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  1. Nothing "hidden" that I know of. DLF is, as it says in the name, less forward positioned striker - especially vs. a Complete Forward. Good choice to swap to stop a striker being isolated. I assume your DLF still has "Hold Ball" which will also help link up play
  2. Going going to have to read and study this one since I'm playing in Brazil and avoiding playing the 4-2-2-2, instead trying to find it's weak spot and revelling it that joy. You've been warned Cleon
  3. Ahhh we found a bug I did wonder why he would occasionally charge down a man where others wouldn't.
  4. Quite the shame as I'm not sure he's pressing much more than another striker on "sometimes" closing down as well. I'll have to keep an eye out and rewatch my last match where he played the entire game. So far, I've found that the 2 strikers on support don't quite drop back as far as I would like - but then I'm not sure they'd ever track back to follow DCMs/MCs so I'm not too worried. Especially with the DCM at the base we've still got a solid three defending. Fortunately I seem to be facing the 4-2-2-2 nearly every week (you must of had similar with Santos) and the lack of width isn't too
  5. Okay looking over this and I think I might have to ask for a bit of advice on making a 4-3-3 high-block work with the striking partnership. Since there are 3 strikers I've taken one from each of the categories: Creative (DLF-S), Support (DF-S/D) & Attacking (AF) with the hope that they'll press the backline/keeper into either a mistake or a long ball which we can quickly recycle. Managing in Brazil at the moment, it seems I face the 4-2-2-2 formation a lot of the time, which helps as with a DCM that long ball is hopefully collected by us and recycled into a forward attack. Now two thing'
  6. Makes sense completely! In my head I was thinking that the 'tactical roles' develop players quicker/more because they focus on more skills rather than just one. However I guess that they spread the load out more, thus more gradual increases, whereas a focus on an attribute has more potential of seeing a spike in that attribute?
  7. Ah okay - do you see much change in that 2 month period? In my head I imagine it takes 6 - 12 months for anything to happen
  8. Serbia and Croatia has a few other excellent youth development clubs, although Belgium is pretty vogue at the moment On this thread, it was pointed out that if you set reminders on your notes they move a day or two annually. But I assume you don't set reminders?
  9. Really awesome thread and concept. Loved the previous one and am glad I can keep us with this one, especially about tracking development. Tempts me to do a game in Belgium now Notes section was interesting and I'd love to see more about how you track developmen, reminders etc. Does the annual date move make it slightly difficult though?
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