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  1. Cougar2010

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Haven't looked at it yet tbh. Just finished the German one and moved onto the French one but haven't got a Montpellier player with all of them 7k+ BINs atm.
  2. Cougar2010

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Not good to have a Saudi MM when I was in the middle of doing the league SBC
  3. Cougar2010

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    I know this is the 18 thread but I've pretty much given up on it and gone back to my 17 save. After working my way up to Swansea in the Championship via many teams I've acquired my first "Wonderkid" My DOF bought him as a 17yo for £175k a couple of seasons ago and he gained the tag this season after becoming a regular starter. Doesn't really look that good on paper but he has 17 goals in 20 starts this season and big clubs are sniffing around him (PSG & Sevilla the latest).
  4. Cougar2010

    H&M's racist jumper

    Seriously? I doubt you'll find many posts by me in the last twenty years that would be classed as idiotic by an average person. Fair enough if people don't deem "coloured" PC correct these days but I have no idea what is atm. Maybe people should start looking past the actual words and consider the context and meaning.
  5. Cougar2010

    H&M's racist jumper

    Well pick out whatever particular term is PC correct this week but don't worry it'll change again next week
  6. Cougar2010

    H&M's racist jumper

    What I said, if the photographer had randomly stuck a white kid in that jumper when the photograph was taken no one would have said a word and it wouldn't have made the news. Random chance that a coloured kid happened to be the one modelling that particular jumper and suddenly everyone is all over it ignoring the more obvious reasoning of the words.
  7. Cougar2010

    Light switches that do nothing.

    The kitchen ones are almost certainly for appliances. These could be ones that are directly wired in and maybe have blank panels in atm if you don't have an appliance in there (Built in ones) or they could be for 13a sockets that are below the worktop for an appliance to plug into. The garage one is probably similar either a wall socket or blanked off one that nothing is attached to. Upstairs is most likely immersion heater or something in the bathroom.
  8. Cougar2010

    H&M's racist jumper

    Stick a white kid in the jumper and no one bats an eye, stick a coloured kid in it and suddenly everyone is raging.
  9. Cougar2010

    Light switches that do nothing.

    I really wouldn't that and tbh it probably won't be any help as it won't show you where the wire goes. Have you thought about asking the previous owners/builders?
  10. Its down to tactics & player mentality. The tactics you control via the options and the player mentality you control via team talks, media comments and player conversations. Get to know your team, what the different personalities are and under what circumstances they perform. Sometimes you need a demanding team talk, sometimes you need a calm one to settle the nerves. Your preparation for a match starts with the post match team talk from the last match, if you beat Barcelona and you give your players lots of praise its possible you overdid it and they became complacent in the next match. If the match starts and you are under pressure/not controlling the game then you need to change something, this might be the formation, the style of play, more defensive/attacking, keep the ball or go more direct etc etc.
  11. The Welsh Premier League is more or less an amateur league FFS, how do you not understand that??? In the default data for FM18 only one of the teams is professional (TNS) and two of the twelve sides are amateur sides. The other nine are semi pro teams with players on a mix of part time, non-contract, amateur & youth contracts. You also talk of playing in the Europa League for a fiver like they are playing in the group stages or something. Even TNS rarely make it through more than one or two qualifying rounds with one appearance in the playoff back in 2010/11 their best European result. Losing in the 1st qualifying round earns you about £90k while losing in the 2nd qualifying round is about £200k. Decent money for a semi pro side but not exactly the multi millions you imply. In the default data set by researchers its showing £21 a month for youth contracts which is about your £5 a week as a minimal level. Out of your three pics further up the first two don't look so bad but the 3rd guy at 22yo I wouldn't have thought would have accepted that sort of level of contract so I would probably report that for review by SI.
  12. Cougar2010

    FM18 Striker - Role of Destiny - Game Thread

    Geyser: Take your pick Bliss, which one do you want exploding over you
  13. Cougar2010

    FM18 Striker - Role of Destiny - Game Thread

    What was that word again, started with a S I think.
  14. Cougar2010

    FM18 Striker - Role of Destiny - Game Thread

    Hmmm playing regularly but only 8 goals, could be worse I guess. Hope I'm getting all those points for the Danish U21 goals Gizzy.
  15. Cougar2010

    FM18 Striker - Role of Destiny - Game Thread

    Its so not me after swopping PSG for Turkey