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  1. ?????? Release date is 4th Nov, Beta release at the latest two weeks before that = 21st Oct. Promotion ends 14th Oct. By my calculations thats a max of one week between the end of the offer & the release of the beta, possibly less. No idea where you get 4 weeks from.
  2. I would be very surprised if that happened, I can't remember a version when no features were announced prior to the beta (which will more or less be released shortly after the promotion ends). It would also be very poor marketing to announce nothing between now & the middle of October. If that happens I think it will be a massive own goal from SI and questions will have to be asked about the pre-order offer.
  3. Thats not quite true. The original question was "Are people happy with SI announcing the release date/allowing pre-orders without announcing any features?". Pre-orders being allowed once the release date is known. A lot of people clearly are happy as they are placing pre-orders while others don't have an issue with it although haven't placed a pre-order. Given you have a choice whether to pre-order or not why is not announcing features such an issue for you? A) Pre-ordering is a choice. B) I'm expecting features will be announced over the next six weeks before the pre-order offer ends (If not then there is an issue). C) You can get a refund if you change your mind at a later date. Given the above three points I can't see why any reasonable person would have an issue with this. I find it staggering that something SI have done for the last couple of years with no problems has suddenly become a four page thread this year.
  4. and yet the question still hasn't been answered "Why shouldn't people be able to pre-order if they so wish?" I find it bizarre that you want to stop people doing something that has nothing to do with you. I haven't pre-ordered, I imagine you haven't pre-ordered but why do you want to stop others?
  5. Sure there are certain sets of instructions that can't be done currently, there have been threads/discussions about them before and hopefully these will be addressed by SI going forwards. If there are specific sets of instructions which are realistic and not in FM17 then they should be brought up & discussed again but lets wait to see whats in FM17. In general though it feels like you are just sticking your head in the sand when people give you answers/alternatives to your issues rather than being open to the possibility that its not as bad as you make out.
  6. I've said it once but I'll say it again the role & duty is nothing more than a macro to give a player a series of instructions in one go. What the role & duty is called is not relevant within the ME, it could be called Bill & Ben or Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa & Po. The names & descriptions are only there to aid the user in identifying what to expect from a player on the pitch by giving him those instructions. Saying things like "I don't want my DLF to do that" is meaningless as you can give the player a different set of instructions. As I'm sitting waiting to pick my next International squad I'll run through noikeee's list: Here you can select a different role or duty that cross less than the one you have currently selected. Many of the roles & duties also allow you to select "Cross less" (Pretty much any that aren't an attack duty). The set of instructions called "Deep Lying Forward" holds up the ball by default because its a key part of how the role works. If you don't want the player in that position to hold the ball up then you have the wrong set of instructions chosen. You need to choose a different set (ie role & duty). This one is a fair comment. There is a ball playing defender role which doesn't have dribble less and will allow the player to bring the ball out more but there perhaps is a gap in the role options here. Not sure if its something the current ME to work with atm though. A CF on support has four fixed instructions, with attack duty a CF has six fixed. All of them seem fairly key to how the role plays so again you should be selecting a different role/duty. Again the description specifically tells you that dribbling is key to that set of instructions. If you have a player who can't dribble you should be selecting a different role, perhaps an AP. Same again, if he is crap at passing why are you selecting a set of instructions where passing is a key skill??? Its not rocket science, select a more relevant set of instructions. Again select a different role/duty Zlatan isn't really a target man for one while Zlatan only passes the ball when Zlatan feels like it
  7. Would you have an issue with players moving to different clubs than what they played for IRL? What about players overachieving compared to RL? What about underachieving? What happens when you have different stars in your save compared to RL?
  8. You have the wrong idea tbh. IRL a manager would sit down with the player and go through all the instructions maybe taking up to an hour to explain them all. In FM you do exactly the same but to cut down on the number of mouse clicks you select a role & duty. So with two clicks you give many instructions rather than what people complained about in the past which was too much clicking! You are actually complaining that SI listened to the community and created a sort of macro to speed up issuing instructions.
  9. The scale is 1-200 represented as 0.1 to 20.0, users see the figure in front of the decimal point.
  10. The important difference here is choice though. Other publishers may try the same, in fact you already have games that are released in alpha status with people buying into the concept so that the companies can raise early cash to fund the project and thats before you look at those financed by the likes of kickstarter. However the bottom line is as always you have a choice, SI have given people a choice, no-one is forced to pre-order anything. People who have taken advantage already do so on the basis that FM is a mature title & they know the basics of what to expect. That is a world away from buying into just a name & concept. In general people argue that more options are good & yet here we are in a situation where some of those same people are now complaining when SI have done just that.
  11. Creating friendlies at International level used to be a chore as you didn't have a clue which countries were available or not. Its now much better with countries greyed out who are unavailable as to why I'm not 100%. Maybe they have competition dates pencilled in but simply don't know who they are facing yet (Draw to be made or previous round to complete), maybe they simply aren't interested in playing on that date or playing your country. I really don't know but I do know thats its now far easier to book friendlies than it used to be as virtually every offer you make is accepted.
  12. To expand on Hunt3r's reply the bit bolded above is wrong. You don't have another 150m. You have 90m while the board will allow you to spend 150m. Essentially they will allow you to spend 60m more than you currently have in the bank.
  13. I haven't seen that, is it from twitter? Anyway I would be surprised if we hear nothing between now & the 14th Oct. I suspect features will be drip fed into the community via various methods between now & then.
  14. Depends if he does a better or worse job than you would do. You also have the risk of him making a mistake & giving a wrong team talk for an important match but you also have that risk if you do the team talk. There are pros & cons to delegation, you need to decide if you can cope with the choices he makes. In general though if you get an AM with high levels of man management & motivating he usually does a solid job.
  15. So why do you buy the game then? Especially given the amount of whining you do about it each version. TBH its quite a selfish attitude you have, you want to stop SI from giving people the option. What gives you the right to say when people can or can't buy a product? Oh & for the record I haven't pre-ordered and won't be until much closer to the offer deadline where I will make my choice.