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  1. It's just my experience, and maybe bad luck, but it seems that whenever I change to counter or defensive to protect a narrow lead, or even a two goal lead, I tend to concede. Just a few days ago I was with a confortable 2-0 lead in a Gotenborg-Sirius (I'm Sirius), by minute 80 I went on defensive to hold the lead. Minute 85: 1-2, minute 94: 2-2. And it happens alot. Now I Just leave it on attacking, and it seems I tend to score more when they start to take more risks.
  2. Champions! (did a lot of squad rotation by the end of the season, so dropped a few points because of that)
  3. As promised (I'm IK Sirius, predicted 13th, I've added a genie scout pic to give an idea of finantial and quality difference in the sweddish league)
  4. I know there are tons of different opinions, and tactic testing sites, etc etc. But After trying a ton of tactics from all the FM masters (from TFF, Knap, to the more anonymous ones), must say this one is absolutely the best. I'm playing FMT 19.3.4, and I've persevered A LOT mostly with gladiator and conqueror, and simply could not make it work. I simply was unable to get consistent long term results with anything, until I tried this. Top Work! (will post some ss later). Let me just add I removed the throw-in exploit, that is just too unrealistic for my personal satisfaction ! https://fm-arena.com/topics/150-TESTED-FM19-3-0BEOWULF442IWPKnapP104ALLCUPSCARDIFFCTP54-by-Knap/page-0.html !!!!FM19.3.0BEOWULF442IWPKnapP104ALLCUPSCARDIFFCTP54.fmf
  5. I'm playing FMT, so no match training. General Training set to team cohesion.
  6. Having a lot of fun with this one ( FM18.3FLAT442MIDSOMERP103.fmf ). Just two hints: 1-Change mentality to counter 2-Plug and play
  7. Any "public" solution would be nice, as I'm suffering the exact same problem. The lag is killing my eyes, in a 3d 5star rated laptop. Let me just say that I really miss the "elevated" (I think that was it's name in english, not sure) camera pitch view from FM17...
  8. Hi. 11 detail_grass files? The original FM fmf file only had 7 files, right? The game uses this extra 4?
  9. I admit I did not asked for permition, but considering I'm actually promoting his work, and giving full credit to him, I guess I'm not doing anything wrong.
  10. Any idea of to which field condition the files correspond? For example 'detail_grass_1' is perfect grass, and 'detail_grass_7' is frozen, etc
  11. Thanks to everyone who's trying to help, but still I'm finding the information is not clear enough. Just to clear things up: First of all, the correct path should be (in the user folder of fm18, I think everybody got that): /mesh/pitch ? or /textures/pitch ? Second, the customized textures of previous versions of FM all have the folders with the different types of pitch, with the .dds image file inside each one called "grass_01". The name is the same in every folder, no matter if it's a the perfect folder or the frozen folder. We should change this files names to "detail_grass_1", is that it? PS: because I only have FMT I'm not able to get Resource Archiver to unpack the graphics fmf file. I just wanted to know what's the structure of the folders, and the correct file names you get when you unpack the fmf file. Again if someone could upload them , it would be great.
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