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  1. Its still in the game and never left! WOB is your formation and defensive instructions WIB is the attacking instructions
  2. I've had three GK injuries just this last season in match although I would agree they seem rarer than outfield ones. One was a red injury, one a yellow that I subbed and the most recent a stubbed finger which just lowered condition (I left it and the GK played through with no after effects).
  3. It doesn't really bother me either way but options wise maybe even a tick box on the tactics screen as to whether you want it to happen if the situation arises.
  4. Why would you use the same OIs against different opposition that use different players, different formations, different roles & different duties. The point of OIs are that they are individual to a particular match and therefore should be selected on a match by match basis.
  5. & I think having an amateur contract is the reason you can't make a transfer offer.
  6. No it will be due to certain other factors. Could be down to time of the season, your club under a transfer embargo, league rules in terms of when you can negotiate transfers etc etc. Without more info its impossible to tell.
  7. The cut off is 23/24yo depending on when his birthday falls. If he falls the younger side of the cutoff and you approach to sign direct when he is contracted to another club you pay a fee which is set by FA/UEFA/FIFA rules. The alternative is you approach the club and negotiate a transfer fee first which may be higher or lower than the compensation amount from approaching direct.
  8. Personally I think its borderline and could be linked to other things. On the face of it 6/11 = 55%, 8/13 = 61%. For a first teamer I would expect much closer to 70% although I have seen comments from SI staff that suggest as low as 50%. I'm also not sure if he is just taking into account matches from Jan - March or from start of the season until March which could be a much lower %. Finally we don't know what club you are and the club rep. His ambition is mid-high at 13 add to low loyalty, a rep higher than the club, high star rating, maybe interest from bigger clubs and a combination of attributes that make him a bit of a whinger means you might have a situation where he is trying to engineer a move away. EDIT No harm adding to the bugs forum for SI to review though.
  9. You would get it back. So if you buy him for say £10m you would get £5m back as transfer income. Overall he would cost you 50% less than your offer but budget wise you need to be able to cover the full amount initially.
  10. I disagree with Barside on size of database, if in doubt always select small. Looking at your setup above 32 leagues * say 20 teams per league * say 50 players per team = 32k players required to fill the playable squads. You then need more to fill some of the unplayable teams and give you something to work with so 61k players seems ok. Expectations also need to be realistic though. Managing in England the level of league tends to be higher than the equivalent league overseas which is a negative towards players moving to a foreign league. On top of that virtually no club lower than the Championship ever sells a player for money, the rare occasions are when you have a talented player who is playing beneath himself that you can sell to a Championship club or above. You should never expect to sell or buy players for money if both clubs are below Championship level.
  11. I wouldn't be against different boards locking different options for the manager. SI could maybe work towards them under one umbrella and then add a tick box on the advanced options when setting up a save so you can choose whether to have board options on or off.
  12. In the job centre open the filters, untick all except manager (obviously) then on the country options tick the "all countries" box. National openings show up alongside all the club openings then, its a case of using the column sorts to find the one that suits you when flicking through looking for countries. I can't remember off hand but one of the columns often has nothing in for countries so if you sort by that column it groups the national jobs together. EDIT Its the position column thats often empty unless the country is in a qualifying group for a tournament.
  13. More leagues, smaller database. The more leagues you load the less relevant the database size becomes as the difference between the number of players loaded is a smaller %. If in doubt select the smallest database and as many playable leagues as you can to suit the processing speed you want.
  14. No, if you loan him out he isn't at your club.
  15. The likely answer is that the OP's situation has changed. You can cut down what happens into three generic situations: A) The user starts the season as one of the best teams in the division and expected to finish close to the top. In this situation most of the teams he is facing play fairly defensive, low risk football against him. If he has a tactical setup that works against this type of opposition approach then there is no reason to change it as the opposition won't change. His results will be fairly consistent all season as long as he controls the mentality of his players through the team talks and doesn't let complacency get out of hand. B) The user is a mid-table club. This is one of the common threads you see on the forum where a user can beat the top teams but lose to the teams towards the bottom. The top teams think they are better, play more attacking therefore leaving more space at the back which the user's tactics often exploit due to them tending to play a direct/attacking style. Against the smaller clubs who sit back this approach doesn't work as well as there isn't the same amount of space and results depend on the user nicking the first goal to open the match up. This generally then leads to comfortable wins 3-0/4-0 etc or that 1-0 defeat where the opposition defend well and steal a goal via a set piece or counter attack. C) The user is expected to finish towards the bottom of the league. Here the user is initially facing a situation where most teams come to attack leaving more space at the back as in case B. Their often direct/attacking style exploits this space leading to the user's team overperforming in the first half of the season. The AI clubs then re-evaluate their approach for the second half of the season and due to the over performance they then play much more defensive not allowing the user the same amount of space. The user fails to adapt to the AI club's change of approach and fails to recognise the need to adapt their tactic to the new situation they face. There is a reason people say "Its your tactics" and its not a myth. Its a failure to recognise that the situation has changed and a failure to adapt to the new situation.