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  1. Good question, my understanding is aerial ability for GKs is the GK version of jumping reach & yes I know GKs have jumping reach as well. Like you I would presume so but can't say I've ever seen it discussed.
  2. Pretty sure we've had a couple of threads on this idea recently. Would both ideas (Pick squad & warm up subs) improve realism - Yes Would both ideas end up hated by a large portion of the community - Probably IMO its extra work for very little benefit. In terms of picking a squad you are duplicating picking the team, kinda similar to National squads. I see it being repetitive & annoying where most of the time users would just select their full first team squad anyway. Maybe it could be introduced for matches over a certain distance away, or maybe just for those in a foreign country would be easier. You could maybe also introduce travelling as well to link it to so the the players spent a day travelling rather than on the training pitch (Give them the TRL tag on that day). A player not being picked in a squad could certainly be a conversation starter while for the younger players it could give them a confidence boost. Warming the subs up whilst a good idea on paper I just don't see it working. I play matches on comprehensive highlights but I suspect I'm in the minority with a higher % of users tending towards key highlights/commentary and then played at a quicker than default speed. Even on comprehensive highlights the amount of clicking involved to tell players to go warmup during a match would quickly frustrate me and I suspect it would border on making the game unplayable for those playing on a quicker setting.
  3. Height is used in the ME. When a ball is in the air a player makes a decision whether to jump or not. If he does Jumping reach (Highest point a player can get his head off the ground) is the relevant attribute, if not height is used. In both cases its not simply down to one attribute but many others also come into play in terms of deciding the outcome. As has also been said in the thread height also provides a lower & upper limit for jumping reach. I don't know if weight is used in the ME but I'm pretty sure it has an impact on some of the attributes. I don't know exactly which but if I was guessing it would be the physical ones as has been mentioned earlier in the thread.
  4. Not really & I guess it will depend on the player's personality to some degree. I usually err on the side of caution & rarely praise a player unless its an outstanding performance. In terms of poor performances I normally warn for anything less than say 6.3 providing they haven't made a mistake that led to a goal. If they did I would if it was less than say 5.6
  5. If this happens it shows the player has high standards, probably has high levels of professionalism, determination etc which is a good thing. You should be adapting your conversations in light of how players respond so for players like the above you should be aware that he has high standards when you speak to him in the future. You should also be aware that praising a player too much can also lead to complacency and have a negative affect on his hidden attributes & performances. A couple of reasons for this. A) Opposite side of the coin from the above, the player might have much lower standards & respond poorly to criticism indicating poor hidden attributes (Low level of professionalism etc). or possibly B) He actually did ok but made a mistake that led to a goal which dropped his rating to <6. Its a bit of a bug IMO in the relationship between the ratings & other areas of the game. So overall I suspect you have a mix of some bugs & some misunderstanding in terms of a player's mentality.
  6. Thats not a problem thats easily resolved unfortunately. In FM the players don't have memories or history that they remember. They only "see" their current situation and are either happy or unhappy with it. Clubs are much the same which leads to some of those "odd" movements you probably wouldn't see IRL. SI could probably improve it but the downside is most of the userbase wouldn't be able to afford a computer which could run FM while it would be that slow it would be unplayable.
  7. You are four years in the future, whats unrealistic about it given you don't have a clue whats going to happen in the next four years.
  8. How do you have an advantage? Do you know what the user attributes do in the game? fwiw I agree with you that they rise too quickly but the advantage they give you over other managers is extremely minimal.
  9. £10m well spent I would say
  10. They might have dropped in the co-efficient rankings. You can see the European qualifiers by looking at England > Season Summary or check the League co-efficients which I think are under World > Europe?
  11. Not really the user attributes do rise fairly quickly, especially if you take the coaching badges in quick succession. Looking at my save where I managed clubs in Malaysia, Sweden, Romania, Chile, Algeria (National) & now Chicago starting with lowest settings I had a lot of 20s after around 6/7 seasons even without taking all the badges. Does it make much difference? not really, it improves training a little and you might get a little benefit in terms of scouting/coach reports but its not a massive difference. For the 2nd issue I'll guess that you are just loading the English leagues which would league to the English clubs overperforming in European competition. Its not something that needs "fixing" though as such. There isn't any code that says those big clubs should qualify. The matches are played and the results determine who qualifies for the knockout stages. For the record Real won the Champions League 1st season on my current save beating Man City in the final. In the following 10 seasons these are the results for the big teams: Real - 3*wins, 4*semi finals, 2*quarter finals & 1*first knockout round. Barcelona - 2*runner up, 2*semi finals & 1*quarter final. Form took a dive after five years as 4*1st knockout round followed by losing in the qualifying playoff for the group stage. Bayern - 1*win, 1*runner up, 2*semi finals, 2*quarter finals & 4*1st knockout round Over that 10 year period English clubs have become more dominant due to the sheer amount of money they benefit from. Chelsea won the Champion's League three times in four seasons from 2018-2022 while Liverpool & Man City are also forces. Its not just the English clubs though Italian ones have also seen a resurgence in my save with Juventus making the Champion's League final five times in six years (2025-2031) while Napoli are also regulars in the final stages. French teams like PSG, Monaco & Marseille are also lasting longer in European competition with a number of quarter & semi final appearances as have Benfica. While Barcelona & Bayern haven't been quite as dominant Atletico have filled the Spanish gap while the likes of Leverkusen & Dortmund have represented Germany. There have also been surprises as well with Fulham, Almeria & Valencia all making semi finals.
  12. Transition is transition whether it be defence to attack or attack to defence. Its what happens between the two main shapes a team has attack/defence or with/without the ball. Given that you fail to recognise much of what goes on in FM I won't go into too much detail but wingers can defend well if you choose the right type of player with the right position/orders. That said I'm not saying its perfect and one of the issues I posted in the FM17 thread that I would like fixed is players ignoring the opposition ball carrier in favour of reclaiming their defensive position.
  13. Interesting, I've never been a fan of the wide diamond as you seem to be giving up control of the middle of the pitch. A few versions ago I was managing in Italy where more or less every club was playing a narrow tactic (4132, 4321, 4312 etc) except for Juventus who had a decent amount of success with a wide diamond. Eventually Inter took over the league playing a 442 with two DMs (Mainly due to two outstanding strikers, one bought & one through youth) and Juventus got a change of manager which led to them switching to a typical Italian narrow formation.
  14. Its basically down to reputation. Quick promotions usually means your reputation gets left behind a little and takes time to catch up, especially if you didn't go up as champions. You can view your rep on your profile screen and in terms of jobs you normally have a chance with clubs who are about 0.5* either side of your current rep. Even then though there might be AI managers who apply who have bigger reps who get the job ahead of you.
  15. Already in FM. Defending shape - Formation you pick + defensive instructions. Attacking shape - Roles, duties, TIs, PIs & PPMs give you attacking shape. Transition - How the players move between the defensive & attacking shapes. There are some areas of that which can be improved upon but the basics are there.