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  1. Quite often in the far reaches of non-league football a club will win promotion 3 or 4 seasons on the trot.
  2. Never been a fan of 2 playmakers in the side. So I'd never go with a DLP and an AP but that's a personal preference. It just doesn't seem as effective as a single playmaker.
  3. After being told that FMC now remembers the settings on custom screens I gave it a whirl. The squad screen most certainly does NOT remember and just goes back to the default setting as usual!!! So for me the game is still unplayable. It has been roughly 4 years now since customisable columns and screens were introduced and I have pointed out this bug every release.
  4. Good to have Cardiff back in blue! Not a Cardiff fan but no chairman should ever change a club's home colours or Club name or Stadium name in my view.
  5. The last time I tried FMC 15.2.1 the game would not even remember to default to the custom screen. Making it completely unplayable for me and seeing as on my tactics screen (in the full game) it still cannot do simple things on a custom screen I am not even going to try it. Why do SI not see this? How many times do I have to point it out in the bugs forums before it's sorted? I'm all for constructive criticism but what else can a customer say to SI to get them to fix the simple things. Also how can the match engine possibly be at a decent standard when the coders cannot (or will not) sort out the simple things? It must be about 3 or 4 years now. Please sort out custom screens properly.
  6. Of course it failed because players didn't like to lose. It's always been the same ever since the days of the Apex Soccer League (a play by mail game). It was always the teams near the bottom that became available to play. The only players who continue when losing are the hardcore. (Very few). Even then, after a few seasons of finishing near the bottom every season, even the hardcore would stop playing. Put simply people will not pay money each month (no matter how cheap) for a game they are not doing well in.
  7. FML and anything like it will never work financially because in the end players who lose regularly will never pay for the privilege.
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