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  1. Its down to tactics & player mentality. The tactics you control via the options and the player mentality you control via team talks, media comments and player conversations. Get to know your team, what the different personalities are and under what circumstances they perform. Sometimes you need a demanding team talk, sometimes you need a calm one to settle the nerves. Your preparation for a match starts with the post match team talk from the last match, if you beat Barcelona and you give your players lots of praise its possible you overdid it and they became complacent in the next match. If the match starts and you are under pressure/not controlling the game then you need to change something, this might be the formation, the style of play, more defensive/attacking, keep the ball or go more direct etc etc.
  2. The Welsh Premier League is more or less an amateur league FFS, how do you not understand that??? In the default data for FM18 only one of the teams is professional (TNS) and two of the twelve sides are amateur sides. The other nine are semi pro teams with players on a mix of part time, non-contract, amateur & youth contracts. You also talk of playing in the Europa League for a fiver like they are playing in the group stages or something. Even TNS rarely make it through more than one or two qualifying rounds with one appearance in the playoff back in 2010/11 their best European result. Losing in the 1st qualifying round earns you about £90k while losing in the 2nd qualifying round is about £200k. Decent money for a semi pro side but not exactly the multi millions you imply. In the default data set by researchers its showing £21 a month for youth contracts which is about your £5 a week as a minimal level. Out of your three pics further up the first two don't look so bad but the 3rd guy at 22yo I wouldn't have thought would have accepted that sort of level of contract so I would probably report that for review by SI.
  3. Millions of players around the world play for nothing every week, why would you think it was a bug?
  4. Pressure is often the answer. The last 10ish games of the season are classed as high pressure games and players who don't have good pressure/big matches attributes will be more likely to have poor games.
  5. If they are part time contracts the player's have jobs outside of football and are playing football for fun. £5 + match fees is more than nothing on an amateur contract.
  6. Premier rules after brexit

    I'm not 100% but it should count for European competition but not for the Premier League registration.
  7. Younger Youth Scouting

    IRL these players are already attached to a club at that age. The youth intake in game represents players already at your club being promoted into the U18/U19 squad.
  8. Hey Kubi I know your reply is a couple of months old but as I understand it FM hasn't worked this way since newgens replaced regens. Newgens have no link to players who retire and retirement doesn't trigger newgens being created.
  9. Luka Modric for Vision not 20

    When it comes to attributes & researchers there is no point getting hung up on numbers unless a clear error has been made. If you asked 100 people you for any one attribute on any single player you would several answers that would probably form a bell curve around his perceived average. On top of that though researchers have to balance a single attribute against other attributes and the overall skill of the player (CA). They are also given guidelines for that level of team/league. Once you start a save it changes anyway depending on what happens in that save so to be bothered about the starting point serves little purpose except to cause frustration if you let it.
  10. Not a massive amount you can do at that level. The only significant difference you can make is by selling players, build your squad with players who have value a year or two down the line and be prepared to sell them is you get half decent offers. Generally this would mean trying to pick up players with potential who are 17-20yo and then sell them on before they are 25yo. I would probably be looking to accept any bids over £100k and try to push bids up to around £250k. Given you've dropped to semi pro though and that the board are already accepting offers suggests you might have already passed that point.
  11. You are over £1m in debt thats why.
  12. Loyalty Bonus Error

    I don't know what Michael thinks but my opinion is that if the player comes to you with that request it triggers a promise and I feel like it would be fair to trigger the loyalty clause which means he would have to be listed by request unless SI can code a workaround.
  13. I've only skimmed the page but there seems to be a massive misunderstanding of what team shape does. At a very basic level the more structured the shape the more a player will focus on his own role/duty when it comes to his instructions. The more fluid the shape the more he will focus on the team mentality/instructions. Obviously there is some crossover between the two (Team mentality & role mentality).
  14. Loyalty Bonus Error

    Yes in theory but the trigger point in FM seems to be when a player officially asks to be placed on the transfer list and you get the "Transfer LIsted by Request" tag next to him.
  15. Could be just random. Attributes go up & down all the time depending on a number of factors including how hard he trains. Maybe they aren't pushing him hard enough in training, maybe as an individual he isn't pushing himself, maybe he lacked motivation that month etc etc. The other possibility is that he is being retrained or has unbalanced training so attributes have gone down so others can go up next month. A new position would change the weighting of each attribute so that it may cost more. Basically don't just look at one month, look at it over a minimum of say six months. Also worth noting that just because he hasn't reached his PA it doesn't mean he will improve, some players just stick for no real reason from time to time.