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  1. He works wonders in my save. He is used as as AF, IF(A ) and DLF(A ) in my save. This is end of November 1st season.
  2. What season? How did you perform in the season leading up to the transfer? What about Chelsea? What fees did you have to pay? Slightly unrealistic yes, but heck of a lot of fun. Would love to see them in red! 😊
  3. It might be a random stat, this is him on my game (previous database):
  4. Excellent, thanks! I will check it out
  5. What skin is that Puffascruffowitz? It looks really good!
  6. That makes sense, I was just confused with screenshot you posted. thanks for clarifying
  7. From the stats you posted I am not sure what you are complaining about. They have 4 shots on target and 2 goals (50% conversion), while you have 11 shots on target and 6 goals (50+% conversion). They also have one more clear cut chance than you. Why do you believe that these stats are so weird compared to the number of goals scored?
  8. If you are not already doing this, remember that you have to use the "import option" and not "load" the first time you use the file in-game.
  9. I've loaded Englad, Spain, Italy and France, large database and players from top division clubs in belgium, holland, germany, portugal, argentina, brazil and I have Gamal and Elyounnousi at least. Cant find Jovic and Ninkovic.
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