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  1. Just sell them and buy players that are better. Never be afraid to get rid of players who just don't want to be there, no matter their excuse.
  2. I'd be surprised if it didn't look exactly the same as it always has. Generically boring stadiums and 23 fans sounding the same 50,000. No wonder some love the instant result button. Think I'll play the demo first. IF the assistant and Staff are actually a HELP to get better then great. If it's the same level of incompetence I won't bother. At last you can actually see a manager in the technical area. A little overdue.
  3. Had steam for about 6 or 7 years and the only problem I've ever had is when the system itself goes down which is very very rarely. Steam is excellent. Even though, as already pointed out, it becomes hard to resist those special offers, especially when 75 or 80% offers start appearing.
  4. For me stadiums are just too generic. Making them dull and boring. Some of them should have certain distinguishable features, such as a stand with a huge clock on it etc.
  5. SI know about it already. I presume it's a tad difficult to sort out but hopefully it will have for FM16.
  6. I enjoy LLM. I wonder if SI have finally realised that 10 fans don't sound like 40,000 fans with the sound turned down yet? I've pointed this out for 10 years now.
  7. "If you're not cheating you're not trying." - Eddie Guerrero
  8. I'm amazed how people are complaining about the screens. Isn't that what SKINS are for? So no big deal.
  9. I hope the limit of 69 editor files in the game has been seriously upped. Preferably to unlimited.
  10. I was worried I would be going out on a limb to say how disappointed I am (so far) about FM16. It would seem a few here and a lot on FB are of the same opinion. Don't want to play "press manager". Whatever gave the impression that this needed expansion? Gutted.
  11. I'm hoping a lot more has been done that hasn't been released yet, such as staff being useful. The stuff that's new is just not important to me at all and many other things could have been done. I certainly don't need more stats. You'll need a maths degree to play at this rate. Up to now it looks like rehashed screens and a data update. Sadly so far I am disappointed and it looks like the 1st FM/CM I won't be buying. Any way enough of the negativity and keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. English Reserves 1 never has that page but the other ressies and u 18s do. Needs fixing.
  13. Having actually seen a Premier League players wage slip during a month in which he was sent off I can tell you he was fined £24!!! NOT 2 weeks wages.
  14. American Samoa has just 9 league games I think and no cups.
  15. Your wage budget does not conform with FFP. Don't make that mistake! That's just what the club can afford. If it's above FFP then you have to spend a lot less. Keep checking the FFP screen. If you have to sell players then sell. OR even RELEASE them. Despite being over the FFP mark you are offering your highest paid player a new contract??? You should be selling or releasing him.
  16. The B team's reputation should really increase along with how well the 1st team are doing however, in FM I do not think it does so your B team will never get into Div 2 B.
  17. Poison Daddies (Opposite of Sugar Daddies) - He takes money OUT of the club and sells assets> Squad pages - Like they were on FML. Instead of just Senior, Reserve, U18 we should be able to create as many different kinds of squads as we like. Custom Columns - Tidying up so they work properly. i.e dont disappear of the page etc. Fonts - Choice of fonts and font sizes for the default skins (Not as important but would be nice)
  18. Or it could just be a mistake by the officials. Should happen a lot more in FM than it currently does.
  19. I have a top of the range laptop. I run 246 leagues from 119 nations with 330,000 players. Because I have way too much time on my hands at this moment in my life I also have the game on maximum detail. It's slow but works. Takes approximately just over an hour to run 1 week. It's more manageable with minimum details and still gives a great feeling for being immersed in a whole World of football.
  20. In the real World wouldn't the selling club go back to the original bidder and offer him for £30m instead of selling for £8m?
  21. It didn't work. Players will not pay for a game when they are not very good. I've seen it happen with plenty of games.
  22. Once again I'm amazed why a local youth would upstick and travel across the country to play for a team below us in the leagues for less money than we offered him. Seriously think when a transfer bid goes sour the game should give us the reason because at the moment it looks a bit broken. Any how back to the friendlies with number 5. Didn't deserve the win but at least now they are starting to play my way with the attitude of you score 5 and we'll score 6. None of this 1-0 rubbish. How dull is that? Another signing. Then our last pre-season game. Which turned out to be an excellent performance.
  23. I had high hopes of getting off the mark win wise with a game against non-league Godmanchester in our 3rd of 6 pre-season games. A lot closer than I wanted and I didn't expect to be 2 goals down either. More players are clearly needed. Here's a couple signed just before our 4th game. Thankfully Raunds weren't a match for us.
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