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  1. Poland Pogon Szczecin Ekstraklasa 2022/23 Season Preview Polish Ekstraklasa Once again just minor changes in the media odds. The three L's are still expected to fight it out at the top. Jagiellonia's odds have edged out a little, Wisla Krakow's have come in a little, we are still in the mid table group while the promoted teams are expected to struggle. Board Expectations Its as you were with he board and they are on a par with the media & my own expectations. Polish Ekstraklasa – Top Half Polish FA Cup – Quarter Finals Pogon Szczecin Squad After the changes last year so far its been a much quieter transfer window as the squad is taking shape. Three fringe players left, Stachowiak got released and we sold Kozak while two young Polish players came in on bosmans. With money an issue I'm also turning to our youth team for cheaper squad options. We have talent in there I've just got to be careful to feed them in gradually. Starzycki made the step up last season while strikers Adamkiewicz & Jovic made an impact towards the end of the season. This year I've added four more to the main squad to give it depth. Overall I've registered 20 players (Max 25) while we also have six U21s. In terms of the rules we have four club trained players (three needed) and 13 nation trained (eight needed) not including the U21s. In terms of formations I seem to have virtually fully moved to a wing backs system which explains the lack of wingers in the squad while it makes good use of our depth in midfield. Goalkeepers With Stachowiak leaving we have no clear number one but we have three 2.5* players looking to take their chance. Leszczynski has been the reliable backup for the last couple of years while new signing, Wroblewski will be looking to establish himself. However both might have to give way to a fast improving 18yo. Home grown Hinc has come on in leaps & bounds whilst on loan last season and with 5* potential he could be claiming the number one jersey sooner rather than later. Rafal Leszczynski (30yo Polish GK) – 1 Cap Tomasz Wroblewski (22yo Polish GK) Jozef Hinc (18yo Polish GK) Fullbacks It was all change on the left last year as two new DLs joined us and they will again share the work. Puchacz is better suited to the wing back role while Martuszewski is more defensive but is working on the attacking side of his game. On the right Rapa is starting to decline and wanting to end his career back home in Romania but for now he is still here while Gucek is the alternative. I've also promoted 20yo Pustelnik who had a frustrating season out on loan last year with not much game time. He is a two footed player who can play on either side of the field. A small pacy player who needs work on the technical side of his game. We also have 21yo winger Tomasz Wrobel who I signed last year. He really doesn't have a place in the wing backs formation but is working on training as an attacking option at WBL. Tymoteusz Puchasz (23yo Polish DL/ML) Piotr Martuszewski (23yo Polish DL) Cornel Rapa (32yo Romanian DR) – 5 Caps Luka Gucek (23yo Slovenian DR) Radoslaw Pustelnik (20yo Polish DR/DL) Tomasz Wrobel (21yo Polish ML) Central Defence Not much change in the middle from the end of last season. Kolinger, Wieteska & Colley are the main starters while Nauber and new signing Pawlowski offer solid replacements. Pawlowski has already shown in the friendlies that he seems ready for the first team. Like Kolinger his main strength is in the air whereas the other three are more rounded. I also have the option of using DM Makowski who is probably more suited to DC than MC in the wing backs system. Denis Kolinger (28yo German DC) Omar Colley (29yo Gambian DC) – 45 Caps, 5 Goals Mateusz Wieteska (25yo Polish DC/DR, DM) Gerrit Nauber (30yo German DC/DM) Lukasz Pawlowski (21yo Polish DC) Central Midfield Kozak has gone but with two youngsters promoted we have eight players fighting for three starting places. Makowski & Aytov are the main defensive MCs but we also have 19yo Bartosik who made a handful of appearances last year which might see Makowski switching to DC. New club captain, Kowalczyk is our main DLP, natural winger Letniowski proved he could play the attacking role last year while Piotrowski is a good squad player