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  1. Poland Pogon Szczecin Ekstraklasa October 2023 Home to Bruk-Bet should be a win but their defensive setup proves hard to break down. We are rarely troubled at the back and dominate possession but it takes a few tweaks in the second half to finally make the breakthrough. It comes from 21yo Bochenek who finds space down the left and picks out Szwed at the far post who confidently heads in. Piast next and they are better than I expected. An early lead helped them when a cleared cross deflected off the striker and was then driven in from the edge of the box. Up against a defensive side and not particularly playing well I fear the worst but Colley drags us back into it as he heads in a corner before the break. We improve in the second half giving away less possession and when the chance comes Wilk smashes a snap shot past the keeper to give us a just about deserved win. We end the month away to Wisla Plock and I'm looking to continue the win streak. Szwed is in the supporting role this match but it doesn't seem to matter as he slots in from the edge of the box to give us the early lead. Listkowski bursts past his marker to make it two after the break before Letniowski scores a sublime free kick. Subs and a change of formation sees Wisla improve and they pull a goal back as we get sloppy at the back but Szwed fires in a fourth to seal another win.
  2. I'll add Scandanavian countries as well as Northern/Rep of Ireland. Basically any country where the league rep is less than the SPL. You also want to be scouting Scotland heavily and trying to pick up any younger players who show potential.
  3. One of the SI staff did give an overview a while ago but I can't remember it exactly. I rarely have issues and have used the following for well over 10 years: Key - Plays most games although often happy with two out of three. First Team - One in two. Rotation - One in three. Backup - One in four. Those are starting, not sub appearances. They are also then modified by player rep & hidden attributes like loyalty, ambition etc. High loyalty reduces the ratio, high ambition pushes expectations up. Aside from his contract and squad status if a player is say a 4* player and the best in his position on paper he'll expect to play as a first teamer irrelevant of his contract. If he has high ambition & low loyalty then he'll expect more still. After a couple of seasons at a club you should get an idea of which players complain more than others.
  4. Did you set up your manager with low rep or low discipline rating. Both will result in players complaining more often.
  5. Poland Pogon Szczecin Ekstraklasa September 2023 Away to Lech is never easy and we start well enough before throwing the match away. A poor clearance from Wieteska sees a shot drilled in from just outside the box and that seems to trigger a meltdown of extreme proportions. The team are incapable of keeping the ball, passing the ball, shooting or anything that resembles football. What makes it more frustrating is that Lech are only just slightly less rubbish as they create nothing but somehow take the win. Jagiellonia are another team at a similar level to ourselves so I'm expecting a tight game after the International break. I shake things up following the Lech match making several changes which sees both Rasner & Szwed make their first starts. We start poorly as Jagiellonia have control but one ball won in midfield is quickly passed to Wilk who knocks it through for Szwed to chase, he takes one touch before drilling past the onrushing keeper to give us the lead. We end up defending for much of the game without really being in any trouble until it opens up in the second half. Sanogo sees a clear chance saved while Nauber puts a header over the bar. Jagiellonia switch to 433 in the final stages which gives us issues and its Hinc to the rescue as he saves one clear & two half chances before Sanogo again sees one saved in injury time. We hold on though to get back to winning ways. So far this season we've been mostly playing teams expected to finish top half so the match against Odra Opole starts a series against teams we should be beating. That doesn't seem to make a difference though as we could have played all week and not created anything in a terrible performance. At the other end Odra Opole have one chance in the whole match as they convert a cross early in the second half. Last match of the month and we are away to mid table Cracovia. Puchacz & Sanogo are missing with knocks which means a chance for Bochenek on the left. After a shaky start where Cracovia look the more dangerous we take the lead when Gucek finds a huge amount of room on the right and picks out Wilk who slots in. Cracovia are soon level though as a cross is flicked in. The second half is equally tight with few chances until Szwed comes off the bench and finds space in the box to fire in. Cracovia push hard for an equaliser but the late chances come our way as Piotrowski & Wilk both sees good chances to kill the match off saved.
  6. While I understand you want it to be accurate PA is nothing more than an educated guess by the researchers with lots of examples down the years where they "got it wrong" As an example I want to point you in the direction of a similar game that you might be aware of - Pro Cycling Manager made by Cyanide Software. Its basically the FM of the cycling world albeit not as detailed but random PAs (via an option in save setup) is something that they introduced successfully many years ago to add variety to different saves.
  7. Works for me. I've been beating that drum for years and it would make it easier for the researchers. Every player a random PA between their CA & 200 when a save is setup. It would add a massive variety to saves and stop the same general trends in the first couple of seasons. SI are perhaps concerned about alienating those who simply buyt the same wonderkids every save but surely the answer in that case would be to add a tick box at the save setup or maybe release two databases (One old style & one random).
  8. Ok. Thats fine but you don't seem to be communicating it very clearly hence the confusion from those of us replying.
  9. I don't think you understand how PA works. PA IS ALWAYS Fixed. The youngsters who are given a "-" number in the database have a variable PA before a save starts but its fixed when a save is setup and can never change once the save is started.
  10. At first I thought you were talking about a flexible PA within a save which is certainly a no-no. However reading your second post you seem to be more suggesting a random PA which is fixed at the beginning of each save and that is certainly something I can get behind & have even suggested it myself in the past.
  11. OCD has it right. It depends on the match. If the opposition were lucky to score or it was a counter/set piece and your team is basically still playing well I would stick more or less how you are, maybe add retain possession or something. If you feel under pressure and the opposition are creating chances then you need to change, the question is how. Go more defensive and you invite pressure but you might hold out if you give up possession and keep men behind the ball. Push forward and you might keep the ball better making the opposition defend but you might get caught out with a counter.
  12. No, a player needs a new WP every time they transfer or even every time they sign a new contract. Depends, initial qualification is on appearances & ranking for the national team. If they fail on that then its a points system and one of the ways they can gain some points is through the transfer fee so in that respect a free signing would find it more difficult. Not really, you could filter by International apps but there is no guarantee they are within the last two years. TBH thats what your scouts are for. Yes if they have a UK 2nd nationality they don't need a WP.
  13. No player "has" a work permit already. Every foreign player who doesn't have UK nationality will need to apply for a work permit. Whether they are granted one depends on a number of factors at that time - Where their national team is ranked, how many International matches they have played in the last two years, how much you paid for them, how much you are paying them in wages etc etc.
  14. Boards can be slow to react and it might take a season or two before they reduce the budget. It could also be the case that the board are prepared to finance the club a little and will invest a little money into the club from time to time. If thats the case they might allow a bigger budget because they know there is money to back it up if needed. Not really, the only areas you have control over are wages & transfer fees both of which you seem to be handling sensibly.
  15. You signed a contract with budgets given to you at that time. Budgets were then reviewed at the end of the season and new ones set. It happens at the end of every season, the timing was just unfortunate given you had just signed a new contract.