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  1. OK, I have so far seen 6 missed pens in Northern Ireland on my save. 1 missed in a league game, the other 5 have been missed in PSO's in various cup comps. However the same is happening: The missed penalties are being blasted down the middle and the keeper palms it away. I have not seen any pens shot wide, over, against the wood(dont get me started there ) or placed in the corner and the keeper diving to save it. Id be interested to hear if anyone has seen realistic pen misses and if so: what league/competition?
  2. Im aware of the Liverpool situation last year. Apparently they have hit the wood 19 times this season too? A bit freakish though. It all still just grates on me and doesnt seem right. Every game to have a shot clunking off the wood. I always said that 0.1 per game was right from my experience but obviously the stats prove otherwise and maybe need to re-think my opinion on it. I mention the league specific because a lot of obscure leagues have not been updated in depth for a number of years in terms of players. Apparently there was a guy from Sweden saying that the Swedish leagues had been untouched for a while and players were at the wrong club and that he had even found 3 dead players!!! Some players in NI dont even have positions defined and are randomly assigned one to fill in gaps in the default squad. This all leaves me wondering about the amount of randomisation in obscure leagues and whether the high wood ratio has anything to do with it?
  3. i looked at all my league games. Match 1: Us: x times - AI x times - Overall x times Match 2 etc....
  4. OK, Im not back to argue! Ive been looking more at this. On OptaJoes Facebook page he mentioned that last season in the PL there were 265 woods in the 380 games = 0.69/0.7 per game. OK the stat is correct. I looked at a full round of prem games on my save and there were 7 woods in the 10 games, one game had 4. 0.7 per game Looked at 20 recent games from the Skrill South and it was 0.75 per game, NI Championship 2 it was 0.8 per game. The league wood stats from my league games is overall 1.00 per game(across 18). 0.611 per game from my team and 0.389 per game from the AI. 1 per game is still way too high so I do wonder if it a league issue? might not be. The PL stat seems to be accurate in Feb 14 so I dont think that a few seasons are needed to see this properly. Some leagues seem a bit out. Like I said: Im not looking to argue. Is it poss that it could be league specific? If I see no more woods in my 12 remaining league games it will average about 0.775
  5. What like too many woods per game that loads of people are complaining about, and that ruins the realism of the ME?
  6. So why are they saying that no more patches/fixes will be released then?
  7. EXACTLY!! Well put I bet these soak tests basically involve holidaying through 30-odd seasons > comparing the FM stats to real life > "....... errrrr thats about right...release it". What CityAndColour is saying is spot on. I wonder how much testing involves looking at the effect of these stats in the ME itself and whether it looks realistic. Im not going to have it from any Mod or member of the testing team! I have been watching football for 25yrs and what Im seeing in regards to the amount of woods per game is not right! However I do need to backup on the long shots thing. Again i looked at the analysis for the types of goals. 25 games, 87 goals scored overall by both me and the AI, 13 of them from outside the area. 0.149 per game which probably is about right. One last thing: yes 25 games isn't a lot, but the averages shoudlnt be that much different compared to 250 matches or 2500. Yes the less games played the more inaccurate, but not by a lot. 28 wood in 25 games. Poor form
  8. I say this because I felt that woods in Fm12 were as close to spot-on as possible in my experience. I dont feel that here, it feels way too high. Can you tell me where I can find these stats that this is all being programmed from?
  9. I thought I would make a point of this, cos woodwork incidents are beyond boring now. I decided to gather some data from 25 competitive matches in the Northern Irish 3rd tier and various cups against all kinds of teams in that country. My findings: - Human team: 18 woods in 25 = 0.72 per match - AI teams: 10 woods in 25 = 0.4 per match - Overall: 28 woods in 25 matches = 1.12 per match!!! Incredible! - 2 matches with 4 woods - 1 match with 3 woods - 3 matches with 2 woods - 8 matches with 1 wood - 9 matches with 0 woods I really doubt that these stats are true to life. I'd even bet money if i was a gambler. All we keep hearing is that "it wont be fixed" or "no more patches" etc. Well why? Just make the shots go over or wide? It doesnt make it totally unplayable but it is so annoying! The problem is that is doesnt give an accurate representation(compared to real life) of how effective the chances are that you're creating, how accurate the shooting is etc. It just feels like another tactic to keep the scores down like super-keepers or CCC's/one-on-ones being shot straight at the keeper. This was never a problem on finished ME's in previous FM's, at least not the ones I played anyway. Also have a good feeling that 95% of the goals i see from my team and the AI are all from inside the area. If not its a free-kick from the edge of the area. No Steven Gerrard "Kop screamers" on here.
  10. I have now played into Nov 13 with Chimney Corner on my 14.3 save and must say the whole game and especially the ME are superb. Not really seen any bugs outside the ME but they could pop up as the save progresses. Just have to live with them if they do. I do however have 2 gripes: 1.) Injuries: Getting one every game pretty much. It could be because I have semi-pro/intermediate players whos conditioning wont be the same as pro players so they will be more injury prone, but its getting annoying. 2.) Major gripe is with woodworks. A stat was mentioned recently about 0.7 woods per game on average IRL. I personally think that is utter garbage and I don't care where its from, even Opta. I have been watching football for 25yrs and not just the football at the time. Also watched vids of football from the 60's, 70's and 80's from all over the world. The game is always changing but woodwork occurence is not going to change with it. Its probably the same now as it was in the 1920's. In my experience I will guess at woodwork regularity: **EDITED** Match with 1 wood: 1 every 10 games, but as frequently as 1 in 7/8 at a push Match with 2 woods: 1 every 125 games Match with 3 woods: 1 every 1500 games or 4/5 seasons roughly Match with 4 woods or more: 1 in a lifetime/career if you're lucky! I wonder if Ferguson ever saw a 4-wood game in his long career? I do remember a PL game years ago between Fulham and WBA where Fulham hit the post and bar about 4/5 times. Never seen that many in one game before or since. How hard would this be to just make these "woodwork shots" go wide or over? Other than that its a 9/10 game. Just fix these if they are broken and you are on your way to a masterpiece.
  11. A kindred spirit!! I actually need to change my tune completely. This is the best ME SI has ever made by a light year. Not seen anything wrong with it so far(on full game) but its early days. Wingers now working beautifully, sprinting down the line with the ball and crossing! DLF dropping right into the midfield to link up the MF and attack. I need to try my preferred 433 shape with 3 strikers and the 2 wide ones dropping off wide. If that works then I'm in heaven! I never played full game for about 3 months so I've been using FMC for the most part. There is something wrong with the ME on FMC on my installation but it is not important to me anymore, but may be to someone else. Because I fired full game up fresh for the first time in 3 months, that may be why the ME is so different on it. Either way I'm gonna settle down with 14 now and play a long career. If I buy it again it will be 16 at the earliest.
  12. One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that I played on Classic mode. Today I have started another save on full game and the ME is incredible!!! What is going on here? My 442 worked a treat, wingers played like wingers and it was brilliant. That was only the first friendly. The ME on FMC was utter garbage and it looked all over the place. Looks like I'm a happy bunny after all. I had been told the full game ME was superb after the update and its true. FMC ME... well I dont know whats going on there
  13. Hi Tony, Interesting. Im going to give it all another go today, I was a bit tired during those rants last night so forgiveness is begged!!! It could very well be the level I'm playing at as well like the other comment stated. Do I start with a blank 442 and no instructions at all? or give the team and players a fair few specific ones?
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