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  1. Set Pieces are now at best basic and at worse cosmetic. Can I replicate my team's corner tactic in FM15? No. The last couple of incarnations seems to have been based on just taking away options that lead to an exploit instead of re-programming it better.
  2. I find "roles" to be a bit unrealistic. A player will never take so many instructions and then play that way. Basically, most players will go out and play on automatic. As a manager you can get through to him with perhaps 1 or 2 good tactical points and that's about it.
  3. He ACCEPTED what we offered. So obviously it's enough for him. His reasons are he wants to stay as a part time back up down in the lower leagues? Excellent. Then WHY accept £10pw more and actually sign? It's not that it happens. I'm a manager myself so I do know this. It's how OFTEN it's happening and there being no communication from the player as to why the contract he had agreed was not accepted.
  4. I'm still not impressed by money STILL NOT talking in the game. Player agrees a deal with new club for £250pw. Then instead re-signs for his old club (lower league) for a non-contract £40 per game??? By now I would have thought the game would report on why he did this rather than some of the other implements in the game.
  5. I believe the limit is 88 files! Why?
  6. I intend on lots of leagues from every nation. I doubt it would all fit in 1 file.
  7. We are playing against an AI. You can only ever win by taking advantage of an exploit. Even when you aren't aware that you are. The corner exploit is an obvious one. This was dealt with originally simply taking away the ability to do certain things (that you CAN do in real football), instead of programming the defence of the set piece better. Personally when I see an exploit, I will exploit it. It is a game, not real football. In real football, would I not exploit centre backs or goalkeepers that were 5' 3" in height? Absolutely. Therefore I see no difference. However, it is a game and everyone should be able to play it the way they want to without being criticised for it.
  8. Sorry for the bump but... anything guys?
  9. You can do that yourself in the normal game. No need for a file. When deciding on DB size, just click on advanced and then add all players from the 6 confederations. Europe, South America etc. Click on "Players who are this nationality" and you have the maximum database which I believe is approximately 315,000 players.
  10. Hmm either the Bolton researcher didn't fill that in or the game can't produce stands such as the ones at the Macron and at Huddersfield Town.
  11. Sadly just like the amateurs, the big clubs will hog all the best youngsters, who then will just play for B teams. But it would be fun to see how it would work in the FM World.
  12. In previous incarnations it was 69 files max. If it's been taken away and we can have as many as we like, I'll be going on a massive editing spree trying to create every single team and competition in the World as well as re-introducing some old competitions such as the Full Members Cup. I was thinking of bringing back this cup and allow only English players to play in it. Should be fun to see who dominates that trophy in the years to come.
  13. That's because it's from FM 2015 and someone thought it would be a good idea to bump it up. Now I've done it! Thankfully an inundation of "can u do this for 2016" in various threads hasn't materialised yet.
  14. At least you've managed to put this thread in the right place. Unlike the spamming posting that goes on in the download section. If it's [WIP] then it's not a download is it so stop trying to hog the limelight guys? [/rant over] I know the B team option was rejected by the clubs out of hand and I understand it completely. At amateur level the number of 2nd and 3rd sides that prevent clubs moving up the pyramid is very disappointing and personally I would hate say a ManU 2nds being promoted instead of my club.
  15. I'm ignoring it completely. The game already felt like you needed a maths degree and the time to complete one just get a tactic together. The last thing I needed was more stats. Besides, were't these stats already in the game in some form. Looks like the brand name has just been stuck onto them. A professor once told me stats can be used to prove just about anything. That's their strength but also their weakness.
  16. For the past few incarnations we have been limited to 69 as the maximum number of editor files allowed to be imported into a game. Is this limit still there for FM 2016?
  17. The idea that it's wrong to use someone else's tactic is ludicrous. In the real World, they use each others tactics and adjustments all the time. It's a bit like saying it's wrong to use that player as a striker because someone else has done it. Play the game how you want and enjoy. If you don't enjoy it then give up and play something else. Simples.
  18. Hats off to you Daffy. An excellent read. Thanks
  19. I've uploaded a few pkms to SI concerning excessive cards. For me it's too many yellows (leading to reds for 2 yellows). One guy with aggression 14 and no indication from coaches about dirtiness or anything received FIVE reds in the league and TWO more in the cups. Excessive cards affect both human and AI.
  20. Attributes are all a matter of opinion. Also just because a player can score or assist a lot in real life, doesn't mean that with your current team and tactics that he will do the same. On the attributes side, I agree that some look a bit too low however, the researcher disagrees.
  21. "If you're not cheating, you're not trying." - Eddie Guerrero
  22. One of the 1st things I was taught when coaching by a professional was that 99% of the time, a footballer will completely ignore everything you've have said and will go out there and play like he usually does. (Automatic mode). Also if you feed him too much information the last thing you tell him is all he'll remember. The only question about tactics is "Would a manager normally be able to say that to a players(s)"? "I want you defenders to hold a line 14/20." is NOT something he would say. Hence all sliders had to go.
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