capable of covering BWM, DLP or WBR. I'm still undecided whether Starzycki is better as a playmaker or a runner but he can cover both while I've also promoted a potential star in 19yo Kolodziejczyk. After a good season on loan last year he is the main reason I sold Kozak, much like Starzycki I'm not sure if he is better as a playmaker or runner but for now he can cover both while we see if he can realise his potential. If that wasn't enough we still have no less than eight players in the reserves/U18s who potentially could be first team players in the future. Rafal Makowski (25yo Polish DM/DC, MC) Vladimir Aytov (26yo Bulgarian DM, MC/DC) Arkadiusz Bartosik (19yo Polish DM/MC) Jakub Piotrowski (24yo Polish MC/DM, MR) Sebastian Kowalczyk (23yo Polish MC/DM, AMC) Juliusz Letniowski (24yo Polish MLC/MR) Blazej Starzycki (22yo Polish MC/DM, AMC) Daniel Kolodziejczyk (19yo Polish MC/DM, AMC) Strikers Zwolinski has left and with the transfer embargo I haven't been able to bring anyone else in. That leaves us with two main players and two youngsters who made an impact towards the end of last season. Listkowski really broke through last year from a squad player to a starter as he provides the foil for Sanogo. Adamkiewicz is a potential star but it isn't clear what type of role suits him. An athletic player with some vision he is capable of taking over from Listkowski in the creative role but he can also play an advanced role or a defensive one. Jack of all trades, master of none? perhaps and I need to find a way to get the best out of him. I don't have the same issue with the other youngster, Jovic. He is clearly an out & out striker with an eye for goal. Not a typical pacy striker but has good movement and he is far from useless in the air. Yaya Sanogo (29yo French ST/AML) Marcin Listkowski (24yo Polish ST/AMC) Mariusz Adamkiewicz (19yo Polish ST/AMR) Slobodan Jovic (18yo Montenegrin ST)
  2. Poland Pogon Szczecin Ekstraklasa 2022/23 Pre-Season Players Out Seven players left the club at the end of their contracts from the reserve & youth teams but just the one from the main squad after the upheaval over the last year. Adam Stachowiak (35yo Polish GK) – Released at end of contract Time at Pogon: 5 years, Apps: 165, Clean Sheets: 52 Unfortunately age was catching up with him and getting rid of his high wage is a bonus. Once again I might have to sell a couple of players to raise some cash and several players have clubs watching them as the transfer window opens: Mateusz Wieteska (DC) – Major interest from Gornik & KGHM Zaglebie Denis Kolinger (DC) – Minor interest from KGHM Zaglebie & Berlin-Kopenick Dammfeld (German Second Division) Jedrzej Mostwik (DC) – Major interest from Arka, Cracovia, Korona & Piast Cornel Rapa (DR) – Minor interest from Hammarby (Swedish Premier Division) Aleksa Amanovic (DL) – Major interest from Arka Vladimir Aytov (DM) – Major interest from Dundee (Scottish Premiership) Jakub Piotrowski (MC) – Major interest from Korona Jozef Kozak (MC) – Major interest from Dundee, minor from Alessandria (Italian Serie B) Yaya Sanogo (ST) – Major interest from FC Midtjylland (Danish Superliga), minor from Elche (Spanish Second Division) & Legia Marcin Listkowski (ST) – Major interest from Cracovia, Gornik, KGHM Zaglebie, Inverness CT (Scottish Premiership) & Osijek (Croatian First League) + minor from Dundee & US Orleans (French Ligue 2) Lukasz Zwolinski (ST) – Major interest from Piast & Slask The ones I would like to sell are Amanovic who is now 3rd choice at DL & Zwolinski who constantly disappoints up front. I'm also open to selling Mostwik (DC) who doesn't look like making it as a regular starter while Cornel Rapa is again feeling homesick and after having a leave of absence in January its only fair I let him go this time. Early offers came from Scottish clubs as Dundee bid £250k for Aytov while Inverness CT suggested £225k for Listkowski. Over the next couple of weeks two Russian clubs made offers Wieteska while Auxerre wanted Kowalczyk for £235k. All far too low though and all rejected. With friendlies underway the more serious offers arrive on my desk. I offered Amanovic out and got three bids which I accepted. We didn't get much for him but he was surplus to requirements and it got him off the wage bill: Aleksa Amanovic (25yo Macedonian DL) – Sold to Bruk-Bet for £24k (£35k) Time at Pogon: 7 years, Apps: 86, Goals: 1, Assists: 3 Striker Zwolinski soon follows him out the door in similar circumstances: Lukasz Zwolinski (29yo Polish ST) – Sold to Piast for £51k (£63k) Time at Pogon: 13 years, Apps: 225, Goals: 45, Assists: 1 The next round of offers sees me reject a £275k one from FC Utrecht (Holland) for Kowalczyk & a £675k bid from KGHM Zaglebie for Sanogo. I do accept three offers although one is a loan from a Romanian club for Rapa which he ends up rejecting. I'm fine with that, if he chooses to stay for one more season before leaving at the end of his contract it'll be even better. Jedrzej Mostwik (21yo Polish DC) – Sold to Piast for £275k (£350k) Time at Pogon: 2 years, Apps: 25, Goals: 2, Assists: 0 Despite looking good on paper and having potential he just wasn't performing on the pitch although I am having second thoughts that he might be close to making a breakthrough. That said with Pawlowski joining on a bosman we really can't offer him the game time he needs. Jozef Kozak (21yo Slovakian AMC) – Sold to KGHM Zaglebie for £1.1m (£1.5m) Selling one of your star players isn't normally recommended but we need to sell a couple of players and midfield is the area we have good depth in with several younger players pushing for places. It was also a tough decision to sell him to a league rival but we need the money and he wasn't exactly outstanding on the pitch so I'm confident we can replace him. Players In Two bosman deals join us after being agreed last season: Tomasz Wroblewski (22yo Polish GK) – Signed on a bosman from Legia A product of the Legia academy but never broke through to the main squad. He had a loan spell in the First Division a couple of years ago where he looked fairly solid but it remains to be seen if he can make the step up. He is a well rounded keeper with a good attitude but my staff feel he lacks a little quality. On paper he is similar to Leszczynski and I'm hoping we can get some improvement out of him over the next couple of seasons. Lukasz Pawlowski (21yo Polish DC) – Signed on a bosman from Legia Pretty much the same story as Wroblewski, Legia academy, didn't make the first team, one spell out on loan. Pawlowski is the defender I actually tried to sign last summer but the DOF couldn't agree a deal. Far from the finished product but good basics, plenty of potential & a good attitude. Will start as a squad player but could be a long term replacement for Kolinger if he improves in the next couple of seasons. With those two arriving I actually have no plans to buy anyone. With no transfer budget I'm stuck with freebies anyway but I'm fairly happy with the squad. We have strength in depth both in defence & midfield and although I'm spotted a couple of good MCs they really wouldn't improve what we already have by much. Up front I'm gambling on our two home grown 18yos but given our financial woes I need to feed the younger players in gradually. That said I maybe wouldn't say no to one good ST to support Sanogo & Listkowski. In the end it didn't matter whether I wanted to bring any players in or not as the option got taken out of my hands (See Below). Club News The club received another takeover offer part way through the friendlies which put us back under a transfer embargo Friendlies With Lech doing the double last season we get the chance to face them again in the Super Cup. This leaves us time for just three friendlies as we host Lyngby (Danish Superliga) before travelling to Dubnica (Slovakian Lower League) and returning to face newly promoted Miedz (Ekstraklasa). It was three good wins in the end but Dubnica gave us an early scare before the team raised their game, particularly Jovic who ended the match with two goals & three assists. Super Cup Final We again faced rivals Lech and unlike the FA Cup Final we didn't give away an early goal. As Lech edged possession and shots we arguably created the better chances albeit they weren't clear ones. We didn't take them though and midway through the second half a good move saw Lech score the important opening goal. They added a second as we pushed for an equaliser and that was that. Disappointed to lose but it was a good performance aside from our failure to put our chances away.
