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  1. I think you are in for a shock tbh. The new rules have already had a significant affect on clubs in the UK IRL, perhaps not so much at the top level but at lower levels which is the main aim. You are citing Eden Hazard as an example but he isn't the sort of player that the new rules are designed to block from playing. He is a regular international for a top nation and would get a permit under old or new rules. You also seem to be missing the point that currently players from EU nations receive preferential treatment, all Brexit will do is apply the same rules to every player outside of the UK and all of them will be treated equally.
  2. Australia With the season over I resign from Wellington Phoenix to concentrate on the Australia role where I'm being paid more in a month than I was getting in a year before. Nickname: The Socceroos Rival Nations: New Zealand, England, Japan, Iran, Uruguay & Croatia Current World Ranking: 31st Honours Asian Nations Cup: Winners (2015), Runners-up (2011) Confederations Cup: Runners-up (1997) Oceania Nations Cup: Winners (1980, 1996, 2000, 2004), Runners-up (1998, 2002) Recent History Australia were pushed in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup finishing 2nd in the final group behind Japan & just 2 points ahead of the UAE. They were drawn in group A where they suffered a heavy defeat against Uruguay before drawing with both Poland & Russia. Next up was the 2019 Asian Cup where they cruised through the group, beat Kyrgyzstan on penalties before going out on penalties to China in the quarter finals. Currently they are involved in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Eight wins out of eight has seen them through the 2nd Round Group Stage with the Final Group Stage due to start in a few months. Star Players Mathew Ryan (28yo Australian GK) – 71 Caps After three years as a starter with Valencia (Spanish First Division) he moved to Monaco (French Ligue 1) for £10.25m at the beginning of this season. Alex Gersbach (23yo Australian DL) – 23 Caps Looks the part but despite earning a rep he hasn't really achieved much. A squad player at Rosenborg (Norwegian Premier Division) he moved to Brentford (English Premier Division) for £1m in 2018. Relegation was followed by a £2.1m move to Bologna (Italian Serie A) where again he has been very average. Aaron Mooy (29yo Australian MC/DM) – 61 Caps, 10 Goals A well travelled playmaker who needs to settle and hopefully find his best form. Since signing for Man City (English Premier Division) in 2016 he has had loan spells in England (Huddersfield), Spain (Sevilla) & Italy (Roma) but finally got a permanent move signing for Columbus (MLS) in January for £1.9m. Apostolos Giannou (30yo Australian ST/AMC) – 24 Caps, 8 Goals Another player who has moved around a lot. Spent a lot of his career in Greece before moving to Fuli (Chinese Super League) in 2016 for £1.8m. It turned out to be a bust as he hardly played but after being released he joined Kaizer Chiefs (South African Premiership) last year where his form has rapidly improved.
  3. Then you are doing something badly wrong because the rest of us do get players who make it to the first team on a semi regular basis. You have to give them a chance to succeed.
  4. Australia (New Zealand) Wellington Phoenix FC Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season Summary Hyundai A-League We started well, got out in front and never looked back as the battle behind was for the playoff spots. The Mariners finished strongly to take 2nd while the Wanderers claimed the last playoff spot in the final weeks of the season for the second year in a row. Much like last season though the teams in the playoff spots after the first few weeks stayed there while those outside were always chasing. The playoffs pretty much went with seeding aside from our defeat to Sydney in the semi finals. The Mariners were the best team towards the end of the season and lifted their 3rd Grand Final trophy. FFA Cup We crashed & burned in the first round as it went to an all Melbourne final. The Victory got bragging rights as they lifted their 3rd FFA Cup in five seasons. Awards We were amongst the awards again this season. Club Review Hyundai A-League – Winners Hyundai A-League Finals Series – Semi Finals FFA Cup - 1st Round It was a disappointing start to the season in the Cup but the team bounced back to win the regular season in style. We ended with a disappointing defeat in the Finals series but I'm happy to be leaving Wellington having delivered a clean sweep of all three trophies available to the club. Squad Review Goalkeepers My intent at the beginning of the season was to give Italiano some game time but consistent performances by Rodic saw him keep the jersey before Kamaruddin joined us in January. Kamaruddin