remove "verifying rules". He knows more than I do about the editor so I always have to go to him for help. Thats the problem a lot of editors are familiar with. You do have a promotion/relegation error if a season is not setting up for next year. You need to go through each competition individually to check relegation rules in top division, promotion rules in bottom division and promotion/relegation playoff rounds for the playoffs. I'd do that in-game if I were you because that is easier to navigate.
  17. I've been trying to figure this out low-key but I can't seem to find a way and the fact that SI people are not responding means there probably isn't a way as of yet. Maybe in future installments. But still, if it really is one person fixing the editor that is already impressive as it is.
  18. What equipment? Locating your problem will be the first step. Have you run your file in-game? With the error your getting you should be able to see where it goes wrong in your file at the end of the league. It could be as simple as a wrong promotion/relegation playoff "league fate" set.
  19. Normally that should do the trick. But SI added more options over the past years. When you go to every Irish club in the editor individually you'll see that they have u19 set specifically under "reserve teams". I'll show you with my awesome paint skills: So in order to fix this you need to press "clear" to remove these teams or you change them to u18 (but you'll have to change the names when you scroll down the club page). But when you remove them they'll become a new first team club and you need to remove those from the database too.
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