  3. Interesting challenge. I don't know what the Celtic board are like but I get the feeling you might struggle early on to meet targets given the changes you'll need to make.
  4. Your transfer budget is just that - A Budget. It IS NOT cash therefore you can't spend it.
  5. Poland Pogon Szczecin Ekstraklasa 2021/22 Season Summary Polish Ekstraklasa Legia again set the pace at the top but Wisla Krakow continued their good form from the end of last season along with Lechia to keep them honest. Lech were a little off the pace but led the chase of the expected sides. All in all we were the only side expected to finish in the top half that disappointed. Down at the bottom Slask were also disappointing as they didn't just get dragged into a relegation battle but propped up the table after the early part of the season. While we missed out on the Championship group it was Korona who benefited nicking the final spot ahead of Zaglebie Sosnowiec. The story of the Championship Group was Lech dropping just two points (6 wins, 1 draw) to overhaul the top three and lift the title for 9th time. Legia & Lechia had to settle for European places while Wisla Krakow crashed & burned in style picking up just five out of 21 possible points. They survived to finish 4th on goal difference ahead of KGHM Zaglebie and that proved vital when Lech lifted the FA Cup as they claimed the last European place. Last year Slask dragged themselves away from relegation after the league split but neither Chrobry or Slask looked like doing so this season as they picked up just one win between them. Ahead of them the other six were really close up to the last couple of matches but with them all safe from relegation it was just a case of going through the motions. Polish FA Cup Two big names fell in the 2nd Round this season. Legia can at least point to the fact they lost on penalties to fellow Ekstraklasa side Bruk-Bet but Lechia had the humiliation of losing to a Second Division team. Bruk-Bet's run continued all the way to the Semi Finals where they met Pogon but we despatched three Ekstraklasa sides in a row enroute to the final. The other half of the draw saw Lech with a relatively straight forward route to the final including a 6-1 defeat of Second Division side, Bytovia in the semis. An early goal in the final was enough for Lech as they did the double and lifted the FA Cup for the 7th time. Awards Fair Play Award: 1st Lech, 2nd Lechia, 3rd Zaglebie Sosnowiac Foreigner of the Year: Kevin Friesenbichler (27yo Austrian ST) – Lech Player of the Season: Kevin Friesenbichler (27yo Austrian ST) – Lech Player of the Year: Rafal Wolski (29yo Polish ST) – Lechia Top Goalscorer 1st Kevin Friesenbichler (27yo Austrian ST) – Lech – 28 goals 2nd Patrik Petrous (20yo Czech ST) – KGHM Zaglebie – 21 goals 3rd Rafal Wolski (29yo Polish ST) – Lechia – 13 goals Goal of the Season: Blazej Starzycki (21yo Polish MC) – Pogon vs Arka Manager of the Season: Thomas Zdebel (Gornik) Team of the Season GK – Mande Sayouba (28yo Ivorian GK) – Lech DR – Ivan Runje (31yo Croatian DC/DR) – Jagiellonia DC – Rafal Janicki (29yo Polish DC) – Lechia DC – Plamen Galabov (26yo Bulgarian DC) – KGHM Zaglebie DL – Jason Davidson (30yo Australian DLC) – Lechia MR – Hugo Videmont (29yo French AML/AMR) – Wisla Krakow MC – Francisco Junior (30yo Bissau-Guinean MC/DM) – Lechia MC – Jakub Plsek (28yo Czech MC/DM) – Jagiellonia ML – Jaroslaw Smektala (21yo Polish ML) – Lech ST – Kevin Friesenbichler (28yo Austrian ST) – Lech ST – Marcin Listkowski (24yo Polish ST) – Pogon Sub – Cristiano Figueiredo (31yo Portugese GK) – Wisla Krakow Sub – Matej Chalus (24yo Czech DC/DR) – Lech Sub – Robert Janicki (24yo Polish AMRC) – Lech Sub – Kacper Chodyna (23yo Polish MR/MC) – Bruk-Bet Sub – Yaya Sanogo (29yo French ST/AML) – Pogon Sub – Eneko Boveda (33yo Spanish DR/DL) – Lechia Sub – Patrik Petrous (20yo Czech ST) – KGHM Zaglebie Club Review Ekstraklasa – 10th (2nd in Relegation Group) FA Cup – Runners Up After finishing 7th last year the media had us down for much the same position this year. The board also expected top half and a place in the Championship Group. Too many draws early on had to