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  1. @Alexpuk2002, in my opinion skinning in general is easier than everyone thinks. Code is pretty easy to understand without any knowledge about programming. Almost everything is built around boxes with data that you can't really edit. It is all about sorting that boxes like you wish. Much harder actually is finding stuff that You want to edit but... that comes with experience. The best is to follow @bluestillidie00 advice. The biggest nightmare for me in creating skins is an idea. Trying to create stuff that is simple, clean, full of informations and fits most of the popular resolution
  2. @Alexpuk2002, also I am more with something like Nuu Skin than Steklo x1 - Nuu looks really clean and that is one of the most important things for me. Glad to hear that Alex. I got my own style and whenever I am saying that I will re-create something, it doesn't mean I will copy-paste everyting - it is always my own interpretation etc. so for sure a lot of "best bits" from previous versions are going to be available in upcoming skin. My biggest mistake last year was very late release date due to lack of free time - I am not going to repeat my mistakes. I will start with BETA releas
  3. EVO SKIN AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD THROUGH FMSCOUT https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2020skin.html EVO SKIN PLUS
  4. Yes, that was the last one this year. No one complain too much actually so... I'm just saving my ideas for FM20
  5. @parsdaft1982, @john1 any ideas where? Without destroying the current layout?
  6. I am really busy last days... but for sure the current version is not the last one. I will try to provide a few updates soon... as fast as I can.
  7. @Lone Gooner, also reply on mail about that. Hope it helps. Next update in progress. Should be available this week hopefully. Was busy during last days
  8. Next panel arrived to EVO FM 2019 SKIN! This time it is "TEAM REPORT" panel Link to download: https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html
  9. @Lone Gooner, I am really happy that you really like my work. Doing my best to give you the best skin possible. Keep an eye on EVO guys - I am not done yet. This week I should release one more update that should be a little bit bigger! Some Match titlebar changes and hopefully some panels!
  10. @vonreichsm, line 271, competition news panel.xml. Default_width value. Just change it to higher. <container class="horizontal_adaptive_container" default_width="612" minimum_width="290" mode="distribute_equally" priority="3" >
  11. Next day - next update! This time I create a brand new "fixture" panel. Link to download: https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html
  12. @bubba_89, I believe it is just a red/blue gradient with red/blue replacement. Should be somehwere
  13. It is in-match information about goalscorers, yellow/red cards, subs, VAR etc.
  14. @bubba_89, it is yacs bg selector. /graphics/yacs/backgrounds/ is the place you are looking for.
  15. @Wozzie, smaller definitely better. Especially when stadium pics are really small... DazS pack mini stadiums pack I believe is still the most popular one. Love the design of your player overview tho. Keep the skin clean and players will like it for sure. KUTGW mate.
  16. 27-05 update available to download through FMSCOUT. Fixes to sidebar and new "match caption" placement! More panels coming this week! Link to download: https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html
  17. At least right now I know it is not my skin fault so I am not gonna try to fix that. Thanks for reply
  18. Whenever I load the game for the first time - match caption works great. When I reload a skin to apply some changes - match caption won't work anymore. Happening to me on every skin. Is it only me?
  19. Few fixes to the stuff mentioned above and background selector in newest update available through FMSCOUT.COM! https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html
  20. @BMNJohn, that's because of the original layout. Simply I dunno about that. Similiar thigns happening to manager/human profile. Will fix that in next update
  21. Thanks guys for reporting this issues! I will take a look on all of them! Update with fixes will be released next week for sure.
  22. NEWEST and LAST update (23-05) this week is available to download - as always through FMSCOUT! Featuring: 1) fix to match caption (temporary, don't like the current placement), 2) reworked "social feed" panel 3) BRAND NEW "news" panel!
  23. Reworked "news" panel for dark version of EVO PLUS. Light in progress!
  24. @gladman1, I simply forgot to put that panels in while creating match titlebar from nothing. Today/tomorrow it should be available in both versions
  25. NEWEST UPDATE (21.05) available as always on FMSCOUT.COM. Featuring new "club overview" and "game processing" panel for PLUS version and a lot of bug fixes for both!
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