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  1. The clear cut chance statistic is quite wild and, as others have said on these forums, they'll avoid using it. Watch the shots that count as a clear cut chance and then decide for yourself if you think they are, or are not. Example: Cross comes in, 5" 2' striker heads it and keeper pulls off a save. Counts as a Clear Cut Chance. What that doesn't tell you is, how powerful was it headed? Where was it headed to? How good is the keeper? Was he already positioned correctly to save it?
  2. Age, reputation and squad status also play a role
  3. There are no nefarious FM-gods who will the AI teams to suddenly improve, or force your teams to lose. Or your players to play poorly. It is that the other teams are taking you as a serious rival and you need to plan according to that
  4. Is it possible to work it into the box, and play a shorter game while having a Target Man up front? Your players will be looking to play it up to Benteke as often as possible. Also, with the Target Man, why have a playmaker in behind him and another one on the middle midfield line? There's 3 players your other players will be looking to get the ball to asap
  5. I'll probably get a bit of a bashing for this, but I'm not sure this is that much of a problem as I'd guess that FM isn't/wasn't designed to be played past (like) 5 seasons. If every AI manager was further tuned to "do/think" more, it could be more intensive on the processor, RAM etc grinding the game to a halt (perhaps) on PCs that can usually run it.
  6. It might also be that he's just not interested in representing Turkey over his over his other nationality
  7. Why should they when the nation doesn't fulfill the requirements to participate in the competition? -- Edit: Looking over the entry rules, it doesn't seem to prohibit them entry. Could raise it as a bug for an explanation from SI perhaps?
  8. Why should they when the nation doesn't fulfill the requirements to participate in the competition?
  9. Depends on you really. Personally I start with a report card and review that and a basic overview of the player, then from that decided if I would bother to scout further or not. E.g. Report card pulls out that the player is injury prone, I'd probably move on instantly
  10. They do, if that team is allowed to enter in the Champions League.
  11. Not a problem! Scouting was developed a lot on the last few games to be more realistic. Purchases have to be considered and scouts have more of a role to play in that
  12. Yes it would be because they didn't scout any games. 1 report card only won't give you too much information into the player's quality.
  13. Unfortunately Lichtenstein do not have a national league and, so, cannot enter the Champion's League. However, congrats for still achieving something pretty challenging!
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