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  1. How about having different upper limits for physical and mental abilities? IRL, the most obvious limit for footballers is their physical capabilities, so why not cap the physical stats and let the mental stats keep developing provided they reach "targets"?
  2. To be fair, the beta has been out for quite sometime and most of the new features had been discused in the official feedback thread. Had you asked this 2 weeks ago, I'm sure you would have got more enthusiastic responses. Still the demo is free and you dont need to spend hours to get a feel of the ME. I would say the little things really make a difference in this year version, things like being able to tell a player you're about to sign your longterm goal/promises is really cool, ability to modify existing affiliate club relationship is useful too. The ai is also able retrain older players to play different positions as they start to decline which will affect squad building. Declaring someone as top transfer target etc. Honestly I'd recommend you give the demo a try.
  3. What do you want Francis to do? From the screenshot the position he took looks fine, he cant really get any narrower as that would leave united #11 a free run.
  4. Just fine them when their ratings go below 6.4, might wanna save before hand though as sometime they get angry at you
  5. Is this really true? I know changing passing directness will also change tempo but not vice versa
  6. I replied to the other thread regarding PA. I agree with you buying youngsters with high potential is an OP strategy and that is literally what my FM career has been all about lol. I would prefer PA being completely invisible to user and AI though.. I haven't completely figured out how the scout's attributes would be like
  7. I thought they only insisted on min release clause if you promised them they could treat the club as stepping stone..
  8. I feel it adds to the game like being able to pay for coaching courses... Well, being able to buy a club is nice, you will still be a manager but in charge of everything, you can have as many scouts you want, set transfer and wage budgets (you will have to keep an eye on the balance sheet yourself, you might get into administration)
  9. How about PA being fixed but unknown to user and ai ? The idea is to be more like real life where pa exists but no one knows the value. So when you scout a player, the scout will focus more on the intangibles (work ethics, ambition, etc) and will rate the player based on how likely he is to achieve certain level of attributes, lets say 15 for epl (i.e if he needs 150 att points to be decent then the scout will say something like 'Based on the player's age and progression history I dont think he will be a decent player', but then since the scout doesnt know the PA, the player might progress a lot next season and he will have different opinion). TL,DR : no one in game knows the PA values, scouts rate wonderkids like they do in real life by comparing their current abilities with other players in the same age group and how far along they have to improve to be considered decent players. And of course hidden attributes still play important role.
  10. How many of you keep going with your beta saves? Any database changes with the full version?
  11. I was inspired by Looping's 4-4-2 DM formation, so decided to give it a go. We played surprisingly well against West Ham.. Well, they shot a good percentage on target, but most of them were from corners headed straight to my GK. Few things I noticed: the wm-a ( Fer) really gets in the box, sometimes I feel he is a striker. Also the wb-s is not as aggressive as I thought. I play Neil Taylor (LB) as wb-s and he is really conservative so far, he only bombs forward when my wm-a is too advanced and has nowhere to go, which is surprising considering the pi get further forward.. The average position of Naughton (#26) and Taylor(#3) are pretty similar.
  12. I was thinking close down more ti and close down always on deep opposition players with oi. Pretty much giving them the incentive to hoof the ball long. Which you can also achieve with higher mentality.. there isn't one absolute best way to do it. But yeah I feel there is no harm in closing down the ai when they go defensive since they are usually narrow, so wont mess up our shape too much.
  13. "Best" way to defend low mentality is to close them down, pin them back in their own half, don't give them the ball. You don't necessarily have to use high mentality.
  14. I think with play wider your wingers will be closer to the touchline, so technically less space for them to dribble unless they cut inside
  15. There, you seem to be going somewhere. You could always post a pkm of a match where you're not happy with and see what other people think about it
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