battling in the Relegation Group though but a decent finish saw us in the equivalent of 10th place overall which isn't too far away from 7th. This left the board slightly disappointed but a FA Cup final appearance improved their mood leaving them satisfied with the season overall. Despite making an effort to cut the wage bill what I saved seems to have been sucked up by agents, tax & bank interest for the overdraft. Overall expenses increased slightly from approx £6.8m to £6.9m while income also increased slightly from £4.8m to £5m. This meant we lost around £1.9m before transfers which is very similar to last year. In terms of transfer we had approx £3.2m of player sales (Mainly from selling Dankowski, Zuta & Helik) but we also spent approx £1.4m leaving us with a excess of £1.8m which meant overall we just about broke even this year (Loss of £90k). This leaves the bank £2.7m in the red which isn't good, especially if we have to sell two or three players every season just to stand still. Squad Review Goalkeepers Stachowiak found his form after a poor end to the previous season and established himself as my preferred choice once again despite being in decline. A torn groin muscle ended his season early and with his contract up he has probably played his last game for the club. Leszczynski spent a lot of time on the bench but stepped up after Stachowiak got injured and put in some solid performances to earn another one year contract. Adam Stachowiak (35yo Polish GK) - 25 apps, 32 conceded, 7 clean sheets, Ave Rating: 6.86 Rafal Leszczynski (30yo Polish GK) – 19 apps, 13 conceded, 9 clean sheets, Ave Rating: 6.94 Fullbacks On the right new signing Gucek had a decent season but couldn't dislodge Rapa as my preferred choice. A couple of bad injuries + a leave of absence broke up Rapa's season and there are signs he is declining which probably contributed to a dip in his performances but overall he still had a solid season. On the left Amanovic started very poorly this year and after another bad injury I lost patience with him and signed another player. New signing Puchacz stepped up to claim the starting role registering a solid season while the more defensive Martuszewski joined in January. Our wing backs system doesn't particularly suit him but he did a decent job of adapting. Cornel Rapa (32yo Romanian DR) – 19 apps, 0 goals, 2 assists, Ave Rating: 6.92 Luka Gucek (23yo Slovenian DR) – 22 (1) apps, 0 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 6.82 Tymoteusz Puchacz (23yo Polish DL/ML) – 25 (4) apps, 0 goals, 4 assists, Ave Rating: 6.97 Aleksa Amanovic (25yo Macedonian DL) – 8 (3) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.58 Piotr Martuszewski (22yo Polish DL) – 12 (3) apps, 0 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 6.84 Central Defence Kolinger was again the pick of our DCs although he didn't reach the standard he set last year. Wieteska was always expected to play a big role but he had a fairly average start to the season before finding his feet and finishing strongly. New signing Nauber slotted in as a squad player and had a decent season but as expected he is a little short of quality. This left Mostwik as our other natural option but much like the previous season he was disappointing in a few early games. I despatched him to the reserves for much of the year before giving him another chance during the run in. He showed some improvement but I'm still far from convinced that he has what it takes to be a starter. With the switch to wing backs natural DM, Makowski did a good job of filling in at DC before Xmas and may even be better suited to DC than MC in that system. January saw the arrival of Gambian International, Colley and he proved to be generally solid although prone to odd bad games. Denis Kolinger (28yo German DC) – 34 (1) apps, 2 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 7.01 Mateusz Wieteska (25yo Polish DC/DR, DM) – 23 (4) apps, 4 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.98 Gerrit Nauber (30yo German DC/DM) – 28 (4) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.94 Jedrzej Mostwik (21yo Polish DC) – 8 (4) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.73 Omar Colley (29yo Gambian DC) – 15 apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.93 Midfield Makowski & Aytov again shared the holding role in the middle. Makowski is more physical while Aytov offers a bit more when we have the ball but both had decent seasons in their own way. The fans really took to homegrown Kowalczyk this year as he showed significant improvement to be the pick of the midfielders. Piotrowski also found his feet this year after three poor seasons as he covered DLP, WBR & BWM. The main attacking MC was again Kozak and he showed a little improvement from the previous year but still needs to work on his consistency while Letniowski moved infield from ML to provide his main backup. This left 21yo Starzycki who was in his first season with the senior squad but he didn't look out of place. I'm still deciding if he is more suited to a DLP or attacking role but for now he is capable of covering for both. 18yo DM Bartosik also made a few appearances and there are signs he is knocking on the door of the main squad but he will have to be patient. Rafal Makowski (25yo Polish DM/DC, MC) – 26 (2) apps, 0 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 6.95 Vladimir Aytov (26yo Bulgarian DM, MC/DC) – 29 (7) apps, 2 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 6.87 Jozef Kozak (21yo Slovakian AMC/MC) – 23 (12) apps, 7 goals, 2 assists, Ave Rating: 6.92 Sebastian Kowalczyk (23yo Polish MC/DM, AMC) – 28 (4) apps, 4 goals, 4 assists, Ave Rating: 7.03 Jakub Piotrowski (24yo Polish MC/DM, MR) – 25 (14) apps, 1 goal, 3 assists, Ave Rating: 6.84 Blazej Starzycki (21yo Polish MC/DM, AMC) – 8 (13) apps, 2 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 6.91 Arkadiusz Bartosik (18yo Polish DM/MC) – 1 (2) apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.73 Wingers With Fulop & Pesic being sold and the switch to wing backs it meant we didn't really need wingers. Listkowski returned to his natural ST role and Letniowski found a new home as an attacking MC which left new signing Wrobel a bit out of place. At 21yo it did him no harm to be playing for the reserves but looking ahead he needs to fit the formation which means he'll probably have to play as an attacking WBL. Juliusz Letniowski (24yo Polish MLC/MR) – 20 (8) apps, 3 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 7.01 Tomasz Wrobel (21yo Polish ML) – 1 (1) apps, 1 goal, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 8.10 Forwards I was of the opinion that Listkowski was better as a winger but he made me eat my words this season as her returned to his natural ST role in style. King of the assists and only Sanogo scored more goals as he was arguably our best player this year. Sanogo was his main foil and a good player for most of the season before a late dip in form after returning from a broken arm. Zwolinski was the third option but again disappointed to the point where he was shown up by two 18yos. Searching for cover I recalled Adamkiewicz from his loan spell in January and it proved to be a good choice although his rise to the first team was somewhat tempered when he strained his knee ligaments in March. His loss was a chance for Jovic to step up and he also made a strong case for being in the main squad next year. Yaya Sanogo (29yo French ST/AML) – 30 (1) apps, 11 goals, 7 assists, Ave Rating: 7.12 Marcin Listkowski (24yo Polish ST/AMC) – 25 (10) apps, 8 goals, 12 assists, Ave Rating: 7.12 Lukasz Zwolinski (29yo Polish ST) – 10 (10) apps, 2 goals, 0 assists, Ave Rating: 6.62 Mariusz Adamkiewicz (18yo Polish ST/AMR) – 6 (4) apps, 3 goals, 2 assists, Ave Rating: 7.10 Slobodan Jovic (18yo Montenegrin ST) – 7 (5) apps, 6 goals, 1 assist, Ave Rating: 6.98
  6. Same as pro. You need to pay a transfer fee albeit usually next to nothing.
  7. TBH it wouldn't bother me which I used but I generally tend to use the newest one out of habit.
  8. Barside has covered the main issues above. They either aren't defenders that you left back or they have man mark instructions. No-one is saying its right but its the limitations of the coding we currently have and its possible to work around it.
