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  1. My take on this is simple. How simple it is to fix only SI know. The one and only serious problem is full back ratings. Because they are terribly low they get slated by the fans, press, ex-players. This has a dramatic effect on morale. This causes a even worse performance and so the loop continues leading to regular scores of 4-3, 7-3 and I've even had an 8-6 defeat. :o If it was a quick fix I'm sure SI would have done it by now. Now considering the game is the same for the AI teams in your Division, I do not understand why the AI only has this problem as well when they play against you and
  2. I have come across plenty of transfer offers worth less than a tenth of my players value.
  3. Yeah full back ratings are terrible still. keep getting ex-players telling me to drop them. For now I guess it's my favourite 343 formation.
  4. Also on a side note. Isn't it amazing how many will claim the match engine is brilliant and yet it changes all the time. The ME has good times and bad times and I'm afraid at the moment it's bad. I haven't programmed the game so I have no idea why it's so bad. Some are claiming the full backs are bad and sometimes even just stand there whilst they get dribbled around. I do remember however, way back when, that just a comma out of place would have drastic effects. Also the frustration of finding that comma in hundreds of thousands of lines of code is enough to drive you insane. So I have a lo
  5. Spot on. Put the other way around that a player's ability is irrelevant.
  6. Would love a report on the FULL tactics employed by the AI from my Assistant though after each game. [Maybe FM15]?
  7. The ME is awful at the moment. I used the IGE for a laugh and loaded my championship side with the World's best. Lost 0-1 at home to Wigan then 0-3 at Yeovil! Now no doubt some tactical guru will come on and say "it's your tactics" but please!!!
  8. FML and anything like it will never work financially because in the end players who lose regularly will never pay for the privilege.
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