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  1. Haven't looked at it yet tbh. Just finished the German one and moved onto the French one but haven't got a Montpellier player with all of them 7k+ BINs atm.
  2. Not good to have a Saudi MM when I was in the middle of doing the league SBC
  3. I know this is the 18 thread but I've pretty much given up on it and gone back to my 17 save. After working my way up to Swansea in the Championship via many teams I've acquired my first "Wonderkid" My DOF bought him as a 17yo for £175k a couple of seasons ago and he gained the tag this season after becoming a regular starter. Doesn't really look that good on paper but he has 17 goals in 20 starts this season and big clubs are sniffing around him (PSG & Sevilla the latest).
  4. Yeah you've got to use them else whats the point. I have a Brazil squad & a Prem squad so he'll fit in either or both easily. For the Brazil one I have Costa & Maicon on the left so he would probably replace Maicon while I think I have Son & Arnautovic in the Prem squad so bye bye Arnautovic.
  5. Ok just seen the strangest thing ever on the web app. I was looking at picking up a standard Coutinho for my prem team before they all disappear and saw one bought for the buy now of 22,250. Refreshed my search for low BINs and there is a new one on the market for BIN of 23,500. When you click on it it highlights both the 22,250 BIN & the 23,500 BIN and they seem to be the same actual card which seems possible as the web app does have a slight delay on removing players. But why would someone BIN for 22,250 & then put it straight back up for 23,500 BIN???
  6. If you are just talking about the icon then I would say its a display bug with the left hand default marker. It looks like you've moved the width one level in from the default. If you are talking about the setting then no.
  7. Yeah, friendlies & seasons do seem better than the weekend league on balance and what I play most of online.
  8. I used to always play online and rarely play offline until last year. This year I started playing mostly offline but on balance playing online is far less frustrating. Human users will never match what the AI does when it ramps it up and you get far more variety from playing humans. Sure some play scummy tactics/players but you learn to deal with them. As an example I played a guy earlier today in seasons who played 433 with pace everywhere. Scary but all he did was look to get it up to the wide forwards quickly and look for a 2v1, same every time. I quickly picked up on it, worked o
  9. Just had a look at the Lille one, you can fudge it a bit, especially if you have loyalty. Stick fullbacks at LM/RM saves you a decent amount and you only need 2*DCs, you can throw any cheap Lille player into the last DC spot but its still expensive.
  10. Just finished the Russian league SBC and don't want to think about how much the last Rostov SBC cost me CBs all price fixed to 7k min, wide midfielders price fixed to 7k+
  11. More an example of not understanding what the TIs actually do. Just to pick out a couple of examples of poor TI use from pearcey's tactics: A) Home tactic is on an overload mentality but has close down & push higher up selected. On overload closing down & the height of the defensive line is already virtually maxed out so the TIs will make virtually no difference. B) On both tactics you have look for overlap but only one player on each flank - There is nobody for him to overlap. The TI also increases the forward runs of fullbacks and I presume probably WBs as well but o
  12. IRL these players are already attached to a club at that age. The youth intake in game represents players already at your club being promoted into the U18/U19 squad.
  13. Yeah, sounds like it was a loophole that got closed off then. I would say just use him and then plan for him to go in the summer.
  14. I don't think you'll be able to sell him if he has the FRT tag against his name. In FM17 I did get a player who had the tag to sign a contract extension and he kept the tag but that might be more bug than intentional, what happens when you try to offer him a new contract?
  15. I've only skimmed the page but there seems to be a massive misunderstanding of what team shape does. At a very basic level the more structured the shape the more a player will focus on his own role/duty when it comes to his instructions. The more fluid the shape the more he will focus on the team mentality/instructions. Obviously there is some crossover between the two (Team mentality & role mentality).
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