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  1. I have several unhappy players in the reserves and U19's (about 4-7 each) complaining about wanting more first team football about half way through the season.  Some of these players have played in every reserve team game (19 or 20) so far.  This is a big change from FM18 so I was wondering if this is by design where I should be more aggressive loaning out the majority of my reserves and U19's or if this seems excessively high.  I'm playing as Penarol in Uruguay.

  2. When I set a tactic in slots 2 or 3 as the primary trained tactic it appears to work; however, the next day the tactic in slot 1 is reset as the primary trained tactic.  So this raises some questions.  Must the primary tactic only be in tactic slot 1, is this only an interface issue, or is this not working correctly?

    I noticed just now that the training screen correctly displays it as the primary trained tactic.  So there seems to be a mismatch between the two screens.

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