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  1. Stick a pin in the Championship IMO. So many of the teams have potential to be solid prem sides. Wolves are always a good shout but you have a lot of clubs who have recently been in the Prem - Cardiff, Villa, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Fulham, Norwich, Hull, QPR & Reading. After that you still have Leeds, Derby, Forest, both Sheffield clubs, Birmingham & Bristol City.
  2. Looks like a glitch between the ME & the graphics. When the report shows a goal it normally suggests a bug with the graphics, as XaW has said stick it in the bugs forum.
  3. Pascal Chimbonda

    Lets face it you don't go and play in the 9th tier of English football for the money, that much should be fairly clear.
  4. I actually wasn't sure but have just witnessed one of my MCs try a backheel through ball on the edge of the box.
  5. and I'm sure you've had players at your club that don't develop either despite good facilitites and being given game time. Players need first team football to improve as has been said, if you can't give them that then its sensible to loan them out to a club where they will get first team football. The next question is who to loan them to, it should be to a club that is not too low that they find it easy and not too high that they struggle. I normally go with whatever level the coach reports say they are at and then you want a club with decent facilities for their level. If you've done that and the player has played matches with a decent average (depends on position but say 6.8+) then I would its down to the player, sometimes they simply have just reached their limit while other times they can hit a bit of a wall. It doesn't mean that the loan system isn't working. I actually have an example of a player in my first team who hit a bit of a wall. Picked him up on a free after Inter released him at 21yo. He was 2* CA with 4.5* PA (Inc black stars), he quickly gained 0.5* CA in the first six months but then stuck at 2.5* CA. He is now 24yo and I was thinking about letting him go but at the end of the season I got a training message saying he had shown remarkable improvement, he quickly jumped to 3* CA with 4* PA and seems to be on track again to be a first team player.
  6. If I remember rightly PA has nothing to do with it. Pretty sure it always used to be just a very high CA compared to his age, he might also need a lower rep/squad status else he would just be a top player, not sure about that though.
  7. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Thats what he is asking, can you do that in FM18. I have no clue whether you can or can't and you would need someone from SI to confirm at this stage.
  8. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    He is talking about marking a position that an opposition player doesn't occupy. So if the opposition play a 442 with 2*MCs he is asking if he can mark the DMCL & DMCR positions where there aren't any players. His intention is to block passes rather than actually mark a physical player.
  9. Video careers, should they be allowed?

    It doesn't bother me either way but the point of the forum is to share your career. In the early days we had to write, then we moved onto including pics, now most careers include a lot of pics (Some to the point where there is hardly any writing). The next step is video careers and just like pics we can't host the videos on here so they have to be hosted elsewhere. Does that matter? the main issue seems to be whether you consider it sharing a career or advertising the videos. Personally I would allow them as long as the user doesn't constantly bump them (Which is much the same as any career). As Jimbo has said above if people aren't interested it will soon drop off the first page and be forgotten about. EDIT I also agree with Jimbo that the thread should be tagged or something included in the title to identify it as a video career.
  10. General Questions

    I do everything myself so I can on;y judge off what the staff recommend. They are obviously coded to recommend positions & PPMs off certain triggers but I don't always agree with what they suggest. I suspect winger to striker would be something you needed to do yourself. In terms of tutoring they also make poor suggestions IMO and leaving it to your staff could make a young player worse in personality terms. Transfers work in a specific way and reputation is important. At League 2/Vanarama level very few players are sold for money IRL and those that are move on to much bigger clubs (Championship/Premiership for example). If the players are League 2/Vanarama level players you won't get much money for them and they'll mostly move for free at the end of their contracts. At Championship level you can get money for players but you need to be realistic in where they are moving to. If a Premiership club are after them you are going to get offered decent money (Compared to the player value), however if they are moving down to a League 1 club they aren't going to have the money so offers will be far less and you shouldn't expect more than maybe a few thousand.
  11. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    If you carried that on throughout all the roles and instructions you wouldn't have any roles, you would just have totally open instructions for each position which is what you had before the tactics creator. Thats clearly the wrong choice as there are various generic & specialist roles within football. The creator replicates that its just that around the edges peoples opinions differ as to what instructions they should have. Generally people seem to be agreed on 80/90% of the instructions its just the odd few where there is a difference.
  12. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Thinking about it he perhaps is doing a bit more of that in the Man Utd team. As with all roles in RL the lines become much more blurred and what a player is asked to do can vary from match to match. Aside from that though the thread isn't about Pogba and his role its whether playmakers should have the shooting instruction locked to shoot less often. Much like attributes I think in a lot of cases it comes down to opinion and you'll always have people with different opinions. SI will never please everyone and no-one will ever be happy with all of SIs decisions.
  13. When do you cut loose youth

    Personally I tend to do the following: A) Those that have silver star CA & say 2* or less PA don't get a pro contract and I release them at the end of their youth contract which is around 19yo. B) For the rest I offer them a pro contract when they reach 1* gold CA or if they have 4*+ PA after they have been with the club for a season. Those players will generally stay at the club/go out on loan until they are 21/22yo. At that stage its not as straightforward, it depends how close they are to the main squad, what the other players are like in their position, strengths/weaknesses/personality, have they improved over the last couple of seasons, perceived PA by my staff and how they have performed in reserves/out on loan. The ones that I think may have a first team future I keep, those that I don't I release/sell. I try to give all players who might have a shot at first team football a chance but if there are a lot of players competing for one position its not always possible.
  14. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I disagree on Pogba but do agree with the likes of Coutinho & Eriksen being described as playmakers. I can also see both sides of the discussion. On one side the playmaker should be primarily the main creator but they do shoot as well. On the other side their first thought should be to pass so it makes some sense to have shoot less often hard coded. Before you draw any conclusion you really need to see how often a player like those three shoots in the ME with that hard coded instruction.
  15. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    It actually makes me sad that you feel that way about FM. A 90/10 split is perhaps similar to RL but in no way close to how I play FM. I play all matches on comprehensive highlights which means each match takes approx 10-15 mins depending on the number of highlights. In terms of prep for a match I probably spend less than 5 mins most of which is picking the team. Dealing with the "virtual babies" as you put it takes me less than ten mins a season. On average I get between five & ten players a season coming to me with an issue, I look at their case and treat them the same way I treat my staff IRL. I pick the response that I feel fits best and away you go. Each issue takes me less than a minute to deal with, sometimes the players are happy with my decision, other times they aren't but it rarely becomes a squad issue. There really should be no need for anyone to feel like you do about the interaction. However the bottom line is that football management isn't just about picking a team and playing matches and FM reflects some of the things that go on away from matches. As you rightly say some people like the depth & detail FM offer but it isn't for everyone and each person needs to make a personal choice as to whether FM is what they are looking for in a game.