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  1. Pessimists left and right. There have been times that I have felt the need to like a statement (and dislike). Even more smilies?
  2. No no no no no! Might I point you in the direction of FIFA 2016, where you win things by just bashing the buttons better than your opponent?
  3. As champions of England I am enjoying the 22/23 season.
  4. For the last few versions of FM I've always found that a good offence is the best defence. In other words if they score 4 we'll score 5. Hence quite often I'll win the title having scored AND conceded the most amount of goals.
  5. I have had this before. Gone up through the leagues with a rags to riches story only to be booted out by an incoming chairman on the verge of yet another league table. Therefore I will never trust chairmen again and use the "Become Unsackable" cheat on the in-game editor. It's the only one I use but I wish I didn't have to. Never again will I put in 20+ seasons work only to be given a golden handshake and replaced by a nobody! I should also point out that I have logged a few thousand hours in FM since this possibility was introduced and only ONCE did it happen.
  6. Just buy it and see. I'm amazed how many skinflints go on the forums and expect others to pay full price for the game and then advising them on if it's good or not for a cheap price. If you pay me £39.99 I'll tell you if you should buy it or not.
  7. "Game breaking" is a phrase used far too easily. It's no where near "game breaking". Having a defeated brain is a lot more "game breaking"
  8. Yeah there are some things wrong with transfer/wage budget when the bank account grows quickly. At Bolton (yes I know about their debt) I had a transfer kitty of next to nothing at the start of my 1st Premier Division season. During the season we had about £60m just after christmas (all that tv money) in the bank and the board still refused to increase wage or transfer kitty. Yet at the start of the 2nd season suddenly its a £65m transfer kitty and the wage kitty is trebled.
  9. Are you straight applying? Have you tried to "Declare an interest" instead? That should give you a response.
  10. I tend to do better away from home than generally I'd expect. Almost the same number of points as at home.
  11. The CA/PA ratings work fine. I really fail to see the need to incessantly make the game even more complicated.
  12. The ones that have caught me out in the past are the: - Minimum release clause (various ones) Yearly wage increase (When you are a small club coming up through the ranks this can be bad) Match highest earner (I HATE this and NEVER accept ANY player asking for this) I'd like an option to not allow certain contract requests by default. *On a side note, I'd like the option to put unfit players from the main squad into the Reserves by default instead of having to sort it before every reserve game.*
  13. Retro does not interest me in the slightest, there are other more important things the programmers can do with their time, in my view.
  14. I never start anyone who isn't at least match fit. If they are tired they don't get a starting XI place. If they are lacking match fitness then its U21s until they get fit.
  15. That's what I have. Sometimes you get the odd day that drags like transfer deadline day.
  16. I run all leagues plus 69 other countries as supplied by Claasen with just over 330,000. I then put the game on minimum details and voila... A great footballing World.
  17. Bolton were only put on a transfer embargo starting in January. At the start of the season they were allowed transfers. A little unfair to have to start the embargo at the beginning of a new game when they were embargoed.
  18. Is it possible to post your big game match reports to Facebook? I used to do it quite often but the ability to do so seems to have gone. A bit of a waste of time linking my Facebook to FM16.
  19. You can sign players outside your club's nation with less than 6 months left on their contract. However, your home nation is just 1 month left.
  20. I don't actively look to sell players however. if a decent bid comes in for a first team regular I will often accept and then offer him to other clubs in the hopes of a bidding war. It's the best method I have found and quite often at the top level you can get excellent money.
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