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  1. was so annoyed I threw my computer chair out of a window ---- this is the best thing. Ive broken FM2005 and FM2008 discs in half in rage before, Ive also broken my finger punching a wall because of it, oh and i kicked my computer so hard it broke the hard drive. one day you guys will learn that punching a wall is crazy as it always wins. --- Ive punched walls so hard that they have dents in them and yet my hands are dent free, whos the winner there
  2. I think people are for the most part posting memorable results, I myself have posted 2/3 times (I think) and have played about 200 games in that time.
  3. I took the word last and translated it to latest. Portadown 2 Brantwood 2 Won us the league that did
  4. How would a bottom tier teams players be rated? 1's for everything? edit: I feel it would add nothing. So you cna manage even more obscure rubbish teams if you want? There would be no difference managing a team at the bottom level to League two. Same as it is now.
  5. When you grow emotionally attached to a player in your team. Wanting their career to go well ingame and real life. # You remember the name of a regen of a game you last played 3 years ago (Arbinho Mouradyan FM2005).
  6. I usually internalise a lot of anger about whats happening in the match engine. I've never done a fake press conference. I have gotten really excited during big matches, the same feeling I get when I watch my team play in real life. Heartbeat at about 160 bpm.
  7. I've had Ledley King have his best season aged 34, Jermaine Defoe aged 33 hasn't dropped a single stat, but I've also had players like Danny Murphy become useless over the course of 2 months. I always took natural fitness to be the indicator of when players stats will drop. ON another FM08 note I just lost an F.A cup 6th round replay to Pompey (as Altrincham in League one), If i'd won I had Man Utd in the semis. I was already sensing the glory coz we outplayed them at Fratton park and their morale was in the ditch. Yakubu (they bought him I guess) scored a brace and we lost 4-2. I'm amazed at how well the team played in this F.A cup run, given that they had only one game at home and beat two championship sides away and drew with a premiership side away, never had anything like it, I guess the players were just 'up for it'. edit: pics
  8. Since Fm09 came out I've done a 8 season career with Spurs and am now in the third season of a new career with Altrincham. I like FM08 better than 09 (09's a good game).
  9. Altrincham 2 - Rushden 1 BSP playoff final. Last minute goal from an old centre back I'd brought on in the 75th minute, chuffed.
  10. Addendum: I actually took peoples advice and changed the way my team changed to get round the 'one on one bug' (is it considered a bug?) and was even at the point of saying 'well hell thats cool as long as theres a work around' when I realised 'hang on I'm changing my tactic that was producing 5/6 one on ones a game because my players always miss those chances....but isn't this a simulation.....one that says it strives to be the most realistic in existence?' The FACT is: One on ones ARE the best opportunities to score goals in football, I've played and watched football extensively and I KNOW this is true. If the simulation I'm playing fails to simulate this then I shouldn't play it.
  11. Meh, I don't hate it per se, but after say 6/7 seasons I realised that in one-on-one situations my players would only score if they were running in from the corner of the area and not from the middle, a lot like: FIFA 98 Road to the World Cup. When I realised this (it was every single time) I just stopped playing. I started FM 07 back up (had a good save anyway)and in the first game I scored from a one-on-one where my striker ran straight down the middle of the box at the keeper, rounded him and slotted home, this hadn't happened in 500 or so games on FM08. Other people have told me they didn't experience this problem with FM08 but tbh that means sweet FA to me because if my tactics mean that my players only miss one on ones because they are running through the middle of the box I don't want to change it I just want to stop playing.
  12. On the super Crouch and comeback theme: I was playing Pool (FM 07) and was 3-1 up, they bring on Crouch in the 63rd minute, 90th minute, 3-3, 2 Crouch goals and EIGHT shots from him, 8 shots in 27 minutes. It was literally Crouch against us, yeh maybe they made tall players a little too good on 07(he was actually doing MAJOR damage rampaging down my left wing.........).
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