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  1. Southampton - Cardiff : 4-4 0-1, 21 0-2, 59 0-3, 62 1-3, 65 2-3, 67 3-3, 71 3-4, 78 4-4, 90+3 Thank you Lallana
  2. Seaford Town has finally hit the wall After consecutive promotions from Level 10 to Isthmian Premier Division, we needed two seasons there to get promoted into BSS. Our story in the league so far: 09/10 : Sussex County D2, 1st (expectation: Win) 10/11 : Sussex County D1, 1st (expectation: Win) 11/12 : Northern Premier D1N, 2nd (expectation: Promotion) 12/13 : Isthmian Premier, 7th (expectation: Top Half) 13/14 : Isthmian Premier, 1st (expectation: Title Contender) 14/15 : Blue Square South, 18th - 4 points clear of relegation (expectation: Mid Table) As you can see Im starting to hit a brick wall now. My youngsters cannot cope with the tempo of BSS - Defenders easily outrunned and skimmed, Attackers more easily picked up and marked. I do really enjoy the challenge, but it is starting to get on my nerves now. And as you can see, the board has high expectations - I feel that it might be my way out the door if I cant produce results next year Another thing: After flying high economically the 3 first seasons due to good cup runs, Im now loosing money rapidly. At the beginning of our Isthmian Premier journey we had 160k in the bank. Now, 3 seasons later? 28K
  3. Lots of fouls, lots of cards = looking at position worst on this, light tackling no matter what position and increase closing down a little bit
  4. Nice going York and Sheep:) Just dont get too excited by the good defending - its just because ai strikers are even more crap than your own GL "Don Corleone"
  5. I just love some of the name of teams in lower league And sometimes the name combinations made by FM, makes me giggle. My DR scored a goal at home and I found myself saying "Dyke scores at the Crouch" One thing I dont like, is all the cups - After five months of the season (end of December), we have played 16 league matches and 17 cup matches. We have at least 2 cup matches and 26 league matches left. That makes it a total of 61 matches this season - last season we played 69 matches... Poor semi-pros And thanks to the cups, Im currently 3rd in the league with 5 games in hand
  6. Finally finished 2nd season. Board expected play-offs just after being promoted to Level 9, demanding people... Highlights Finished #1 in league FA Cup 3rd round - Losing to Oxford after replay Finalist Sussex Senior Cup Winner FA Vase Cup Teams from higher leagues beaten in cups Bromsgrove (Southern Premier, FA Cup) Chesham Utd (Southern 1st Div, FA Cup) Kettering (Blue Square Premier, FA Cup) Whitehawk (Isthmian 1st Div, Sussex Senior Cup) Lewes (Blue Square South, Sussex Senior Cup) Economy Made a profit of £86K this season, which would have been a loss without the prizemoney of £87K:D The board have given me a transfer budget of £10K and wage budget of £2K. I guess I dont need the transfer budget, so I just have to put it into the wage budget instead then All in all a good season - now I just have to live up to the board expectation of a playoff place:rolleyes:
  7. Doing well there guys You know top flight players complain about fixture congestion and too many matches? Well, Im currently on 5th of February - We have so far played 25 league games and 25 cup games, and have 13 league and at least 2 cup matches left. Thats 65 matches - for a Level 9 team
  8. [url ="http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/6057/yarmouth.jpg"]Whatever you want to name it[/url] Without the space between URL and = Im on a roll now: Wick (H): 3-0 Chichester(A): 2-0 Peaceheaven(A):3-0 Wick was 4th when I met them, Chichester 8, Peaceheaven 1st - Im now top of the league with 3 points and 3 matches in hand And the goalscoring have really changed after switching from flat 442 to Wide Diamond - Im already up to 30 goals, only 3 goals less than I scored whole season last year And my top goalscorer overall has one goal more than last years had
  9. Ouch Paul Thomas GK Tommy Williams GK Andy Stanley GK David Jones GK Callum Martin GK Dave Faulds DR Danny Dawson DRC Nathan Winters DRL Gary Collins DR Noel Prescott DL Andy Ward DLC Michael Hyde DLC David Grieve DL Sean Hall DC Greg Steadman DC Darren Kelly DC Martyn Broad DC Tom Armstrong DC Jamie Lloyd DM, M C Matthew Eastwood DM, M C Terry O'Connor M RL John Potts M R Kwame Yahaya M R Jamie Folkes M R Nathan Judge M L Carl Masters M L Darren Ashby M C Richard Lee M C David Burton M C Karl Joyce M C Sam Birch M C Anthony Heywood AM RLC Liam Smith AM RLC Joseph Simpson AM L James Brown AM L, ST Ben Paterson AM C Conor Sinclair AM C John Rice AM C James Breeze ST Ashley Smith ST Jeff Dean ST Bob Bates ST Stuart Thompson ST Jamie Cain ST Adam Baxter ST Thats the squad they have - Only one player have left since last season, Michael Needham. Tell me if he is there, and who it is and I'll give you his stats
  10. They obviously do everything to throw me out of all cups. I always draw better teams than myself it seems (all but one this season) - Now its FA Vase 4th round against Bishop Auckland
  11. Glad I can help someone:) The record for me with the two different tactics: 442 Flat: 4-2-0 7-3 (6 open play) 442 Diamond: 4-2-0 13-5 (10open play) I scored 6 goals more and let in 2 more, which means it for me is a better tactic/formation. Even though I scored fewer goals from open play (8.77%), it creates so many more chances, and more goals from my forwards(5 vs 3) that I can live with scoring a bit more from corners:)
  12. Sure (if I knew what that meant in non-english english ) 6th of October: FA Cup 3rd Round (home, draw) 10th of October: Sussex Charity Cup (home, lost) 13th of October: FA Vase 2nd Round (Away, won) 17th of October: FA Cup 3rd Round Replay (away, ???) The board is delighted about FA Cup (Superb), and dissappointed with Charity Cup (poor)... Hello??? Might it have something to do with the fact that the lads played for their life against Oxford 4 days earlier? We were 27 mins away from direct qualification to 4th round, but they whine about the ****** Charity Cup... Jeez
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