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  1. if he has really good stats in lots of areas, the few poor (ish) stats dont even matter. Just dont play him as a centre back. edit: hes amazing.
  2. Ive seen 4 attacking midfielders before behind 2 strikers (the context was they were losing 4-0 from the first leg). The formation would be called: 3-1-4-2, and that doesnt look that daft but trust me it was crazy, i was 6-0 up (away from home against a very similar side) in 30 minutes.
  3. it depends on your teams attitude (or something, like most things in FM its a guess). My current team WILL lose if i say nothing at half time (any circumstance), for most of my teams it usually works. :/
  4. if i can i fine anyone 2 weeks wages. Sometimes i terminate contracts. Mistakes will not be tolerated.
  5. Enormous transfer fees

    ai comes for my player: 'heres a quarter of his value monghead'. I go for their player: ' 180 times his face value chump' Ok im gonna go play XBox.
  6. Wtf

    Ive lost games 4-0 with the other team havign no cc's and 3 shots on target but no own goals. This is particularily annoying because never in thousands of games has it happened in my favour. In fact i just lost a game 4-1 where i had double the cc's (4 -2).
  7. It happens from time to time, i also see (maybe more frequently) my bids rejected for a player when other teams (lower) bids are accepted, this has been in the game since i started playing (FM05). Its either a bug or the A.I's doing naughty things.
  8. I find theres too many long shots in general in the game, its possible both I and the A.I (I know they only choose from limited options but theres still hundreds of thousands of variables) happen to have tactics that force long shots, I think not though.
  9. Me make goal happen, less goal happen against. happy.
  10. Aguero - To keep or not to keep

    Keep him, like without a shadow of doubt, keep him.
  11. 10.3's much better than 10.2 I think, of course it may just be that my saves on 10.2 were abnormal so maybe they're very similar.
  12. FM rage

    was so annoyed I threw my computer chair out of a window ---- this is the best thing. Ive broken FM2005 and FM2008 discs in half in rage before, Ive also broken my finger punching a wall because of it, oh and i kicked my computer so hard it broke the hard drive. one day you guys will learn that punching a wall is crazy as it always wins. --- Ive punched walls so hard that they have dents in them and yet my hands are dent free, whos the winner there
  13. Ive seen many world cup winning managers sacked (not resigned). id say it happens 50% of the time. Interestingly I managed Brazil only once, won nothing, was rubbish and resigned and they offered me the job back the next day which i took, then lost 2 friendlies and quit and they reoffered me the job. So maybe the secret is to be really rubbish.
  14. It doesnt come close to simulating real football transfers so yes its broken (Ive watched WENGER buy people for 50 mil 2nd season, Chelsea buy TONNES of young players for 500k - 2mil and Fulham buy players like Pepe). Im not sure if its a concerted effort by SI to make people scout/spend time searching for players or just a flawed model.
  15. in FM05 Liverpool won it 15 times (thereabouts) in a row. Now all teams win it, chelsea, yanited, arsenal, citeh, spurs, villa (all seen win it within 5 seasons on 2 different saves)