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  1. How about having different upper limits for physical and mental abilities? IRL, the most obvious limit for footballers is their physical capabilities, so why not cap the physical stats and let the mental stats keep developing provided they reach "targets"?
  2. Does anybody know where in the player scouting report can I see what his tactical familiarities are? I am trying to sign players with similar tactical traits to my team, but even with100% scouted I cant find it.
  3. I like the ME so far, especially how the players behave and respond to tackles. I've seen instances where they tried to resist falling down, tried to win the ball back after getting tackled. No more standing around, doing nothing, wondering what just happened like last year.
  4. Lol doubt he's that good and do all that in 3 days span.. but yeah I have a chief DA and 1 DA. I guess I am gonna see if this is a friendlies thing only or if it continues.
  5. I am still in pre season doing friendlies. I played Boreham Wood, Dynamo Kyiv, Fulham. Boreham is an affiliate, so I thought maybe that's why I could see atts. I couldn't even see Yarmolenko's atts before the opp. scouting report came in..
  6. Tomasz guy from Arsenal. IIRC only 12 jpa/jpp. Weird, mine pretty much removes the attribute masking for the club scouted, even before we play them.
  7. I noticed that scouting next opposition now revealed the attributes of all players in that club ( u23&u18 too). I don't recall that being the case last year. Is this working as intended?
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