has potential and showed signs he could be a top notch keeper for Wellington in the future but he needs a little more improvement before challenging Rodic for the starting role. Silvio Rodic (32yo Croatian GK) - 23 apps, 20 conceded, 11 clean sheets, Ave Rating: 6.85 Muhd Faris Kamaruddin (20yo Malaysian GK) – 6 (1) apps, 12 conceded, 0 clean sheets, Ave Rating: 6.93 Fullbacks What I learned this season is that Rossi is much more suited to the middle of defence as he has got older. This left Doyle to produce his best season yet on the left while Fenton continued to be first choice on the right. Brindell-South covered both sides but despite being aggressive and forward thinking we just seem to concede more when he is in the side. Tom Doyle (27yo New Zealand DL/DC) – 22 apps, 0 goals, 3 assists, Ave Rating: 7.00 Louis Fenton (27yo New Zealand DR/MRC) – 17 (5) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.90 Joshua Brindell-South (27yo Australian DRL) – 12 (9) apps, 0 goals, 5 assists, Ave Rating: 6.89 Central Defence I was expecting Boxall to be the one who started to show his age but he actually upped his performances from last season unlike Rossi & Williams who both dipped a little. Calver came in and got chances but he looks a little short of being a regular starter while Baravilala doesn't seem to have moved forward and is likely to be released at some stage. Marco Rossi (32yo Italian DLC) – 25 apps, 0 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 7.03 Michael Boxall (31yo New Zealand DC/DR) – 20 apps, 3 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 7.13 Rhys Williams (31yo Australian DC, MC/DM) – 23 (1) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.97 Aaron Calver (24yo Australian DC/DR) – 14 (1) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.85 Koloni Baravilala (19yo New Zealand DC) – 0 apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: - Midfield It was another steady season from Kantarovski as he did the dirty work in the DM role. Further forward Ridenton pushed Howieson hard for the DLP role but it was in the attacking role where there was a changing of the guard. McGlinchey played well but age is catching up with him fast while in his place Rufer was the star of midfield as he had a real breakout season. This left Granger to take his first steps in the main squad but he didn't get many chances. Ben Kantarovski (28yo Australian DM/DC, MC) – 23 (4) apps, 1 goal, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.95 Michael McGlinchey (33yo New Zealand AMC/AMRL) – 15 (6) apps, 1 goal, 5 assists, Ave Rating: 7.00 Cameron Howieson (25yo New Zealand AMC/AML, ST) – 18 (4) apps, 1 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.90 Matthew Ridenton (24yo New Zealand MC/DM) – 11 (9) apps, 1 goal, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 6.98 Alex Rufer (23yo New Zealand MC/MR, ST) – 14 (3) apps, 6 goals, 3 assists, Ave Rating: 7.42 Simon Granger (18yo New Zealand MC/AMC) – 0 (5) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.78 Wingers There were less chances for the wingers this season as we played the wingbacks more often but when we did Parkhouse was again the pick of the wide players. Epifano did ok covering both wings but he has never really found the level I would like and my plan was to release him. Likewise age is catching up with Krishna on the right and with his performances trending downwards he is another that I was going to release. It wasn't all negative though as 17yo Tom Stroud took his first steps in the senior team and already looks ready to replace Krishna. Adam Parkhouse (28yo Australian ML) – 15 (6) apps, 2 goals, 8 assists, Ave Rating: 7.10 Roy Krishna (32yo Fijian AMRL, ST) – 6 (5) apps, 2 goals, 2 assists, Ave Rating: 6.87 Nick Epifano (25yo Australian AMRL/AMC) – 13 (4) apps, 2 goals, 3 assists, Ave Rating: 6.88 Tom Stroud (17yo New Zealand MR) – 3 (3) apps, 2 goals, 2 assists, Ave Rating: 7.10 Forwards New signing Dennis turned out to be a bit disappointing as he never got with the program. We didn't need him though as Pedrozo continued to impress with Rogerson offering a solid alternative. 18yo IJzerman went out on loan where he had plenty of match time but didn't really perform before breaking his ankle on International duty. Fabricio Pedrozo (27yo Argentinian ST/AML) – 23 (3) apps, 17 goals, 6 assists, Ave Rating: 7.17 Logan Rogerson (21yo New Zealand ST/AMRL) – 11 (12) apps, 9 goals, 5 assists, Ave Rating: 7.10 Dennis (28yo Brazilian ST/AMC) – 5 (5) apps, 3 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.77 Sven IJzerman (18yo New Zealand ST) – 15 (1) apps, 3 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.46 (On Loan)
  5. Yes but I'm not keen on doing both at once. Currently I have got both but there is a gap between Wellington's last match of the season & the next Australia game.
