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  1. Southampton - Cardiff : 4-4 0-1, 21 0-2, 59 0-3, 62 1-3, 65 2-3, 67 3-3, 71 3-4, 78 4-4, 90+3 Thank you Lallana
  2. League Opener 2034/2035 Chelsea - Solihull Moors: 2-4 (would have been 0-4, if Chelsea hadnt knocked down half my team during second half..grr)
  3. Manager History Domestic League History - Slow and steady towards the top:o* * Season 2020/21: My lowest point as a FM gamer that season - A reminder not to play FM when being totally wasted.. You might end up doing something that will haunt you rest of your career
  4. Is he the one that always run for a ball, then decides to back off, when half-way there? PS Heja Carlstad U
  5. Not the funniest name - but every time I look at my goalie, I cant stop my self picturing a slightly overweight lawyer.. "Im Danny Crane"
  6. <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI> More realistic referee movement (they look like they have even worse positioning than me) <LI> More realistic assistant referees (even Swedish 5th division assistants does a better job than these) <LI> More info when a player get a red card(getting red card, without any information is annoying) <LI> Set-piece training <LI> Attacking and Defensive tactical instructions <LI> Being able to use more than one arrow on a player(i.e. farrow/barrow)
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