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  1. This has been happening for a few versions in FM and I suspect its down to two different pieces of code not working together right. One piece recognises he wants an improved deal because he feels undervalued but the other piece of code means he doesn't want to sign a new contract with Milan as currently he doesn't feel the squad is strong enough. You should post it in the bugs forum for SI to look at so that they can improve the way it works in future. Using shoot less often & work ball into box is like sticking a plaster on when you've sliced your hand off. You need to look deeper and give your players passing options and time to find them so they don't resort to long shots all the time.
  2. I don't have a data analyst but is that the one with all the tactical options that I get off my AM? I'm getting the opposition report anything up to 5/6 days before the match with the match training options on it.
  3. Part of the opposition scouting report. If you aren't getting it first question would be do you have a scout with a next opposition assignment?
  4. Staff (left) > Responsibilities (Top) > Club tab then scroll down for training settings.
  5. My league table with the dark skin for comparison Per:
  6. Are you on the default skin? I switched to the dark skin & its much more obvious.
  7. Its your last x number of matches, one on the right the latest. If the top half is green you won, the grey dot is a draw and red bottom half is a defeat. EDIT Just to clarify its the last five matches so your team's current form.
  8. This already happens and has done for years.
  9. As I've just setup a clean save for something else I can list some. Countries loaded: Brazil, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, N. Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain & Wales. Start date: 1st July The job centre shows 17 managerless teams as follows: Brazil - CON, YPI & COR (All 3rd Division) England - Coventry, Shrewsbury (Both League 1), Bishops Stortford & Weston-Super-Mare (Both Vanarama South) N. Ireland - Carrick (Premiership), Loughgall (Champ 1), Dundela & Newry City (Both Champ 2) Portugal - Belenenses (Premier) & Pinhalnovense (Championship) Ireland - Galway Utd (Premier) Scotland - St Mirren (Championship) & Stirling (League 2) Wales - Cardiff Met Uni (Premier)
  10. As per this thread in GD: Daniel Sweeney in FM is showing as playing for Bristol City after signing on a free but I can't see anything IRL to suggest he has. The Kidderminster Website still have him listed as a player while there are also several articles on their site referring to his current short term loan at Stourport eg:
  11. I've had a quick look both in FM & on google and this does seem to be wrong. There doesn't seem to be any link between him & Bristol City although they did sign a player of the same name in the past which might be where the confusion happened. He is still listed as a player on the Kidderminster website and they have more than one article mentioning him being on a short term loan at Stourport which FM wouldn't include. I'll post it in the data section just in case the OP doesn't.
  12. I haven't tried it but if you go past that first screen it says you can pick a team later in the setup process with more information available.
  13. Yeah both are needed for that role but the blue ones are vital while the white ones are important.
  14. Is anyone making an offer for him? If so chances are they aren't offering him anything like the wages he is getting at Man Utd so he is opting to stay for the money. On the other hand it could be a bug with him rejecting an offer but without more info we don't know, if you think it is add it to the bugs forum and upload the save for SI to review.
  15. I've never seen the auto select pick loads of rubbish youth players. I'll also say that you can click the auto select and then before you confirm the squad take out the players which you don't want in, add in the ones you do which would significantly cut down the number of clicks.