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  1. Star rating factors?

    If you made him equally strong in both feet and competent in several positions you would need to significantly increase his CA to keep his attributes at the same level as they are now.
  2. Star rating factors?

    If he looks good but your squad isn't world class then it perhaps suggests he has a lower CA but the points have been used more effectively when converted to attributes. I would guess he is probably heavily one footed and he can only play one position for a start.
  3. Star rating factors?

    How good are the rest of the players in your squad? At 2* the scout estimates he would be a rotation player for you, does that sound right?
  4. If you swopped him there wasn't a transfer fee which is something he could have gained points for on appeal. You also possibly negotiated lower wages than before which again may have lost him points on appeal.
  5. My option isn't there YKW Haven't pre-ordered yet but probably will do before the offer ends.
  6. Purchasing FM 2017

    80% off on Steam for the next couple of days if you still haven't bought it.
  7. In general for all of them, probably not. For some? yes it could be useful. Mostly in the attacking positions, wingers, AMCs, strikers the ability to use both feet is a slight advantage if they can't already. For defenders/midfielders the benefit is much less and I would possibly only consider for a player who I was wanting to play both DL & DR. Goalkeepers, certainly not as it will restrict their other abilities.
  8. Ok so I agreed on a "Play Direct Football" promise with the board and I know overall it will make little difference but its bugging me that however the team plays it doesn't seem to help the promise. @Seb Wassell has posted a bit recently, can you give us a clue as to what is needed for that promise?
  9. Really isn't. I don't set the DOF to do it automatically but when I want a contract renewing I just right click on the player and let the DOF do their thing. You can see immediately on the contract offer screen whats been agreed and you are able to cancel the offer if you don't like it but generally 99% of the time they do a pretty good job.
  10. Weird transfer!?

    So basically no different than his experience at his previous three clubs then.
  11. Weird transfer!?

    They are short of squad GKs and he was interested in that role for the right level of wage?
  12. National Team Management

    Add some staff as needed but they aren't needed as much as at club level. Add players to the national pool - Age group managers will automatically add ones they are considering using, aside from that depends what you prefer. You can probably get away with the default pool but I tend to skim through that national league and some other leagues adding anyone that I think could be usable. Its the kind of thing you want to do once a season/once a campaign not every match. Also take note of the suggested squads you get a weekish before having to name them, not every player will be in the national pool. With the European Nations League you don't get many friendly opportunities but remember to set yourself to organise them so you get someone you want. I normally request national reports on everyone in the pool, not sure if you have to to get the national reports or if they are automatic. See above. Yes basically a shortlist to pick your squad from. As above age group managers will add younger players. If you are on the club tab it should default to club stars and Norway stars when you are on the national tab. There might be confusion if you have any Norway players at your club...and I think I saw a thread where you were managing in Norway. I think you would call it a glitch that sometimes happens, its part of the reason I tend to only manage one or the other.
  13. Poland Summer 2026 2026/27 European Nations League Draw (May) After winning promotion last season we are in Division A but are by far the lowest ranked team there. 12 teams went into the draw and it was totally open. We were last out of the hat drawn in Group 4 where we'll be looking for revenge over Belgium and hoping to not to get hammered by current champion's France who Poland last faced in Euro 2020 qualifying. Looking around the other groups Germany will be favourites in group 1 but Romania are on the up after qualifying for the World Cup this summer while Italy will be looking to bounce back from missing out. Spain are the other big name who missed out on the World Cup but they should still be Portugal's main opposition in group 2 while in group 3 Switzerland (WR 11th) will be wondering how they have a group with two teams above them in the rankings. 2026 World Cup Group A France stomped the group as you would expect while hosts, Mexico crashed out as South Korea qualified by one goal. Group B Romania's good form continued as they pushed top seeds, Portugal all the way as they both eased through to the knockout stages. Group C Nigeria were the surprise winning the group while defending champion's England were unbeaten but only just edged out Belgium for 2nd. Group D This should have been a walk in the park for Holland but it ended up being Sweden that cruised through. Chile finished 2nd after winning a coin toss with China. Group E Top seeds Brazil comfortably won the group while USA surprised Russia to take 2nd place. Group F Top seeds Uruguay survived the “group of death” in second place but it was Japan that impressed going unbeaten to win the group. Group G Argentina made it look easy and their hammering of Switzerland meant Algeria took 2nd place on goal difference. Group H Germany eased through, Colombia crashed out while Australia made the knockout stages on goal difference. Second Round France ended Romania's good run, Nigeria & Japan upset the rankings to some degree, England needed penalties to beat Sweden while the other four ties ended as expected. Quarter Finals Portugal ended Nigeria's run, Japan shocked Argentina, Germany edged out Brazil & England won on penalties again as they sent France home. Semi Finals The first semi final was a strange one as Japan dominated possession but only managed three shots to England's 18. That said there was just the one half chance in the match and it went to Japan but wasn't converted. At the other end England's star striker, 25yo Declan Schofield headed in his 20th goal for his country to send them into the Final. The second semi was relatively close for a long time but as Germany pushed for an equaliser Portugal ripped them apart to cruise into the Final. 3rd Place Playoff Nothing more than a glorified friendly but Germany put outsiders, Japan in their place with a comfortable win. 2026 World Cup Final A tight match of few chances saw England GK Harrison Flint gift Portugal a first half lead when he fumbled a cross into his own net. The match was settled early in the second half when young striker, Sousa sidestepped an England defender on the edge of the box and calmly slotted into the far corner as Portugal lifted their first World Cup.
  14. Click on the column header to sort by that column. In the pic above by Feriboy he has clicked on the position/role/duty column as shown by the little arrow to the right. If you then want to sort by a secondary column you hold shift and click the second column header and two small arrows will appear on the right of that column header. The columns will them be sorted by A) The column with one arrow and then B) the column with two arrows.
  15. I think the OP could have picked better attributes where there was more clear distinction. So much hasn't been taken into account such as role/duty, team mentality, other TIs, opposition and the referee stats. Looking at my own games I can see the difference between an aggressive and less aggressive player in the ME. With the same role/duty in the same setup the aggressive player is more likely to make a challenge and make it earlier. This is particularly obvious in the DM/defensive MC area. Temperament is something that is obvious off the field with players that complain/whinge/moan a lot. Dirtiness is the one that sticks out for me, you would expect a player with high dirtiness to commit more fouls on average and therefore pick up more cards as a result. Maybe other attributes or the role/duty are tempering his high dirtiness to some degree.