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  1. IRL these players are already attached to a club at that age. The youth intake in game represents players already at your club being promoted into the U18/U19 squad.
  2. You still aren't getting that they would be part of the same game - FM so would still be judged like that and you would have no end of users complaining on the forum that a female player had too high CA, strength, pace, height etc etc etc. So at least now you are accepting that it would need a modified ME which in itself makes it very unlikely to happen.
  3. While it might seem that way its really not that simple. On one hand women play football different to men despite it being the same game while on the other it would look wrong to have a women's team rated as highly as a men's. You also have technical issues with some attributes linking to height/weight etc. So basically could you simply change the names and the sex? Yes Would it look right? No.
  4. How would it differ from the way three DCs work now or when you use two DCs & a halfback in the DM position? From what I see what you want already happens.
  5. No doubt other systems could be made as has been discussed in other threads. If you were starting from scratch some of them are very viable and worth considering however to replace the PA system we currently have it would have to be something better and not just doing the same job to make it worthwhile from both a financial & time POV.
  6. I have no idea what you mean by that. What do you mean by engine? Whatever you mean I don't see how you come to the conclusion that that something isn't balanced. PA works as it is, it has worked as it is for well over 20 years and performs the task required of it. If you want to remove it the tasks that it does need to be done by something else or in a different way.
  7. I don't really feel like getting into a long winded discussion yet again so basically because without a cap there would be far too many Messi's & Ronaldo's in saves and it would be far too easy for human users to cheat and gain a team full of them. PA is a soft cap of sorts. It controls the rate of CA growth of each player. The further away from their PA a player is the more their CA will grow and likewise the closer they are the less their CA will grow. Therefore PA acts as both a soft & a hard cap within the game.
  8. There are other theories inc one from many years ago suggesting that 10,000 hours of practice would make you good at a professional sport. If that was the case though why aren't the top football clubs churning out loads of top footballers every year? Then you can point to our DNA and how that affects our physical & mental characteristics. We know everybody is either left brain or right brain dominent, same for hands & feet as basic examples. No matter how many hours I put in my right foot will never be as good as my left & my left hand will never be as good as my right.
  9. Thats just not true I'm afraid. Scouts don't see PA, they give you PPA (Perceived PA) based on the player's CA + age + other factors. I can show you literally thousands of examples where a player has come into the club with 4/5* PA and ended up maxing out at 2/3* by the time he is 21yo. I can also show you players who have come into the club with say 2* PA and gone on to be far better than that. Potential is fixed when you are born, whether you fulfill that potential is dependent on all those other factors. Like hundreds of other threads on the subject over the last
  10. Each attribute has its own weighting/ratio to convert it to/from CA, the weighting also depends on the position the player plays and how natural he is in that position. In a perfect world that weighting would reflect exactly how important the attribute was within the ME and every attribute would have a 100% balanced weighting. To me though that is very close to impossible to achieve given the number of attributes, positions, how natural a player is & how all the attributes interact with one another within the ME so its to be expected that cases like this will appear.
  11. Not particularly worrying IMO. As Ed has stated above altering one attribute results in a knock effect on other attributes making them higher or lower to keep the required CA of the player. What you can theorise from it is that the weighting for decisions is probably a little too high when compared to the effect it has within the ME.
  12. The usual answer is that record books IRL list league appearances only. In more recent times with the internet its probably getting easier to source information on other appearances and perhaps something SI should consider changing in the future.
  13. We have a new database every year because human researchers can't accurately predict the future and as no-one has found a way to accurately predict the future its something we have to live with. Having a variable PA wouldn't fix that problem either because you still have no way to accurately predict the future. In terms of newgens its a none issue because the game is god in that respect.
  14. I don't see anyone asking the important question - Why are you getting sacked? Results? League position? players unhappy? poor transfer choices? something else?
  15. What about the opposition formations? opposition tactics? Both of these play a part and as I've posted previously teams defend the middle particularly when up against stronger teams because its the most dangerous area. This has a knock on effect of leaving more space out wide which then leads to crosses & goals. In football assists come from three generic area - left, central & right. Two of those three areas are wide with assists from those areas generally being crosses so you should expect a fair amount of crosses & goals from those areas whatever the tactic.
  16. @Com_BEPFA First off, good post A couple of points I want to pick up on: First is that PA isn't just a cap, it actually affects the rate of CA growth, something that gets forgotten about. So in your example player A would find it easier & quicker to go from 80CA to 100CA than player B if everything else was equal. Removing PA doesn't just remove the cap it actually removes the only variable factor in CA growth. The second point is the above - Why should we care? We should all care because people who choose to abuse & exploit the system give a
  17. Ok I'm in December 2033, all leagues were loaded and running from the start. Verlinden (34yo) 26 U21 caps, no senior caps. Several loan spells at lower league clubs then rotation player with Middlesbrough (Championship) & Sunderland (Prem). Two years as a 1st teamer at Rotherham (Championship), four years as a rotation player in the Eredivisie (Heerenveen then PSV) before settling at Celtic where he has been first team/rotation for the last four years. Ngoy (36yo) Loan spells in Scottish Prem & English Championship before being released. Picked up by Char
  18. @santy001 I'm still on FM17, have their PAs changed much from 17 to 18? I can show their careers if not.
  19. I'm all for more variety from save to save and you don't have to remove PA or introduce a new attribute to have it. As I stated earlier in the thread the easiest way to do this would simply to make the PA of all players random each time a save is created. SI could even take a step in that direction by giving us a tick box when setting up a save so people had an option of researcher set PA or random PA.
  20. Think I remember someone saying if you hover over the promise the popup tells you the role/position.
  21. Ok. Yes we agree that PA is a fixed limit that can't be overcome and is always the same for a player in every save game (Except for those players who are given a -PA where the game allocates them a fixed PA from a range when setting up a save). Main Proposal - Eliminate PA Without PA currently players would grow exponentially and cause there to be too many Messi's & Ronaldo's in a save. So within the current system it wouldn't be a good idea until CA growth is better controlled which has been discussed. Once CA growth is controlled and players didn't reach their PA
  22. You weren't bullied in the slightest. People asked questions, asked for clarification about some points of the proposal and pointed out the flaws. Instead of addressing those points you chose to play the victim & claim people didn't understand. Plenty of people have made an effort to understand the proposal and for the most part seem to understand it well. If our understanding is wrong its because Raptor & yourself have failed to give the clarification when asked. Also nothing that Raptor has posted since implies that we have misunderstood as clearly
  23. What I'm finding immensely frustrating about this thread is the total lack of response from Raptor, legend or others when people have asked questions or raised a query about the proposal. I've asked several questions (Also repeated some) & asked for some points to be clarified as have others and none of these have been addressed or even acknowledged.
  24. @Raptor Longe Why would a researcher who gave Vardy 110PA give him 15 natural talent under your system?
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