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  1. You can use the cloud but I've found it to be less than reliable with FM and have resorted back to a USB stick to move saves.
  2. Yes, download Steam, login and FM will be available to install in your Steam library. I'll add that you will need to manually move your save games and any 3rd party content that you have added.
  3. Yes the money is paid when you start so the course will complete even if you change clubs.
  4. The problem with this is many users struggle to watch their own matches at anything more than key highlights so they aren't going to spend the time watching other matches from a different league.
  5. You can't, it tells you that in your pic: "The board will not allow any budget related requests at this time due to financial fair play constraints"
  6. Short answer is you probably can't. A player needs a new WP every time he signs a new contract and if he doesn't qualify for one as per the rules then he can't get one. You can check the requirements here: But basically he needs to be playing regularly for a country ranked inside the top 50. On top of that he can potentially gain points for having a high transfer fee and high wages but he may still not have enough points to qualify.
  7. Its not just unrealistic expectations when it comes to results its unrealistic expectations when it comes to instructions. Maybe its the type of gamer that FM attracts but many seem to want to micro manage to the ength degree and aren't happy unless they can position a player on the exact blade of grass they want him for every second of the 90 minutes. Football and more relevantly management simply doesn't work that way. You aren't supposed to have that level of control because managers don't have that level of control IRL. Instructions should be fuzzy/hazy rather than absolute its just that some users struggle with that. This links to what someone posted early about not understanding what instructions did. Personally I think SI have been improving that area over the last couple of years and a lot seem fairly straight forward - Examples include pass shorter, tackle harder, exploit flanks, higher tempo etc all seem fairly easy to understand IMO. Yes there are others that still need work, mentality, duties & structure spring to mind but again you should never expect absolute control over the players.
  8. How is that relevant? If you don't want changes to the current RL situation you wouldn't choose to move forward a year, you would simply start as you do now. I can understand where the OP is coming from but however you choose to do it FM would always need to holiday a season which is something you can easily do yourself now.
  9. No, they are hidden attributes but they don't contribute towards personality.
  10. It is flexible but entirely dependant on the attributes of the board. The Liverpool board in game are known to be harsh and demanding much like the Brazil national side is in game so in that respect I'm not surprised he is expected to retain the title. Using my save as the opposite example - Last season I finished 5th with a board expectation of avoid a relegation fight. This season I thought they might demand at least mid table but again I have an expectation of "Avoid relegation".
  11. I would report that in the bugs forum for SI to review if you are currently in the English Championship. The usual promise is to qualify through league position which you clearly couldn't do if you are in the Championship.
  12. How can you have confusion? A foreign player is anyone who doesn't have a British nationality. It only looks like it applies to players from outside the EU because it hasn't happened yet in your save - "It has been announced that United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union at the end of the season. " You will be allowed a max of 17 foreign players in your squad from next season. Any "foreign" player with a current contract will be classed as British until they sign a new contract.
  13. I don't believe so, they need time on the pitch. I've generally only seen it improve by one step, very rarely two steps. So a slightly inconsistent player I've seen go neutral and from time to time I've seen them gain a slightly consistent tag but you aren't going to see a player go from inconsistent to consistent.
  14. Consistency can improve, I've tracked it for several versions on my players. I've never seen it go down in that time, only up. I also can't say for sure but my gut feeling is it moves the most in the first 100 or so games for a player. Once past about 100 matches it doesn't seem to move much at all.
  15. I'm not 100% on the "on hold" part but managing in other countries I have seen many players that seem part qualified in a few different nations and I presume if they returned they would just pick up where they left off. Maybe its an EU thing with Brexit perhaps putting a hole in that path?