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  1. Oh right i stand corrected best have a trawl for something i like then..cheers
  2. Just got into FMC recently and have to say i love not having to deal with the crybaby players and press conferences every day..for future releases i think custom skins would be great..thats the 1 thing i miss about full fat fm. Also a way to hide the micro transaction nonsense..i have no problem them being in the game i just find it annoying that every injury or what have you has the little cash grab message attached. Other than that i wish i had gone FMC sooner
  3. Well bit late finding this but just have to say excellent read..inspired me to attempt a similar tactic and in my test season with united its working wonders..nice and nasty and grinding teams down before blitzing them in the last 15 minutes Raphael at lwb is unbelievable for me.
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