  9. Need to sort those set piece instructions out there. Pretty sure default ones would leave a couple of defenders back there.
  10. FM needs to calculate & process the matches, this takes time. You can balance the processing time against the number of leagues you load. Less leagues = less matches to calculate but also less realistic. Personally I go for the realism so I accept that it takes between matches. You can also go to preferences > Match and there is an option for speed of processing other matches. If you choose fast you can't do anything else, if you choose slow you can browse around while it processes.
  11. Poland Pogon Szczecin Ekstraklasa May 2022 ***FA Cup Final*** Its the 5th final for Pogon and they've finished on the losing end the last four times, most recently three years ago as Jagiellonia beat them 1-0 in extra time. This time its probably going to be tougher as we face one of the big three in rivals Lech and they'll want revenge after we beat them 4-0 in the league a few weeks ago. We have two players missing – Stachowiak (GK) & Rapa (DR) otherwise I can field a strong team: 3232 Wingbacks: Leszczynski, Kolinger, Wieteska, Colley, Gucek, Puchacz, Makowski, Kowalczyk, Kozak, Listkowski & Sanogo (Bach, Nauber, Martuszewski, Aytov, Piotrowski, Letniowski & Jovic) We give ourselves a mountain to climb from the start as Smektala heads in Lech's first cross of the match. The rest of the match is actually quite disappointing despite us giving Lech a good game. There are few shots from either side in the first half but it opens up in the second Listkowski sees our best chance saved while we also hit the post. The Lech keeper played well but its incredibly frustrating to lose a tight match to such an early goal. With the FA Cup over its back to league action as we look to avoid relegation. A win at home to Bruk-Bet should just about do that but a FA Cup hangover means the team look clueless. Bruk-Bet seem more motivated and batter our goal from distance. A good shot ten minutes in sees them in the lead while they add a second later in the half when another long shot deflects into the path of Chodyna. We improve in the second half but create nothing and fail to register a single shot on target as I hand more fines out. Despite the defeat we are more or less safe from relegation as we travel to Cracovia. Four games left and I'm going to use them to give some of the fringe players a chance, not that we have many. For the third match in a row we concede an early goal, for the third match in a row its the opposition's only real chance of the match and for the third match in a row we fail to get back in the match. At least we create a few chances and test the keeper this time with Adamkiewicz hitting the bar with a header late on. Its another poor start at home to Wisla Plock but this time the opposition don't score before the team wake up. Once they get the passing going we look the more likely to score but it takes a set piece before the break as Nauber sees the keeper get fingers to a header with Kolinger on hand to tap in. We didn't concede early in the first but we do in the second although hats off it was a rocket from just outside the box. The team keep working though and 18yo Jovic is back on the scoresheet as he pulls away from his marker before firing into the far corner to seal a much needed win. Last home match of the season and I start both 18yos up front but its another of the youngsters who makes headlines as Starzycki finds the net from 35 yards. Its a fairly even match overall though and Arka convert a cross in the second half to earn a draw. The youngsters get another chance in the last match of the season and its a comfortable win as both 18yos up front get on the scoresheet while Starzycki fires in from the edge of the box. ***Manager News*** I haven't met the expectations in the league but thats been offset slightly by reaching the FA Cup final. The board are satisfied with my performance and offer me a new two year deal with my current one running out.
