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  1. By the same token what unknown footballer aged 14 has ever been appointed manager of Manchester United? Amazing how some craze realism (but then again...).
  2. In FM if you want to sell a player then I have found you have more chance if you play him. Tell the World how good he is and then wait for a bid to come in. If you dump them in the reserves expecting good money then forget it.
  3. I have this guy finding players for my 1st team and despite the fact that I have been playing only a narrow 433 He insists on trying to sign a left mid. In fact he puts offers in for nothing else other than left mids. Please can we give the DoF information on what we want him to buy (position wise) and what we don't?
  4. Of course it's broken. The game can't even get columns correct nor page settings remembered, so what makes you think they actually get the harder things right when the easy ones aren't?
  5. I love people who blindingly support everything that is wrong with game.
  6. 1st season. Got half way then a club takeover. Managing Bolton. After 27 games sat 2nd when expecting to finish 11th. Just defeated the leaders 4-1. 2 losses in last 21 games when we were unlucky in both. Then sacked!!! What a complete waste of my time! Back to FIFA!
  7. What you are actually testing out are severe extremes that would never happen in real life, so I have no problem with the end result.
  8. Star ratings are like your satnav. A great start but don't be tempted to follow it blindingly. There are certain attributes I don't like my players having. EG My full back need to have good heading abilities. Wide men pace.
  9. Why do some players believe every player would want to sign for them? No one would know why here because they cannot see your game. However, I would imagine being a Cardiff fan he would like Cardiff and dislike rivals Swansea.
  10. Correct Rocky. There are certain ways to make the game run slightly faster with a lot of leagues. Detail level for a start. Shove everything on minimum including your own country will speed it up a tad. As I have said I have a lot of custom leagues loaded too. I've got used to the speed now. Got to the end of the 1st season. You can also put all leagues on view only. This is much quicker but no where near as interesting.
  11. The next tycoon was interested in FC Gaitcha. Never heard of them? Currently propping up the New Caledonian Super League. :o
  12. I always loan out. However, I will only loan out to a club that I believe will play him every game they can. So if I have a club from league 2 and one from league one with both rating him as valuable then I will go for League 2 club.
  13. Fine a player for poor game? I would never do that in real life nor the game. For not trying yes. Why are you surprised about players being unhappy about being fined?
  14. Sadly in the end it was a consortium. Strange though as there was never an indication that the tycoon had pulled out, not even in the landmarks. JEF Utd however, are rich and meaning to dominate the World of football.
  15. Making the game easy is all about exploiting the game. This is easy with FM.
  16. First attempted tycoon takeovers? Bolton Wanderers (ME!!!) Never had a tycoon before so fingers crossed. JEF Utd (Japan)
  17. Give youth a chance is bringing through your own youth. Signing plenty of youngsters for the 1st team is a different philosophy and far better in my opinion.
  18. Everyone thinks their reserve team play your 1st team tactics when they are told to. They don't. They just play with the same shape. i.e. 442. Everything else is different.
  19. I run maximum leagues FM comes with plus another 68 countries and England down to FA Vase level Divisions. It is slow but certainly worth it. I am hoping English clubs will not dominate World Football as much as they do when you have English Leagues only. Plus it's nice to know that Suva have just retained their Fiji National League title. And of course just wondering where in the World's first tycoon will show up.
  20. Just started a large game with about 300 Divisions running from all over the World. Going to be very interesting.
  21. Always too much irrational randomness about team talks for me so I leave it all to the assman.
  22. Couldn't there simply be a lack of interest in these players (in these particular futures) because the clubs that would have been interested are now dealing with FFP? Or perhaps they have already acquired their targets?
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