  6. Australia (New Zealand) Wellington Phoenix FC Hyundai A-League April 2020 Brisbane seem to be rebuilding with several youngsters playing this season. I would have liked to have given some of ours a chance but with this match being just our second in a month I also need to keep match fitness up on the main players. It turns out to be a comfortable win as Rufer plays Parkhouse in for the first early on before Parkhouse turned creator in the second half crossing for McGlinchey to fire in. We could and probably should have had a few more but it doesn't matter. Last match of the season and we had nothing to play for. Wanderers take the early lead through a direct freekick but we level when Epifano crosses for Stroud to score his first senior goal. We went behind again in the second half when Kamaruddin makes a poor choice to come for a cross leaving their striker to get up in front nodding into an empty net. After wasting a few chances we level late on when Rogerson breaks down the left crossing to find Stroud who fires in his second. Overall we should have won, we created enough chances and I'm not really sure how Wanderers scored two. ***Manager News*** I've been thinking about moving on for a while having achieved pretty much all I can at Wellington but so far only Sydney have shown any interest. As I'm preparing for the Finals Series though an offer arrives that I can't say no to. I'll see out the season with Wellington before taking over. Hyundai A-League Finals Series Elimination Round The Victory were fairly comfortable winners over the Wanderers but Sydney needed extra time to edge out the Jets. The Mariners draw MV in the semis leaving Sydney facing ourselves. Semi Final The Mariners are the form team going into the Finals series but they have to come from behind with a late penalty in extra time seeing them scrape through in a close match. Semi Final We were just missing the one player but it was an important one in club captain, Rhys Williams. In the regular season we lost away to Sydney 3-2 while both home games ended in 1-0 wins for us. This match was no different as its close with few chances. After a slow start we open the scoring when McGlinchey breaks down the right squaring for Rufer to fire in. That seemed to be about the lot until Zullo fired in from the edge of the box on 71 minutes to take it into extra time. I don't know whether it was tiredness or complacency but the team got worse as the match went on with Grant winning it for Sydney in extra time as I bowed out in disappointing fashion. Grand Final The Mariners do what we can't as they grab an early goal and hold on despite strong Sydney pressure.
  7. I understand that and its unfortunate but its the risk you take when using a non SI created database. I'm presuming that you didn't create the database base yourself so the best thing you could do is to contact the database creator to ask if others have had the same issue and has it been corrected. The bottom line though is its unlikely to be something you could fix via the editor for your save as there could be a number of other knock on issues. You could try posting it in the bugs forum but you need to mention that you are using a different database, probably also where you got it from and provide a link to it. Maybe SI would have a look at it if they have time but I suspect the answer will be there is nothing they can do.
  8. Cheers for that makes it so much easier. The bad news though is that its probably linked to the database you are using. I see you have either edited the database or are using a downloaded one that includes a lot of the German lower leagues. The answer in these situations is usually that its the edits to the database that have caused the issue and SI will refer you back to the database creator. Its not just your team that has an issue, you can see it with Stuttgart who finished 6th in 2019/20 but played in the Champions League in the 2020/21 season which is clearly wrong.
  9. Yeah that looks odd given the info you have posted above. I could ask more questions but probably easier to wait for the save if you are going to upload it to a sharing site somewhere. I looked throught the German league issues in the bugs forum and no-one has posted anything similar to your issue. The two main questions to ask now are: A) Have you added any editor files or edited the default database in the save? B) Have the previous seasons allocated the European spots correctly?
  10. Indeed thats does look ok so we need to dig a bit deeper. I notice you haven't actually completed the season yet so the season summary probably won't be available until later in June. How do you know who has qualified for Europe? From the league table? Can you post up an image of the league table to showing Mochengladbach as having qualified for Europe. There is usually a reason and whilst you might have found a bug I would have expected that many others would have found it as well by now which suggests there is a reason. Easiest way would be if you could upload your save game and then we could look at it without having to ask questions back & forth. EDIT Would also be handy to see a pic of the "Continental qualification" section of the rules page for the German First Division.
