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  1. So I've decided to get stuck into a challenge and I'm thinking this looks like the one. I'm gonna go for a bash at Scotland and with Jambo98 at Cove Rangers I'll give one of the other teams a try. I'm hoping for one of the Lowland teams but I don't think they ever show up. I've only seen Nairn County, Cove & Brora come up. A few more spins of the wheel and I'll probably go with Brora. This will be my first attempt at uploading my career progress on the site, so bare with me troops and I'll get the stuff up...... Eventually. Best of luck folks!
  2. So there I was buzzin to go with my leagues loaded when my mate informs me he was interested in having a crack at this beast as well. Only problem, he doesn't have the game yet. So I'm gonna put this on the back burner and try the youth player challenge. Once he's up and running well race to success. Good luck troops, I'll be back for this!!! ?
  3. Awesome, I'm gonna start it up later on tonight and we'll see how it goes. I'll fire up some updates when I'm in a job. I'm doing most of my forum posting via the ipad so I may not have screenshots. But I'll work on that....  Anyways, here we go. I've been looking forward to an epic journeyman save. Good luck troops.
  4. I'm very much up for this. I tried a similar venture last year (only I aimed to win every top division from each nation, it was horrific.) Gotta few questions though. What in your opinion are 5 top leagues? Brazil? MLS? dare I say the SPL ? And do you play in full fat FM or FMC? Either way I'm in. I've posted a save progress on site before, so bare with me boys.
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