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  1. 1st game after upgrading to full version and I lose a conference game 6-8 LoL
  2. I've always found that a BWM D will always go well out position to hunt the ball down. So either I'd use a BWM S with another player on defensive duties or use a DLP D, CM D etc.
  3. You would have thought SI would have done this by now. I haven't found a way on the beta yet. :o
  4. Unless it's Royal Mail in which case it's 3 to 5 years Honestly though, I don't understand why people just don't get it through steam. I know you can get it slightly cheaper elsewhere but I've never had a problem with steam and it's a lot more convenient than dealing with a disk.
  5. If you added everything onto FMC that players wanted, it would be the full FM.
  6. The problem with our beloved Bolton is the sheer imbalance of the squad (thanks DF you idiot!) No pace in the team. No one to take the set pieces of any note. I got to the play-off Final in my 1st season. By the start of the 2nd season I thought I'd got in quite a few quality youngsters however, the sack occured about half way through the season with the Wanderers just above the relegation zone.
  7. Aren't there more important things to work on than backwards compatibility? :confused:
  8. There isn't a need for REAL stadiums. However, a little more variations in stadiums would be nice. Featuring some unique items.
  9. With the game as it is wingers perform way too well. I'm sure some how they'll be toned down for the main release.
  10. Wide attacking mids on support duty and have your wingbacks on attack. This should help with overlapping attacks.
  11. What a ludicrous statement. You are doing badly so your tactics MUST be wrong? You do not know that for a fact. Even if you'd have programmed the millions of lines of code you still couldn't know that for a fact. The guy wants help not the usual "it's your tactics" line. The game is far from perfect (obviously cos it's a beta) and has exploitable flaws. However, this does not make me a genius or anyone else a tactical failure.
  12. I wasn't aware there were any limits. Even on FMC you can choose to ignore the limits.
  13. Had a bad day at the office managing my club yesterday in the real World. Now don't get me wrong we won 6-2 but the amount of times players ignored tactical and set piece instructions was infuriating! At the next game I'll have to read the riot act BEFORE the game starts because I will not have that. Anyway back to my point about FM. Do you believe that players ignore instructions enough? It's OK coming up with a brilliant tactic but surely it only works well IF players follow it to the letter which I believe in the real World they do not.
  14. I usually just use the beta for getting used to the game. Then I'll start a fresh when the official release comes out.
  15. Let's be honest you would have thought Woolworths would out last Argos.
  16. That's just an opinion that differs from the Wrexham researcher's. It's not a game problem.
  17. Just waiting for the "Instant Result" skin then I'm on my career.
  18. Next just the instant result button and I'm a happy bunny.
  19. I see that as always "We're seriously over run in midfield" despite leading 7-0 Sorry. Couldn't resist that one. Why do you not have the side bar to be the same colours as the team you've clicked on?
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