  12. Yeah, thats a feeder club affiliation based on the parent/feeder club section of the game. WIth BATE/Smolevichi its been set up in the same way with both listed as parent/feeder club on the affiliations section but something extra has been added to block the promotion. It says in the parent/feeder section of each club in game "The terms of this deal will prevent Smolevichi from playing in the same division as BATE"
  13. Smolevichi are a "B" team for BATE and therefore can't be promoted into the same league.
  14. Poland Pogon Szczecin Ekstraklasa April 2022 Two games to go before the league splits & we'll definitely be in the relegation group this season. I hold a team meeting before the match and give 18yo Jovic his first start up front. It seems to work as the team play well and Jovic shows why he has 14 goals in 19 games for the U18s this season as he slips the first half chance under the keeper. He isn't perfect though as he hits the bar with the second half chance. Colley gets flattened during a corner to win a second half penalty and this time its a defender stepping up as Wieteska calmly places it into the corner to seal the win. We finish at home to rivals, Lech and the team really turn up big time. Probably our best performance of the season as we limit Lech to just two shots while at the other we create plenty of chances and we seem to have found a striker who knows where the net is. Jovic starts and finishes the scoring with two confident strikes as well as providing one for Listkowski. Before the Relegation Group gets underway we have the return leg of the FA Cup Semi Final and we have the ability to turn it around if we play like we did against Lech. Sanogo & Adamkiewicz are on the way back from injury while we are also missing Stachowiak (Out for rest of season), Rapa & Martuszewski. Its a poor start as Bruk-Bet play keep ball with a narrow, defensive formation but after a couple of tweaks we start to take control. Kozak pulls us back into the match with a 30 yard free kick but we struggle to break them down. A mistake at the back sees a defender misjudge a cross and Jovic pounces to make it four in four. We have the lead but its a nervy finish as one goal would be enough to send Bruk-Bet into the Final on away goals. Cutting the points in half really have an affect, we would have been 15 points clear of the relegation zone but now its only seven with seven matches to go. Even so its a decent gap but as long as we win at least a couple of games we should be safe and the bonus is they are all winnable matches. First up is a big one at home to Slask who are in the drop zone. Slask looked dangerous early on rattling the post with a half chance but it turns out to be their only real chance of the match. Once settled we control the ball and convert our chances in the second half. A cross from each wingback sees both Listkowski & the returning Sanogo on the scoresheet before Listkowski hits a sweet strike from 30 yards into the top corner. The month ends away to Chrobry which means I have decisions to make. As the other club in the drop zone a win would just about see us safe but in three days time we have the FA Cup final against rivals, Lech. I rotate the squad and save a few for the final. As for the match Chrobry caused us a problem in the normal season with both matches finishing 0-0 and this one is no different. Set pieces seem to be the best chance for both sides and its Wieteska who breaks the deadlock when he heads in a corner. Letniowski sets up a second on the break as he bursts past two defenders before squaring for Listkowski to force in. Chrobry had chances of their own and score a late consolation as we once again have a nervy finish. ***Transfer News*** With Stachowiak tearing his groin I suspect our 35yo GK will have played his last match for the club. I still haven't found a good first choice replacement so next season we'll probably have to muddle through as best we can. 2nd choice Leszczynski has signed a new one year contract while 19yo Sledz & 17yo Jozef Hinc are moving closer to the first team. I'm not convinced they are quite ready yet though so I made a move for a 22yo Polish keeper who is in Legia's reserves. I've been tracking him for over a year and hoped he was future first team material. He doesn't seem to have reached that level but is on a par with Leszczynski on paper so gives us options for little cost: Tomasz Wroblewski (22yo Polish GK) – Signed on a bosman, joins July.
  15. Just as an example for looping this is the season I've just posted in the careers forum. We all suffer from it to some extent at different parts of a season/career. We were expected to finish top half but I only managed two wins from the first 15 matches. Things didn't go our way in some matches, we played badly in others but the difference is that I'm not opening a thread on the forum about it.