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  1. Truro City - Season 2021/22 - National League South - 2nd Season Review - I went into this season off the back of making the play offs last year, only to crash out at the first hurdle. I was happy enough with the core of the squad and knew with a few signings we could make the play offs again and hopefully go one step further. League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Fixtures 3) (Positions) We sat top of the pile for a brief moment early on in the season but after that we maintained a play off spot. We made 2nd place ours and with that we move onto the play offs. Could we make up for
  2. Truro City - Season 2020/21 - National League South - 6th Season Review - I feel the season was really a story of FM20. It was played through 3 different patches and things went differently with each one. Had I managed to finish the season during the public beta things may have ended a lot differently but then maybe the patch would have hit even harder if it had? Anyway, after a small hiatus I can at least say the first season is done and things can hopefully settle down now. League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Fixtures 3) (Positions) Can you tell when my game updated from the p
  3. I can't say I've had the best of times with FM20. Probably the most enjoyable period I have had was with the public beta back in January. Sadly that came to an end and I had a bit of a break from the game yet again. However, the pull of the game was too much and I have just managed to finish my first season with Truro and have managed to make the play offs. In all my years doing this challenge I think this is only the second time I have made it to them. Fingers crossed for a happy ending!
  4. I've just observed some very odd behaviour from two of my players when defending a corner kick. All my defending corner instructions are the default. Dickinson (no. 3) is standing at the near post like he should. For some reason Jephcott (no. 17) comes walking towards the near post and it seems that the two are pushed into the net. At this point they appear to be completely inactive and stay there for the corner and the attack after. When I end up getting a corner they wake up. It looked like they had merged together when watching on 2D classic. Dickinson, my DL, was set to 'Mark near p
  5. I've had a little time to settle down with the public beta and I'm enjoying it a lot more than the official patch. I debated doing other saves or choosing a different team but I feel like I've got unfinished business down South West. So I'm back with another shot with Truro and hopefully this time I will have a bit more joy with the ME...
  6. Thus ends my time as Truro manager. Not because of relegation. Not because of results (though I'm sure that was only a matter of time). But because I didn't drop our best left back despite promising the board I would do so. Obviously not playing him for a single match wasn't deemed as sufficient enough. Oh well... That has to have been one of the worst times I have had playing FM. I cannot work out if my tactic was to blame or my players. Things were going ok until December and then it was as if my strikers all just forgot how to score. I think it was 3 goals from them in total since then
  7. What would people consider to be the easiest and hardest teams to manage for this challenge? I'm struggling through my second season as Truro, due to my ability to play the game more than likely, and I'm getting the impression that improving the squad is going to be very difficult given few players are willing to relocate to Cornwall. I would guess London based teams would be significantly easier.
  8. Truro City - Season 2020/21 - National League South - 11th Season Review - I was nervous at the start that the board expected too much of me. In the end we did what we needed to do where it mattered. Obviously I managed to impress people as I somehow ended up winning Manager of the Year. Now my fanboys and I can look ahead to a bright future of eventual Cornish dominance. League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Fixtures 3) (Positions) The board wanted top half, the board got top half. Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) Perhaps I was too willing to rotate in some of these matches
  9. After missing FM19, I'm jumping back this year with Truro City. Slightly concerned that I won't be able to meet the expectation of a top half finish but I am comforted that at least one fan doesn't consider my reign as something to dread.
  10. It was enjoyable while it lasted. Don’t think we disgraced ourselves at all but if you can’t score goals from open play you are eventually going to be found out.
  11. How many of these corners have we been asleep for?
  12. I think I’m about ready to accept we aren’t about to mess this up now!
  13. Poor match. Didn’t create much but the important thing is we won. Bring on Sweden!
  14. Get in! Half expecting VAR to flag something against us there!
  15. Weymouth - Season 2018/2019 - National League South - 15th A season that threatened to go somewhere ended up with a disappointing slide into 15th place. Though my aim was always to survive, being only a few points off of the play offs mid-season gave me a little bit of hope that the season wouldn't end after 42 matches. However, with survival secured the team took an early holiday and hopes of anything more faded away. So it was job done but I feel like it could have been so much more... League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) It started off rough, got better and then wen
  16. It's been a while but I'm back in for another attempt at it this year. Hopefully this time I will actually manage to get promoted at least once! I'm sure Weymouth will not regret their decision to hire me...
  17. Tonbridge Angels - 2017/18 - National League South - 16th Manager Profile Back for yet another go at this. After failing to survive a single season in my past six attempts I have finally managed to avoid relegation! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and I will finally succeed in achieving at least one promotion... National League South - Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Our form came in blocks over the season. We either won/drew for a few matches or we lost for a few matches. Fortunately, in the end, we were good enough to stay up despite the familiar feeling of looming oblivi
  18. St Neots Town FC - Season 2016/17 - Conference North - 14th Overview: The season started off with poor results leading to a changing room revolt. That was sorted quickly. The season ended with our poor form leading to a board room meeting. Crying to the board about the number of injuries we have had made them take pity on me and offer me a new contract the next day. So I live on to fight for what I hope to be at least another season as an under-fire manager... Conference North We had spells of good form and we had spells of torrid form. Unfortunately the torrid form far outweighed anything
  19. I forgot to write an update after my first season ended unspectacularly so I was happily looking forward to posting something after I finish my second season. Doesn't look like there will be much to look forward to though. Two games left of the season and the board don't seem to have any intention on renewing my contract with my team under performing in the league. How lenient are the boards with missing league objectives?
  20. Yeah I was putting it down to it being the lower leagues. I'm mainly getting red injuries and players out for a good few weeks because of it. I've long since learnt to not sub the orange ones!
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