  11. Whilst thats true its not the answer in this case as the OP has said that Mochengladbach are playing in Europe after finishing 8th, two places below the OP's team. @bartosz1947 First thing you should look at is the German season summary, it will list the European qualifiers & how they qualified. The most likely reason you haven't qualified is that you have broken FFP regulations as could be the case with Stuttgart who finished 7th meaning the last place went to Mochengladbach in 8th.
  12. Australia (New Zealand) Wellington Phoenix FC Hyundai A-League March 2020 ***Manager News*** The Sydney manager was recently sacked and the media are listing me as the favourite to take over. I would be open to a move but not to another A-League side so I play down the questions. A few days later I'm offered an interview which I also decline. ***Transfer News*** We are a little top heavy currently in midfield and I've been tracking a 24yo NZ International DM/MC who plays for a NZ Premiership side. He looks like a good addition to the squad who could cover three roles/positions (DM, DLP or DR) but the problem is he would have to take someone elses place in the squad. With Granger an U21 it would have to be Howieson, Rufer or McGlinchey with 33yo McGlinchey the obvious option having significantly declined this last year. Unfortunately the DOF can't agree terms with the player so I put it on the back burner for now and will maybe try again closer to the end of the season. Five games to go & we have a 12 point lead over 2nd placed Melbourne Victory which is enough to rotate a bit more. I start Kamaruddin in goal while putting 17yo Stroud on the bench. Lowry had what you call a bad day at the office as he deflected in a Doyle cross before also deflecting a Rufer shot past the keeper. No doubt about the third though as Rufer rifles in from the edge of the box while Stroud comes off the bench crossing for Parkhouse to make it four. Two late goals take the shine off the win as complacency sets in but it makes no odds as we are crowned Regular Season Champions. With the title in the bag its a chance for the younger players to get game time while I concentrate on keeping match fitness up. Dennis, Stroud & Kamaruddin all start in what proves to be a really dull game for 75 minutes. MV only manage a couple of shots while we have a few more but mainly from distance. Rogerson comes off the bench to force in a Brindell-South cross but MV equalise with a good move. Rogerson looked to have won it late on when McGlinchey played him through before Rossi, under no pressure at all, somehow managed to head a corner into his own net in injury time. I have the option of postponing the Mariners match as we are missing five (Doyle, Howieson, Krishna, Rufer & Rogerson) who are on International duty but I don't see the point as we can cope without them. We got off to a flyer winning the ball in midfield and releasing Stroud down the right who then squares it for Pedrozo to tap in. That seemed to fire the Mariners up though and they should have been quickly level when Kantarovski stuck his foot out in the box but Rodic saved the penalty while the follow up rattled the post. They were soon level though when our defence got sliced open before Pedrozo put us back in front after a good pass by Ridenton. I warned the team about complacency during the break but they don't seem to listen as the Mariners are level again within a minute of kickoff. This time though the match settled with both defences looking better and everyone was just waiting for the final whistle when Buhagier got between defenders slotting into the corner to win the match.
  13. Yeah, you just transfer it like any other document. All you need to know is where you've saved it on the new PC. Once you open FM just click load game and select the file it was saved in. The only thing you might need to be aware of is that both PCs must be running the same game version of FM which they both will be if they have both been updated with the patches SI have released.
  14. Starting questions would be: A) Are you sure you are on the right Steam account, did you buy/activate it this year on a different Steam account? B) Have you clicked one of the filters at the top of your library therefore hiding it?
  15. Every time is isolated & individual in FM as in players are not coded to understand a build up of cards over the season. The general rule of thumb is: 2 yellows = warning straight red = 1 week fine violent red = 2 week fine In terms of advantages/disadvantages it depends what the warning/fine is for. For bad tackles I believe it has a random chance of reducing aggression and maybe hidden attributes such as dirtiness. The disadvantage of not doing it is that other players can become annoyed (depending on their personality) with the way you are handling the squad - eg lack of discipline. In terms of poor performance which is anything under a 6.4 you should pretty much always warn when you have the chance. A player with a bad personality might get annoyed but the positive side is if he agrees with the warning then you get a boost to either/both work rate & determination.