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  1. It would work if you want your team to hit the target man with long balls...may be better off with a deep lying forward on support. With player instructions you can make him play like a target man just without your defenders lumping the ball forward at every opportunity. If you do want the target man to bring the others into play then a support role would be preferable.
  2. I would assume a low discipline attribute for a ref means he will be far less strict so less cards...
  3. By no means an expert but maybe remove roaming from a couple of players...roaming can be great for breaking sides down but too much and you will not have a focal point for your attacks. Also no easy out for the midfield if they are pressured other than backwards so this could contribute to conceding if you are up against a team who are pressing high.
  4. As far as I am aware that high technique means places shots is better...and low technique shoots with power is more beneficial. I could well be wrong though.
  5. It all depends on the players versatility attribute...but to be fair the difference between natural and accomplished is not huge. If the attributes fit then just play them.
  6. Have to disagree with the morale issue...I tell the team they weren't good enough if we don't win by 2 clear goals and that works fine for me. What I have noticed is that you need to be consistent in your approach...so if you start out being nice then you better stick to it...hence I start out being a bit of an arse and the players accept it. Thats not to say I'm not having some issues but I know I just haven't figured everything out yet. I agree it is taking more work this time around but simple tactics are actually now more viable than any time in the past, and its not about exploiting the M
  7. Errrr don't jump onto windows while saving?
  8. A narrower pitch should only impact you if you are wanting to attack mainly down the flanks...the problem I would suggest is the get ball forward...you will be squandering possession a lot so having to defend more. Try setting passing to more direct with possibly play out of defence so your CB wont just launch hopeful hail mary passes and instead will give the ball to more capable passers.
  9. Just don't over use him...frequent rests and be careful with training. I generally boot any injury prone player who is over 20/21. In the past I have seen injury prone removed as a con in coach reports...but it may just have been replaced by a more glaring problem and it remains to be a thing.
  10. I find it depends on how you play/want to play. For fast direct football it can be terrible. But I have played him as a roaming playmaker in a defensive patient tactic and he is superb...just seems to hold the ball a little longer for players to get in good positions...and with his other attributes this mainly results in at least a half chance being created.
  11. If you have work ball into the box or retain possession then players will rarely cross...
  12. If you get it through steam you dont have to enter the code do you? I have never entered one for any of my games...
  13. Personally i think both players are probably a little light weight for a centre midfield role..so i would lean towards somewhere in the attacking strata. But my advice may be a little bias as i tend to build a team full of physical beasts..
  14. I believe to satisfy the possession philosophy you need to have 60 percent and over consistently throughout the season..just having slightly more than your opponents isnt enough.
  15. In terms of training i always take control..team training i choose fitness and stick with it...you can probably get better stat gains across the board by rotating schedules so hopefully someone else can chime in about that. Individual training i stick to roles and generally the role that covers most attributes..for example all my fullbacks are on fullback training all duties..central defenders on ballplaying defenders all duties. Again i dont claim to be a training guru but this has always worked well for me.
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