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  1. My best advice: use this one for a few matches! 541 terminator.fmf
  2. First of all credit to TFF for FM19’s Avenger, as this is a tweaked version of his tactic. After much frustration with FM20, trying EVERY tactic available with lack of success and fun, decided: why not try the tactic that I enjoyed the most in FM19, a tweaked version of TFF's avenger. I did not tried it before, as I assumed that with a new Match Engine it would not work... but to my surprised it played the exact same realistic, fun, consistent football as in FM19! This is not a flamboyant tactic, it will rather give you a decent attack, rock solid defense, and a realistic style of play.
  3. Amazing work mate... you saved FM Touch users. I think my eyes were already turning purple!
  4. I think I've earned some respect in both SI Games and FM Base forums, not only for my constructive contribution, but mainly for my "seniority" ... in SI Games since 2006, and in FM Base since 2011. And I can't say I've been a big fan of your tactics along the years. I admit, last year I had some fun with a tweaked TFF's Avenger...but being unable to make Gladiator work (at all) for me was my biggest FM19 frustration. So all this talk is only to value what I'm going to say next: What you did back in FM Base was (very) shameful, I believe you are embarrassed for what you did, and I'm pretty
  5. Any chance of a download link? As us FMT users can't get it from steam (I Think...)
  6. I did my usual one season test with the weakest team in Sweden (Eskiltuna), actually playing every match with max speed, but seeing the goal's replays. And making no subs, unless forced, to save time. Predicted last, finished first! But as it was a test I did not save, sorry. But it was the best tactical performance I've seen on this version, and compared with the original version, wich had a lot of 1-0 and 2-1 results, with the 3 strikers had a few 5-1, 5-0, 4-0, etc
  7. That's it. Another PF with the same instructions as the other two.
  8. Still my first days with FMT20, but I have to say this tactic is the best around, at least for now. Those of you seeking for demolishing the opposition, then try this small tweak: push the def mid to the middle striker position, and copy the other strikers role and instructions. And let the show begin! You can call it the dimartino tweak, lol.
  9. It's just my experience, and maybe bad luck, but it seems that whenever I change to counter or defensive to protect a narrow lead, or even a two goal lead, I tend to concede. Just a few days ago I was with a confortable 2-0 lead in a Gotenborg-Sirius (I'm Sirius), by minute 80 I went on defensive to hold the lead. Minute 85: 1-2, minute 94: 2-2. And it happens alot. Now I Just leave it on attacking, and it seems I tend to score more when they start to take more risks.
  10. Champions! (did a lot of squad rotation by the end of the season, so dropped a few points because of that)
  11. As promised (I'm IK Sirius, predicted 13th, I've added a genie scout pic to give an idea of finantial and quality difference in the sweddish league)
  12. I know there are tons of different opinions, and tactic testing sites, etc etc. But After trying a ton of tactics from all the FM masters (from TFF, Knap, to the more anonymous ones), must say this one is absolutely the best. I'm playing FMT 19.3.4, and I've persevered A LOT mostly with gladiator and conqueror, and simply could not make it work. I simply was unable to get consistent long term results with anything, until I tried this. Top Work! (will post some ss later). Let me just add I removed the throw-in exploit, that is just too unrealistic for my personal satisfaction ! https://fm
  13. I'm playing FMT, so no match training. General Training set to team cohesion.
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